Kelly Payne – Loving on Mommys Tits

Mommy wants to snuggle the same way you used to when you were smaller. You agree and snuggle close to mommy tits, she has you nurse from her, lick her nipples and play with her breasts. She gets easily aroused and starts wanting a little more and more… She covers her nipples in her cum for you to taste, she goes down on you and asks you to fuck mommy while you suck on her nipples. She brings herself to multiple squirting orgasms and covers her nipples for you to lick.

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Sydney Harwin – My Boy

When Mommy walks in on you masturbating to a picture of her in a bikini, she is a little embarrassed to say the least. She mentions that she noticed you were doing it too fast and you should slow down and change your technique, and offers you some advice on how to do it ‘properly’… never in your wildest dreams did you imagine she would physically TOUCH your cock with her hand… and her mouth… and her pussy…

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ScarletEllie – Fuck Mom and Stepmom

You have just moved into your new home with your dad and your new step mom (Sofie Blaze). You are unpacking and your mom and new step mom come in your rom and want to make you comfortable. You and mommy used to do lots of naughty things when you used to live with her. Mommy told your new step mom all about it. Your step mom wants to play with you now. They are gentle and loving while they take turns fucking you and encouraging you to cum inside them.

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Taboo Girl – Mom Trains Son To Make Her His Cum Slut

You overhear your mom being dominated by your dad in sex. You take a peek and watch as your mom is being fucked. I notice and keep dirty talking while looking at you. After your dad cums he tells me to go take care of you. To which I gladly obey. I come into your room to seduce you and train you how to dominate me and make me your cum slut.

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JackieSynn – Secrets at the Sleepover

Tonight you’re having a sleepover with some friends, they’re getting a little bit wild and rowdy but then Mom walks in. It’s okay, she’s a cool mom, in fact she wants to partake in the partying! After Mom lets loose a bit, she starts telling your friends some secrets you are not too pleased she is revealing. She tells them how she likes to show a little skin to get boys to do what she wants, next thing you know Mom is showing off her cleavage and her tiny little metallic silver shorts. You notice your mates getting boners, hell you have one yourself! Mom notices all of your young hard on this, but you start to turn red and get jealous. Mom makes you confessed to the boys why you’re jealous, it’s because you have a big crush on your mum! She tells your friends what a mummies boy you are, and how you jerk off every night to her, sometimes even in front of mom. Mom understands that all of your young dicks need release, it’s completely natural. Jackie decides to pull out a big tits so all of your friends can jerk off, don’t worry mummy doesn’t want you to be jealous, she just wants all of your teenage friends to check after her big mummy tits just like you! Jackie shows off her big fat booty in her tiny tight little metallic shorts, and encourages those young cocks to start pumping nice and hard. Jackie teasers and giggles, she finds your young cock prematurely ejaculating very charming. Jackie’s got all of your young boners leaking, your friends wish they had a hot Mom like Jackie that would let them jerk off to her. Jackie puts her shorts down and starts clapping her fat ass and encourages you and all of your friends to spunk all over her! Mummy tells your friends that if they need a helping hand you’ll be glad to help, mummy has had you help jerk some of her lovers in the past – mummy is revealing all of your perverted little secrets tonight! Your friends love it and come all over the place, it’s like a chain reaction as you young boys start blowing you just can’t stop until all of you are drained!

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Miss Switch – Mom Fucks Sons Bully

You work with her son, but she invites you over to try and get you to cease the bullying of him. After you arrive, she invites you in. Offering you money that you decline, she begins offering you anything to have you leave her son alone. You suggest she show you her underwear, and she agrees reluctantly. However, you don’t stop there. You continue until she is completely naked. You tell her your last request is to make you cum, but she says she is married and her son will be home any minute. However, when she pulls your cock out, she realizes you are even bigger than her husband, and she gets excited. Sucking it enthusiastically, she eventually gets ontop of you to make you cum faster. Moving into missionary shortly after, her son catches her fucking her bully! You continue fucking her, as she casually greets her son with your cock inside of her. She tells her son to watch, as she knows he is attracted to her and can learn a thing or two. Finally, the bully cums inside of the mom, bringing a big smile to her face as she shows off her creampie to her son. At least now he won’t be bullied at work anymore.

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Delphoxi – Used by Mommy

You come home and ur pornstar mommy is so horny!! She’s out of control! You try to get away but mommy is all on u!! Telling u how cute u are! Mommy is a lustful horny mess! You can’t keep her away! She starts french kissing u and grabbing ur cck! U push her away but it’s no use! Mommy is hungry for ur cock and u can’t stop her! She grabs u and u get hard!!! U body is saying yes even though u are resisting mommy! She sits on ur face and makes u eat her holes! Ur terrified but do as mommy says! You have never seen her this horny and crazy! She’s taking whatever she wants! Once ur fully hard, mommy hops on!!! You tell her no but she just pushes herself onto ur hard cock and uses u unil she cums!!!

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy Will Be Your Girlfriend

You are on leave for a few weeks from your all boys boarding school. You ask your mother if she will take you out of your private school so that you can go to a public state school and be around girls. You are desperate for a girlfriend and to experience sex, but being at an all boys school, there is little to no chance of finding a decent girl to fuck. Your mother is less than impressed and instructs you to stay at the school, as you need a good education so you can go to Uni and get a good paid job. You are desperate and plead with her, but she isn’t changing her mind… although she does offer you something… something that you cannot refuse… your mother will be your “girlfriend” and give you sexual treats, if you promise to stay at your all boys school and carry on with your private education…

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