ScarlettBelle – Drain Your Balls For Mommys Bras

Mommy caught you jerking off to her bras while you were supposed to be doing chores and she knows what to do with a horny, distracted boy like you. Mommy has to completely drain you by making you cum twice to her big bras. I model my sexy lace bras and push up bras for you, stroke your cock until you cum in my bra, then show off some more bras to get you hard again. Finally, mommy rides you POV style and drains you completely in her pussy.

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BunnyMonrow – Mother I Always Wanted

I knock and enter your room to wish you a happy birthday and to see what my stepson wants the most. I find out you want me.. this isn’t right.. we shouldn’t be doing this.. your father is home in the next room! I find out you’re a virgin- this makes me want to take care of you even more as a good mommy would…

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Nicole Nabors – Mommies Panties

Your mom is doing laundry when she finds a pair of her panties that had went missing for awhile and thought she lost them somehow. She notices they are crumbled up and stiff, she smells them and they smell familiar but she can’t put her finger on the the smell is. A few days go by and she’s doing laundry again and finds yet another pair of panties that were missing, she inspects them and finds that they arent dry like the last pair, they’re damp. She realizes they’re full of cum! She gets some on her fingers .she’s completely shocked! She knows the only person that could have done this is her son. She comes into his room to talk to him. She tells you she knows your probably are going through some changes. She notices your not paying attention, your starring at her boobs, she clears her throat to get your attention. She tells you about the panties in the laundry basket. How she knows you did it. She tells you its completely normal for a boy your age to go through a panty phase and being attracted to your mom. She tells you shes gonna get you your own panties to use so hers don’t go missing anymore, plus the amount you jerk off you’ll probably ruin the soon. What you must have used that last pair ATLEAST 4 to 5 times. You tell her you only used them once. She doesn’t believe you she demands you prove it. There’s no way someone could cum that much one time. She takes her panties off for you to smell to turn you on, your cock twitches. She jerks your cock and tit fucks you until you cum into the panties. But your not done yet, you explode again… All over your mom.

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Nicole Nabors – Your Dads Calling

Your mom wakes up beside you after a nap. She asks if you slept well? She leans in for a hug, realizing you have a hard on. She asks if you had a naughty dream? Perhaps a naughty dream about mommy? She begins stroking you softly. She tells you she knows how excited he gets when he sees mommy naked in the shower or changing. She tells you she knows exactly what boys at your age are doing, sneaking peeks at their mom even though they are supposed to see women naked. Especially not your mother. But she knows you jerk off to your mom afterwards, thinking about her big tits, wanting to suck on them while she jerks you in your fantasy. Or thinking about fucking your mom. Do you wanna stick it inside mommy, and suck on her tits like a baby to feel good? Your mom climbs on top of you and slowly slides your cock inside. She rides you, telling you how good of a boy you are. Then she gets a call from your dad. Shes out of breathe and he wonders why. He asks if she’s fucking someone? Perhaps their son? This kind of turns him on. She goes along with it and tells her husband what she would do to their son, not knowing that shes really doing what shes talking about.

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Morina – Mom Wants Your Help

Mom wants and needs your help picking out what she will bring on her romantic cruise she’ll be taking soon with your dad to celebrate their anniversary. She doesn’t want to show your dad before the trip, but she needs a man’s opinion. You agree to give her your help. She tries on dresses and then moves to sexier and sexier things. And then you help yourself to her…

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Morina – Mom Receives and Gives Gift

Due to an unintentional gift mix-up, you unintentionally have asked your mom to try on a sexy lingerie gift that was meant for your girlfriend. What could have been an awkward moment turns into a very hot, steamy and memorable evening…

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Thelochnesscumslut – Long Mommy JOI

I know you think you’ve been sneaky and that mommy won’t notice you staring at me whenever you get a chance, but I see you, I see you all the time. I’ve also heard you, late at night, jerking off and moaning for mommy! Well, I think it’s time that mommy did something about it! I want you to stroke for me while I strip down and start to show you all the sexy things mommy likes to wear under her clothes. Maybe Mommy will even let you see her breasts without anything covering them while you stroke and edge! Mommy knows you want to edge and follow along all of my instructions!

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Carmita Bonita – Mommy Jerk Off Instuction Cum Countdown

Mommy knows how to take care of you best. I want to show you how to stroke your cock. I want you to take your time and gaze at mommy’s beautiful curvy body. I stroke this dildo up and down showing you the pace I want you at. Finally finishing off with a cum countdown from 10. You were such a good boy and deserve a view of mommy’s tight holes.

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XxNaughtyGirlxX – When Dads Away Mommy Will Play

Your Dad has left down for the week and you come into Mommys room in the morning for a cuddle. It starts to get a little hot in the room so she takes off her robe which drives you mad with curiousity.. She lets you touch her even though this is so wrong…

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XxNaughtyGirlxX – Mommy Addresses Rumours

You can still make out what I am saying however the audio isnt AS good as previous videos I have made. However, you will still completely understand what is happening. You’ve heard rumours around the neighbour hood about Mommy and you come to her to ask if they are true. She tells you not to listen to rumours. You heard men talking about how great her pussy is. She is shocked you heard this and tells you to disregard it and not pay attention to jealous people. As you are talking her big boob falls out and this really gets you stiff.. You tell her you want to know if the rumours are true, and though she is reluctant at first , she soon is swayed to calm your curiosity.

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