Nikki Brooks – My Mean Step Mommy

You have never understood why your step-mommy despises you so much. You have the perfect grades, great friends and everyone in the neighborhood loves you, except your step-mommy. Nikki walks into the livingroom where you are doing your homework and studying. She can’t help but be absolutely repulsed and agitated by the near sight of you, yet you do your best to be good to her. Nikki lashes out verbally calling you a mistake and loser and how can she be proud of someone like you. She informs you that she will be having her annual all girls party night at the house and to act as if he didn’t exist. Retreating to your room as the ladies begin to arrive, you can hear how they tease her about being a VIRGIN!! “Maybe that’s why she’s always so pissy” you said slightly out loud. Just then you hear Nikki stomping up the stairs and not soon after she burst through your bedroom door. Nikki tells you it’s about time you do something to prove your existence to her. Your step-mommy demands that you fuck her in front of all the girls downstairs to prove to them she can take dick. Without having much of a choice you head down stairs and present yourself, completely speechless. Nikki orders you to take you cock out while she sucks it and the ladies make comments. Then she hikes up her dress and orders you to fuck her. You can’t stand your Nikki but somehow your cock stands straight up for her and you see this moment as the perfect revenge FUCK. Pounding your step-mommy knowing she can’t escape your huge cock she has lodged inside that tight virgin pussy of hers. Nikki screams and moans and screams that she can take it, in fact she can take MORE. So you do just that, going harder and deeper inside her she cums all over your cock and you follow after. Not realizing you have creampied your own step-mommy. Nikki is humiliated, deflowered and creampied like a neighborhood slut and you’re loving every moment of it. Revenge is sweet…

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