Penny Barber – Family Guy Taboo Sex Lois Griffin POV

On last week’s episode, Lois got mesmerized into treating her husband like a baby and now her son wants to be treated like a husband! Even seeing his own Mom naked isn’t enough, he wants a blowjob from Lois. Our redheaded housewife heroine has no intention of denying her sweet boy or his sweet cock!

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Helena Price – Aunt Secret Family BJ

I was just relaxing while on family vacation when my aunt passed me a note. Written on it said, “meet me in the garage”. I could only imagine what was going to happen. I came in there & she told me how bad she wanted to take care of me. She got down on both her knees and sucked my dick until I filled her mouth with cum.

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RheaSweet – Mom and Sons Secret

I was working at home today and getting slightly frustrated with work. My son came into my office when I was yelling at my computer. He asked me if I was okay. I tell him everything is fine and that work is just getting to me a little today. I admit that I am also not happy with my sons father. I tell him it’s nothing serious but that mommy is just feeling a little neglected. My son offers to help me but I tell him that its not okay for mommy and son to do such things. My son comes closer and moves my legs apart. He starts rubbing on mommy’s pussy. I try to say no and that we should not continue but he ignores me and keeps touching and teasing my pussy. It feels so good that I can’t resist anymore.

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Helena Price – Hot Aunt Family Vacation Fuck

On the last night of our family vacation, I ran into my aunt in the kitchen. We spoke for a bit and decided to get away from everyone else. We went off to one of the spare bed rooms and she sucked my dick until she offered her pussy. I stretch out her tight wet pussy until I came all over her nice bush.

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Sloansmoans – Nephew Are You A Virgin?

Watch as your aunt comes into your room one night and starts stroking your cock until you wake up. She tells you to be quiet and is sweet and calm as she begins to seduce you. She explains that you’ve been getting so big and grown and she’s noticed that you’ve been checking her out too. She’s wearing a sexy satin slip and she looks so good, you can’t help but get hard. She then asks you about your experience with girls and you admit to her that you’re a virgin. She tells you that it’s okay, that she can help you. She starts off by asking to kiss you. First innocent pecks on the mouth and then she incorporates tongue. You love feeling your aunts tongue on yours. She tells you not to be nervous and encourages you to touch her body. Her breasts, her legs, her waist, her neck. She exposes her tits and tells you to go ahead and suck on them and lick her nipples. She feels your cock has gotten much, much harder. She then tells you to feel her pussy. She’s slick and wet and she says that this means she’s ready for sex. She tells you that she’s going to get you ready by sucking and licking your hard cock. She gives you a sensual, short blowjob because she can tell you’re about to bust and she wants your cock inside her. You ask if she has a condom and she tells you that you don’t need one because it feels so much better without one and… she wants you to get her pregnant. You’re hesitant but she assures you that it’ll be fun and feel so, so good. She then straddles you and coaxes your cock into her wet, warm, tight pussy. She starts out slow and sensual and continues to seduce you with dirty talk and you cum pretty fast inside her. She’s sweet and understanding as she smiles and congratulates you on your first creampie. However, she’s still moving up and down on your cock. You’re still rock hard and she says that she knows it’s a little sensitive but she wants more. She becomes more dominant as she rides you harder and faster. She begs for your cum and tells you that she wants you to breed her and impregnate her. She wants you to cum deep inside her pussy. She’s adamant about riding and fucking you until she cums. She’s about to cum and this leads you to cum again. After you cum together she tells you that she’s going to be back tomorrow night for more of you…

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Brea Rose – Mom Threesome With Son And Best Friend

My son and I are on vacation, I asked him to pack my bikini for me, I ask him to pass it to me so I can get ready for the pool but its a micro bikini?! Where the hell did he find this, this wasn’t the green swimsuit I asked him to pick! I literally have nothing else to wear so I have to wear this tiny micro bikini, I am so embarrassed. We get back from the pool and I can’t believe all the guys that were hitting on me, I feel so bad for my son he shouldn’t have to see his mom in this way! Later on my son goes out and his friend that we met by the pool comes by my room and tells me he has photos of me in the bikini that he is going to upload to some MILF websites! OMG I am so embarrassed, I really don’t want him to post the pics, he says he will delete them if I suck his cock and fuck him, I agree. I am sucking his cock and my son walks in!! This is so bad, I explain the situation to my son and tell him to go back outside but he insists on staying. My son strokes his cock as he watches me suck his friend’s cock! His friend then fucks me doggystyle and I have my son’s cock right in my face, it is so big and I can’t believe how hard he is. I know its wrong but he is turned on and I wrap my lips around my son’s cock while being fucked from behind. I then lay back and spread my legs sucking the friends cock, I can feel my son pushing his cock against my pussy, this is so wrong! my son fucks me missionary as I suck his friend’s cock. I then encourage them both to cum all over my face and giving me two big facials!

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RheaSweet – Mommy Helps

Mommy has a feeling that you were up to something in your room. Your mom walks in as your stroking your cock. Surprisingly she isn’t mad. She approaches the bed and reaches down to wrap her hand around your throbbing cock and starts stroking you. At first you don’t know how to feel about it but your mommy tells you not to worry and that she wants to help you cum. Your mommy lowers her head towards your cock and starts licking and sucking you. You feel yourself getting close but mommy tells you not to cum yet. She wants to suck on you a little longer. Mommy is excited that she has gotten you so hard. She starts asking you if you want to cum on her face and if you want her to taste your cum. Your mommy starts telling you to cum for her over and over. You can’t help it and explode cum on your moms face and tongue.

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ScarletEllie – Mommy Found Your Taboo Porn

Mommy comes in your room and asks to come lay in the bed with you. She turns off the light and slides into bed with you. She then turns to you and gently explains that she saw Mommy Porn on your Computer. She then whispers a secret to you. She actually likes it too. She gently starts kissing you and letting you suck on her perfect tits. Mommy wants to show you how to make love fuck a woman. She takes out your cock and admires it and compliments how big it is. After senually sucking your huge cock,She rides you at first then lets you take control on top of her as she guides you. . She then begs you to impregnate her so you can make your deep fantasy a reality. She cums first then you cum deep inside her.

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BunnyMonrow – StepMom BlackMails Over Grades

You bring home horrible grades on your report confide in me, I make a deal with you: I’ll sign your report card and tell your father you got A’s and B’s, only if you cum deep inside of me! Your fathers gone for business, I’m horny, and we’ve been having trouble conceiving. Your sperm will probably travel better, you cannot tell your father… ever… if you do I’ll tell him about your bad grades and you’ll be grounded for life!!

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