Penny Loren – Cum Inside Mama Raw Like Daddy Does

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Your loving nurturing Mommy hates it when you are sad and down in the dumps. She still Mollycoddles you and is very overprotective. Your girlfriends are never good enough and only Mama knows how to treat you good and look after you properly. You have a family secret, Mommy has been fucking you for years, its part of her duty to love and care for you. Your daddy knows how good Mommy feels when she spreads her legs wide for him, and he knows his boy needs a piece of mama every now and again. Its perfectly natural for a son to fuck their Mommy and he has been letting you watch him fuck your Mama good so you pick up some good tips. His boy is going to be just like him and know how to fuck a woman good especially his own mother. Your greedy for her creamy wet pussy, she will spread her legs anytime anywhere for the men in her family. She’s always down to fuck, you just let Mama know when you need her pussy even when your married you can always fuck her daily as many times as you need darling. She’s just fucked your daddy when she tries her best to cheer you up, you can see fresh cum oozing from her wet pretty pussy into her white panties.. Ba by I know your so greedy for Mommys pussy you will still fuck it with your fathers seed dripping out, you want to push his cum out and empty your insest Load inside me darling? of course you do now get that dick out and let Mama see, you want to cum inside like daddy does? you will be smiling in no time. Cum for Mommy, you are so much like your daddy sweet boy. Cum deep inside me like your daddy did an hour ago, give me a bigger thicker load sweetie. She starts calling you daddy as you fuck her good like you have seen daddy doing so many times, mmmm you like that darling don’t you me calling you daddy while you fuck deep. She knows what will send you over the edge and make you shoot your load raw and unprotected into your own mamas cunt like daddy does, she will be your mother or your wife, No one can fuck like Mommy. Look into her eyes while you cum inside her deep mixing your cum with daddys. She will spread her legs for you anytime you want boy, never be ashamed of fucking your beautiful mama.

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