Meana Wolf – Road Trip

You never realized it until now, but your Aunt is sexy as hell. So confident, effortlessly hot, and direct. You’d been thinking about it the whole trip so far. But it was apparent now more than ever as she slid under the covers. The hotel was fully booked up and the only room had 1 king size bed for the two of you to share. Your cock throbbed as she tickled you like she did when you were young. She can feel the sexual tension in the air. She runs her hand along your pulsating erection and says, “Have you ever been with an older woman before?”

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Annabelle Rogers – Auntie Annabelle Fucks Her Virgin Nephew

We are at a family function and I pull you into your parents bedroom to ask you some questions. I peek in your pants and tell you that I’m going to teach my virgin nephew some things. As I tease you with my cleavage I then get down on my knees and suck your cock which leads to tit fucking. I ride your cock but we have to stay quiet because the family is the house. I suck your cock and tell you to cum in my mouth but you end up busting a huge virgin nut all over your aunt’s face which leaves me mad.

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CuteJayne – Caught Spying on Your Busty BBW Mom

Uh oh! You snuck into mommy’s closet again, but this time she catches you…She is mad at first…but then decides she should have some fun with you, her pervert son… Your busty BBW mommy sucks you then wants you to lick her asshole for her. Finally, she fucks you and begs for your cum in her pussy…this is what you get for spying on your mommy.

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Mindi Mink – Sex Ed From Auntie

Hey there, looks like your studying. What are you studying? You have been in here for hours! What’s that? Sex studies? WOW. Are you finding some things difficult to learn? Your auntie can help you if you like? Ya you would like that ha…Let’s get right into it. How about I undress, show off my hot body, & do some fun things with my sexy feet, & my hot pussy. I’ll teach you a thing or two!

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Penny Barber – Watching Moms Phone Sex

I completely forgot that you didn’t have school today! You walk in on me wearing nothing but a sexy bra and panties and high heels. I tell you that I’m about to go to work. You’ve never really been clear about what I do for a living, but this outfit just raises more questions. I ask you if you would like to watch me work and you eagerly agree. That’s when my phone rings. I start talking some guy off right in front of you! That’s right: Mom is a phone sex operator! You can’t believe all the dirty things that I’m saying. Christ, you own mom! When a call from a favored regular comes through, I ask if you would like to help me. It’s so much easier to make it sound like I’m having sex when I’m actually having sex. I unzip your pants and take your cock out, stroking it until it’s nice and hard, ready to slide into mommy’s tight, hot pussy!

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Penny Barber – Mommies Oral Fixation

Why are you looking at me like that? Does it really bother you when I have a cigar? It isn’t like I’m smoking cigarettes. Look, I just need something to suck on. You know, I used to…never mind. I said never mind! Well, I shouldn’t tell you, but I used to…suck your dad’s cock a lot. I used to to it every day, but now that I don’t do that anymore, I like to have a cigar every now and then. So, I suppose if you really wanted me to stop…you would let me suck YOUR cock. If it really is important to you that Mommy stop sucking on this cigar, you’re going to have to open your pants, take out your penis, and let me suck it until you cum. If you just relax, you might even like it!

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Cory Chase – Mommys Secret Lessons

Part 1: I see you baby… It’s okay, sit down, Mommy wants some company anyway. Your Father’s working late again tonight… So no action for Me. But if you’re curious I don’t see anything wrong with you watching… Mommy is just trying to relax and have some fun. Maybe you can even help a little, just as long as you can keep a secret…

Part 2: You can’t sle*p either baby? I just it’s just us again all alone in this big house… I was thinking about the other night. You did so well helping me cum, but Mommy didn’t make you cum. I think Mommy should teach you a few new things…

Part 3: Son, I feel so naughty having you in my bed, but I guess you belong here more than your Father… You’ve been learning so much, Mommy is very proud of you… I don’t know baby… Mommy wants to do that too but I’m worried it would be wrong… I know you’re curious and you should learn, it’s just… Well maybe we could just go slow… I think you’re ready…

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Download Cory Chase - Mothers Secret Lessons.mp4

Ariella Ferrera – Mommy Wants Her Son

Part One: Your mom comes stumbling through the door early in the morning, her dress so tight that her tits are nearly popping out. She comes over to where you are, laying on the couch in the living room, telling you in grave detail how all the boys at the club were starring at her tits, practically drooling. She pauses for a moment, looking down, she’s noticed that you must be enjoying the show too.. and then she does something you’ve only ever dreamt of doing with your mom.

Part Two: Your mom tells you you need to hurry up with your work so you can get going to school. Realizing Her boy is hard, she tells you to stop thinking about last night, and take care of yourself so you can hurry up and leave. She finally gives in and strokes you so you can finish your report.

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Download Ariella Ferrera - Mom Wants Her Son.mp4

Andi James in Mommy Continues To Learn Her Place

Scene One: Mommy’s Confession
The Son is eating breakfast while the Mother (Andi James) walks around the kitchen cooking and bringing food to the table. The Son is fully dressed for work and Andi is in a bathrobe, not even slippers. The Son finishes eating, turns around his chair and spreads his legs. he says, “How about a quick blowjob before I go to work Mom?” She stops, looks offended, and says, “That’s how you talk to me? I don’t think so?” The Son laughs and says, “Mom, we have an arrangement here. I take care of you and fuck you anyway I like, whenever I like.” She stares at him offended. He laughs and says, “You know you like it, but I’ll make you a deal. Get down on your knees and suck my dick or I’ll never fuck you again.” She glares at him. He says coldly, “Last chance.” She starts to move towards him but he tells her to strip; she lets her robe drop, he has her play with her tits and pussy, he then has her tell him how much she likes fucking and then how much she wants to suck his cock. After this he has her crawl to him and give him head, while she is doing this; he massage and runs his fingers through her hair, but doesn’t push her head up and down, she does that. When he cums; he tells her, “Swallow it, swallow it, swallow my fucking cum. After he cums he stands up and sticks his dick back in his pants and leaves.

Scene Two: Montage
A) Mom is naked on her knees in the living room giving the Son, also naked a blowjob.
B) Mom, naked is bent over the bathroom sink, the naked Son is fucking her from behind, holding her hair in his hands. She is yelling “I love my son’s cock! I love fucking my son!”. The Son keeps telling her to say more and louder. Have him say at least once. “God damn that pussy is good.”
C) They are in bed, fuckign doggy style. Her knees are raised and pointing straight up. Her eyes are closed she is saying, “Fuck me, fuck me, Oh god please keep fucking me.”
D) She is laying on the couch naked, the Son (also naked) is fucking her while keeping her mouth shut with his hand

Scene Three: Mommy Son Dance
Mom and Son are in the living room slow dancing. They start to kiss and then start to really make out; arms wrapped around each other, etc.. The Son lays on the couch, they continue to kiss while they undress each other. He eats her out until she cums; He then fucks her missionary position, doggie and her rides her son till she cums again. Son unloads into his Mom’s mouth and she swallows all that lands on her tongue…

Scene Four: Creampie
I walk into Mom’s room to see what is for breakfast. She does not hear me and I approach the door. Mom is touching herself and calling out my name. I make a small noise and she hears me. She calls me in and asks if saw her and then asks if I was enjoying the show. Before I could answer, she motions me to come over and fuck her fast. She wants a creampie and I give her one. I hope she makes me pancakes after!

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Download Andi James - Mommy Continues To Learn Her Place.mp4