Carmita Bonita – Mommy Jerk Off Instuction Cum Countdown

Mommy knows how to take care of you best. I want to show you how to stroke your cock. I want you to take your time and gaze at mommy’s beautiful curvy body. I stroke this dildo up and down showing you the pace I want you at. Finally finishing off with a cum countdown from 10. You were such a good boy and deserve a view of mommy’s tight holes.

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Carmita Bonita – Mommy Is Your Valentine

Mommy knows you’re lonely because you have no Valentine this year. But guess what? Mommy is here for you and loves you so much! Let your thick, sexy Mom make you feel better. No one can take care of you better than me. Mommy shows off her curvy body then starts sucking and spitting on your cock. I know you’ve always wondered what Mommy’s phat juicy pussy feels like too. I ride my good boy spreading my big ass while taking your cock. What a perfect Valentine’s Day spent with family that loves you!

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