Buffylebrat – Let Mommy Help You

You’ve just got out of the shower and decided to have a little bit of private time, treating yourself to a nice wank lying down in bed. But you’re about to be disturbed. You can hear your technophobe Mommy calling out to you, asking for the WiFi password, YET AGAIN, and requesting that you connect her to the “internet hub” while she knocks on the door. You think about stopping, but you don’t have time to be dissuaded. Hopefully Mommy will just go away, and you can get back to doing your Son duties of tutoring her on how to switch her laptop on so she can chat in her Mommy Facebook group. You keep stroking, forgetting that your Mommy isn’t particularly known for acknowledging that a closed door means “keep out”. BOOM! The door opens and your Mommy walks in while you’re mid stroke! Luckily for you, she recoils in the door way in time for you to reach for a towel, and hide your stiff, hard cock. She apologises for walking in while you’re “getting changed”, so you relax a little, thinking you’ve got away with it for now, and after she’s asked for what she wants, you can get right back to beating your meat. Mommy sits on the end of the bed, in a skimpy little top and short skirt. Because you’re been jerking your cock, your brain is still in sex mode, and strangely, seeing Mommy in this seductive little outfit only serves to make your cock harder, and it throbs under the towel, while she chatters away about the IT assistance you need to give her. Just when you think you’ve gotten away with it however, she asks if you were actually getting changed, and to your disbelief pulls the towel back that you were using to preserve your modesty! Mommy teases you in the way that she always has done, and asks if you were having a wank. Your cock responds to her voice and throbs in agreement. She giggles and asks if you were watching porn. Your cock throbs again. It feels so wrong, but it just seems like your body is unable to help itself. Somehow Mommy talking to you like this turns you on. Mommy is sorry for teasing you, and decides that she should make it up to you, by helping you do something that you couldn’t do while you were on your own. She strips down in imitation of the girls in your fantasies, and proceeds to stick your big hard shaft into her mouth. Mommy’s clearly had a lot of experience, and your cock is soon drenched in her spit, and aching to cum. Go on sweet boy, let Mommy help you!

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