AJ Jupiter – Mom trains her ass for your thick cock

While you were home visiting from college your mom had a glance on your laptop. She was shocked to find gigs of porn, all of them older women get fucked and by their sons. She had no idea you were into this kind of thing! All the women had bushes, and fancy lingerie. Your mom wanted to surprise you on your next visit by letting you fuck her ass, so she’s been training. You wake up to this sexy video of one of her training sessions in your inbox. She starts with a vibrator, then when her ass is stretched enough, she moves on to a thicker dildo. It’s not as thick as your cock, but it’ll do for now. She has a filthy mouth, telling you to fuck her sloppy, wide ass. Begging you to make her gape, to ruin Mommy’s ass, to be your cumslut. After she cums, she stretches her ass wide, showing you the gape she’s working on.
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