Julie Snow – Mommys Covid Cure CEI

Mommy is so relieved that you only had a mild case of Covid. She was reading online that scientists found Covid antibodies in Semen, isn’t that amazing! There is a group of doctors that have written about Semen Consumption to prevent Covid by giving antibodies back into the body. Since it has been proven that you can get reinfected with Covid, the doctors recommend that you eat your semen once a week and anyone in your household that tested negative should also consume your semen to give them antibodies. Since I have never had Covid, we need to set aside time to get you to ejaculate and then immediately eat the cum. Have you ever masturbated before? No? Okay, do not worry, Mommy will help teach you and even put her hands on you to help get the semen out. This will be so helpful in keeping us healthy.

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LatinSandra – The Dominant Mom

Custom: You’re yelling at me because the house is a mess and I didn’t clean as you ordered. “I’m your girlfriend, not your mom!” you shout before stomping off. I find you on the phone in the kitchen. You’re talking to one of your friends about how what you came home to and your plans to go out and find a stud who can distract you. I tap you on the shoulder and you tell your friend you’ll call her back. “What?” you ask, ready to yell again. I show you my phone’s screen and your face goes blank. I have a hypnsis program on my phone and the lights and sounds quickly reprogram you. I lower the phone and you look at me. “Yes, honey,” you smile. “I understand now that you want me to be your Mommy.” You look down at what you’re wearing. “Why am I dressed like a slut?” you ask. “I’m going to go change.” You come back in a more conservative outfit, with a blouse that shows some cleavage, a pearl necklace, jeans, and heels. “That’s much better,” you say with a smile. You then talk about how you’re sorry for yelling earlier. You understand that I want you to be dominant and address you as “Mommy.” You then show off your body and talk about all the ways I’m going to be a good boy. You notice that I’m incredibly hard so you bend over and show your ass off in your tight jeans. You say that it’s okay to jerk off and to cum on the back of Mommy’s jeans. Once I’m done, you tell me it’s time to be a good boy and clean Mommy’s jeans.

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Jessica Starling – Mommy Punishes You For Watching Porn JOI

Mommy knows you’ve been a dirty little boy. Mommy knows what you’re doing with her laptop at night. You’ve been stroking your little cock to porn – MILF and taboo porn no less, you filthy pervert. Have you been thinking about Mommy when you touch yourself? You need to be punished. If you like touching yourself so much, why don’t you do it in front of Mommy? What, are you embarrassed? Stop snivelling and do what I say. My baby boy needs to listen to Mommy and touch his cock exactly like how I say. Mommy owns you and that cock. And at the end? I’m going to make you lick up all your mess. Every last drop. Be a good boy for Mommy.

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Download Jessica Starling - Mommy Punishes You for Watching Porn.mp4