Hazel Simone – Mommy Wants Cock For Mothers Day

It’s mother’s day so you decide to bring mommy coffee in bed. “Sooo did you get me a present?” She teases you. It was sweet of you to bring her coffee but she wants something extra special “if you’re going to wake mommy up THIS EARLY in the morning… you better make it worth your while.” You ask her what she had in mind and she suggests some special mommy son time. She tells you she knows boys your age think about women’s bodies a lot… sometimes even their own mother’s! But it’s okay – she wants to show you more. For mother’s day, she wants to cum on her own son’s cock. She’s gentle and encouraging, moaning as she takes all of your length. “I think you’re even bigger than your father!” She tells you not to pull out. She wants to feel her son’s creampie in her pussy. She wants you to show her just how good you can make your mommy feel.

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RheaSweet – Son Feeds then Fucks Mommy

My son came up to me while I was relaxing on the couch and he had the look like he wanted to feed. My sons is a bit too old to be breastfeeding still but he loves having mommy’s nipples in his mouth so I let him. As my son starts feeding, his hand starts to go down mommy’s pants. My son tells me that he really wants to know what mommy’s pussy feels like. With some hesitation, I let him explore Mommy’s pussy. He then decides that he really wants to taste it and suck on it like he sucks on mommy’s nipples. My son enjoys mommy’s yummy pussy but wants more. My son wants to slide his peepee inside of mommy. I love my son very much so I let him get his fill. I was enjoying my sons little peepee so much that I accidently cum and as I’m cumming I tell my son to cum inside of me and like a good boy, he does.

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Dirty Princess – Mommy Makes You Cummy Panties

I know your little secret.. I know that you like to steal my panties and use them to jerk your dick. The truth is i have always known about it, and it turns me on that your jerk to me. So today mommy is gonna make you a fresh pair right now in front of you. I want you to watch me as I make myself cum for you, Im gonna use my vibe to make my pussy wet and then fuck it to make it creamy. Sit back and watch the show.

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Julie Snow – Your Slutty Stepmom

I call you into my room while your Dad is gone for the evening….because I have a new kink that I wish to explore. I want to see if I can masturbate in front of someone. I would love to become a web cam model, but I am not sure if anyone would actually pay to see a show….what do you think? Would you let me masturbate in front of me? I am dressed super slutty from my see through lace top to my stiletto heels, definitely an eye full, and I can tell you are more than willing to oblige. I masturbate my gorgeous pussy with my gigantic purple vibrating dildo, encouraging you to get your cock out and satisfy yourself, if you wish. As I get more turned on the conversation degrades into me directing you to surprise me on night, when I am alone and your Dad is away, for you to enter my room without my permission and completely have your way with me, fuck me any way you wish, without even asking. I really tell you my desires as I give you a sultry show that will implant on your brain and relentlessly be inside of your head, in your dreams, until you satisfy my fantasy. My orgasm is sweet and super hot, and when I slowly pull the toy our of my trembling pussy, a little stream of pussy cream drips down as I smile at you and kiss you good night.

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Charlette Webb – Stepmom Cheats With Her Son Creamy

Charlette Webb – Stepmom Cheats With Her Son Creamy
Creamy, Mommy Roleplay, Taboo, Dildo Fucking, Dirty Talking
Your dad hasn’t fucked me in two weeks and i tell you im thinking about getting a divorce, you’ve always had a secret crush on me and take advantage of the situation, me being a desperate house wife i cant turn down the offer. You get me on the bed and fuck me till i forget all about him and we think about moving away together.

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