Anna Thorn – Cum In Mommy’s Pussy

Oh… I didn’t think you were going to wake up… Shhh honey just relax. Doesn’t it feel good? Having your dick in my mouth? Shhh, its okay Mommy knows best. Mmm you’re so hard, I know you’ve been watching Mommy/Son porn. Mommy needs something from you baby, Mommy needs that cum. Fuck your Mommy, fill up my pussy. Yes baby, you’re doing so good. Keep fucking mommy until you explode.

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Anna Thorn – Blowjob from mommy

Honey don’t think I don’t see you staring at my breasts! I guess its my fault your father and I never really had “that talk” with you. You’re not my little baby anymore, you’re all grown up and it’s natural to look. Have you ever kissed someone before? Touched someone? Have someone touch you? Let Mommy make you feel good, does it feel good being in Mommys mouth?

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Anna Thorn – Babysitter takes your virginity

So, your mom and dad won’t be home for awhile – what should we do? did you want to watch a film? Whats wrong? You look upset – C’mon don’t pretend! I’ve been babysitting you for forever! You’re upset because you’re a virgin? I know you thought you would’ve lost it by now but theres nothing wrong with being a virgin. You half jokingly ask if I’ll fuck you. You’re so shy and sweet. Honestly really quite cute. I strip my clothes and lay down, theres nothing to be nervous about, it’s going to feel really good. Wow, the size… You’re bigger than all of my exes. I decide to ride you – I cum hard, you attempted to tell me you.

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