AoifeOneal – Shooting Porn With Mummy

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My son walks in on me while my lover is fucking me in the ass. He knows I’m a pornstar but this crosses the line. He’s going to tell his dad I’m cheating on him. The only way to make it all go away is to get my camera crew to come in right now and shoot a professional scene with my son. I have no choice but to shoot porn with my own boy. It turns out though he’s got what it takes to be in the business.

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AoifeOneal – Pornstar Mummy’s JOI

As a pornstar I’ve been teaching my son never to look me up online. But his curiosity took over and it’s apparent he’s not only been watching my sex scenes but he stores my JOI vids on his laptop. Time to have the talk and teach him a lesson. The plot twist is that he’s actually so good at wanking that lovely cock that he should become a male talent.

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