Nikki Brooks – Step Mommy Make Up Sex JOI

Nikki hadn’t been the best step-mommy to you, in fact she had been down right awful to you growing up. The last time you saw or spoke to her was years ago when you fucked her in front of all her friends and creampied her. You took your step-mommys virginity and she kicked you out never contacting you again, until now. Nikki has asked you to come to her house to speak and you’re anticipated the absolutely worse. You arrive and to your surprise she is timid and sweet, even loving towards you in some way. Nikki explains with tears in her eyes that she was a horrible step-mommy to you and regrets the way she treated you. Wanting nothing more but to make amends and be forgiven Nikki recalls the event that led to your exile. She tells you how much she had actually enjoyed being pounded by your cock how she’s craved you all these years. Nikki felt guilty and ashamed for her horrendous behavior and wanted to nurse your cock and heart back into loving her. Nikki unbuckles your pants and sucks your cock in a way you had never experienced. Taking her time as she seemed to really enjoy it penetrating the back of her throat allowing tears to form I’m her eyes. You can’t help but to give her the “I want to fuck you deep and hard” look. You flip her over and as she strips for you bending over and begging for your hard cock to fuck her. You spend the next few minutes pounding your step-mommy into submission and having her suck your cock to taste herself. She screams for more as she cums all over your raging hard cock and not soon after you creampie her tight pussy once more. This time she turns to kiss you and thank you for the dick down unlike the last time you filled her up with your cum. However, there’s another reason Nikki has called you here today and that’s to tell you that she has become pregnant the last time they were together and was pregnant with quintuplets!!! It seems her virgin pussy and your potent cum made for perfect breeding ground for your seed. Just then, Nikki checks her pregnancy app on her phone and with a big smile says, “OMG I’m pregnant with octuplets!!!”. Looks like you’ll be working hard to support her and your 13 offsprings.

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