Goldie Blair – In My Wet Dreams

Milf Goldie is asleep as You Her Son watch Her , gently pulling back the covers to see Her in lingerie, She appears to be having a wet dream and You can’t resist touching Her wet pussy with Your finger and baring Her breasts as she purrs like a kitten in Her sle*p to Your touch ! Waking up to an orgasm Goldie is shocked Her wet dream was so vivid then seeing You still there in Her bedroom so close! She knows it’s taboo but She can’t get the dream out of Her head about You and wants to act on it! She stokes Her wet pussy and sees You have a raging hard on too! inviting You to masturbate with Her as She describes Her wet dream of You and Her together so taboo! Neither of You can resist acting on it and She asks You to take Her now as She spreads Her legs wish to fuck Her hard! Then She rides You cowgirl to joined orgasm , as She lays down so happy to act out Her wet dream together!

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Horny Mom Demands Your Cock – Hot Juls Fetishes

What mommy wants – mommy gets. You know it, sweetie! I walk into your bedroom and see you are doing something on your computer. I just came back from the gym, still wearing my yoga pants, sweatshirt…As always, your mommy feels extra horny after working out. I sit down on the edge of your bed and start talking to you about your current girlfriend. I confess that i don’t like her and i think you should be with someone who knows how to please a man. I told you that i heard you and her fucking in your bedroom and it sounds like you need a real woman and not some young inexperienced girl. Your daddy and I don’t have sex much anymore…and you know mommy gets horny. So you are going to be a good boy and please me…I know how hard you are seeing me in my workout tight pants, my cleavage…Your dick gets hard for mommy! Come here , sweetie, we are all alone, don’t be nervous, let me show you what it’s like to fuck a woman. You are nervous but you can’t say “no” to me. You know that your job is to keep me happy and satisfied. I take off my pants while teasing your with my hot ass. I slide my panties off and tell you to get on the bed. There’s unexplainable chemistry between us, deep bond that no one will break. I start touching your cock. It feels so good to just let go and let mommy play with it. My mouth is watering looking at your young throbbing cock. I get down and start blowing you (virtual POV BJ). I take off my bra and allow you to play with my naked tits. “Come on sweetie, don’t be shy, play with your mommy’s tits. I’ve seen you look at them all the time”. After i climb on top of you , i slide your hard cock inside of me and “OHHHHH , your cock is so good. Please fuck mommy hard!”. You can’t believe how horny and wet your mom is. You are inside of her pussy, so warm and tight. You know that your mommy fucks much better than your girlfriend. You get braver and turn ME over, doggy style and start fucking me until i come all over your cock with loud moaning, delicious orgasm. “It’s your turn , sweetie. I face toward you and you start fucking me more demanding, powerful, really giving it to me. My tits are bouncing up and down, you know that you are about to cum looking at your moms sexy face and her bouncing tits. “Come inside mommy, shoot your load deep inside!”…Well, you know the deal…

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Download Hot Juls Fetishes - Horny Mom Demands Your Cock.mp4

Scarlett Belle – Lessons With Stepmom

ScarlettBelle – Lessons With Stepmom
Mommy Roleplay, POV, Riding, Bouncing Boobs, MILF
It’s a big night for you – you’re finally going out to a club! But you need to borrow your stepmom’s car, and she wants to give you some advice before you leave. In fact, she wants to give you a hands-on demonstration! Before you try to get laid tonight, let your stepmom give you some real life experience.

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