Missbehavin26 – Mom Son Daughters Panty Frenzy

Script: kinky mother and son porn . you walked into your son room and cough him sniffing your own dirty panties. at the beginning you are on a total shock. telling him how wrong it is. it’s incst. after few min’ of talking to him about how fucked up and wrong it is you are telling to to sniff your panties you are wearing at the moment. after he started of doing it you are becoming naughty and turned on. turned on by that naughty act of your son to him own mother. then you take down your panties and telling him sniff your pussy. “‘ sniff the hole you came out from”‘ “”im such a slut mother letting my own son smell my pussy”‘ you are so wet and than you are taking it to the next level. you have on the bad his own sister (your daughter panties). you are telling him to smell these panties as well. you are doing it as well with him. keep mentioning that is so fucked up , wrong but its so naughty and hot. you are starting to give him a blow job and than when can’t take it anymore you are asking him to fuck you. at the end asking him to cum inside of you while you are smelling your own daughter panties.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Sneakily Gives Son BJ

Script: The story starts out with your son lying on the couch or bed. You walk in and say you need to talk about something. You say how you know about his obsession, because you found “inc*st porn” on his computer. You say you know that you’ve been fantasizing about your sister. They’re both young and good looking, so its normal that your son is thinking that way. You then hug him and give him a kiss. You are surprised and accidentally felt your sons boner. You ask him why he’s so hard, then he pulls out his dick and randomly starts jerking off. Your son says that its you hes been fantasizing about, not his sister. You are still shocked that your son is jerking off to you while you are talking. You begin to get curious and keep staring at his cock. You ask him why its so big and hard, his fathers is not as big. He keeps saying “I love you mom” while he’s stroking and you start to feel bad and say you’ll help him. You start jerking him off yourself but keep telling him how wrong and fucked up this is. (how you’re related and that its incst) After a few minutes of dirty talk your son asks you to blow him, at first you say that’s too far and crossing the line, your his own mother after all. You give in and start sucking your sons cock. You say things how wrong it is like “I can’t believe I’m sucking my sons cock right now. ‘You love how fucked up this is because its inc*st with your mother” The one line at the cumshot that I would die for you to say is “I want you to Look into your mothers eyes while I suck your cock. Say you love incst while you stare into my eyes son, cum on my face and say it, I love incst, cum for me son. I love you so much” Doesn’t have to be exactly that but along those lines, I would lose my mind if you said that for me haha.

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Bettie Bondage – Mom is Your Trained Anal Slut

Training your mother has been tough, but worth it. She was reluctant at first, but she really had no choice, did she? She was going to be her son’s anal whore, whether she liked it or not. Lately, though, you’re starting to sense that maybe she does like it after all. The way she’s always ready to take your cock, how her ass is always prepped and ready to accept a hard fuck. She may whimper and whine but her pussy gets soaking wet whenever you use and fuck her ass. You know a trained anal slut when you see one! Today, she comes home from work and before she can even get her work clothes off, you have her on her knees, giving you a deep and sloppy blowjob. She’s been a great throat slut, too, and you love watching the drool form and drip down her chin. Once your cock is dripping wet, you push her against the wall and get to work on deeply fucking her ass. She protests, per usual, but its foolish. You can feel the heat off her pussy, the way she pushes back on to your dick, to get you deeper inside her. She knows just how to milk your cock into her ass, and before long, you dump a heavy load into dear, sweet, slutty mom’s dirty hole.

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Bettie Bondage – Perverse Family Values

Honey, you don’t listen to those mean kids at school. They’re picking on you because they’re jealous. Yes, that’s right. They’re jealous of what our family has, the closeness and trust we have. Don’t take anything they say to heart, sweetie. And really, isn’t our family a comfort? Isn’t it wonderful to know you get to come home everyday and strip naked for your mother? Don’t you love it, honey? Yes, of course you do. Now, get undressed and go into the living room. I’m going to make you feel all better…yes, just like that. Spread your legs honey, make yourself hard for mommy. See, isn’t this nice? Isn’t it wonderful that Mommy strokes your cock? Isn’t it great that the whole family feels comfortable in watching me stroke and suck your penis? That your sister spreads her legs for you, too? You wouldn’t want to change that just because some kids at school are mean, right? Stop putting your penis inside mommy, just because of some meanies. That would be a real tragedy! I know I’d miss your smooth, slim body and your hard, young cock. Mommy loves it. That’s it sweetie, lay back and let mommy ride you. See, isn’t this wonderful? Watching me ride your cock? Oh, honey, I’m going to cum…you know the rules, don’t cum until I do! Mommy always cums first…mmm, good boy. Now, let’s get the whole family into the living room to watch you cum for mommy!

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Bettie Bondage – Moms Quarantine Yoga

Mom’s been loving yoga since quarantine started, but now that the power’s out and the well pump isn’t working, things are starting to get ripe…you’ve always loved watching her do yoga, but lately she’s been catching on to your spying. Still, you can’t help it. And today, with her skin glistening with sweat, you catch her not just stretching, but touching. Smelling her body, her fingers after they trail down inside her yoga pants. She’s letting off pheromones, it seems, an enticing aroma, making your cock stiffen as you watch her. Of course, you’re not very subtle, and it doesn’t take long for her to catch you. “How long were you watching?” she asks, only half-shy at this point. You’re both so pent up, so hungry, starved for affection and touch, and between you is the knowledge: she touched herself, you watched, and she knows it. If its going to happen, it’s going to happen now, you just know it…so you push it. Press yourself against your mother and wait, hoping for the reaction that gets you even closer…to your utter joy, she pushes back, touching you, resisting at times but overwhelmed altogether by the need for you, your hands, your mouth…all over her. Inside her. When she lays back and spreads her ass for you, it seems too good to be true, but you’re not going to waste time. Gripping her hips you slide your cock into your mother’s tightest hole, fucking her ass while she moans and begs for more, for your cock, for your cum.

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Bettie Bondage – Moms Out of Prison

Mom finally made her release day. Three years in prison for a crime YOU committed! Now it’s time for you to repay her…in any way she demands. You come home to find her in your house. Well, her house. But since she’s been away, its just been you. You and your girlfriend. Fiance, actually. Your mom always hated her, but she hasn’t been around much, so it hasn’t been so much of a problem. Could you have visited your mother more in the prison? Sure, but your fiance didn’t like you going up there too much. And she said you two had an “unhealthy dependence.” Maybe shes right. And the way your mother is rubbing all over you doesn’t do much to dissuade that…never mind the way she’s eyeing your crotch, sizing you up. Like a piece of meat! She tells you she hasn’t been with a man in a long, long time…is she insinuating what you think she is? No…that can’t be. My god, she is! She grabs at your dick, which is hardening despite your discomfort. She starts to stroke you, getting on her knees and unbuckling your pants before you can say anything at all. It’s true, you should have visited more, but she’s just mad because she’s jealous…and horny….and maybe, just this one time, you can give her what she wants.

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Bettie Bondage – Hubby Cucked by Big Dick Son

I’ve been waiting to tell you the truth for so long…about your father…about where you got that big, fat cock of yours…

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Sydney Paige – You’re Such A Handsome Young Man

You’re becoming such a handsome young man! Sydney walked past your room as you were changing from football practice and couldn’t help but notice how much you’ve grown! You are certainly going to be a ladies man when you’re older! But m0mmy is curious…what else has grown? You get home from school and are called into m0mmy’s room. Don’t worry! You’re not in trouble. She’s just noticed that ever since your last birthday, you’ve really bloomed! So what else has grown? M0mmy wants to see, and she likes what she sees. She asks you to take off your clothes and after doing so- she just can’t help herself! Don’t worry, honey-you’ll like it.

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Scarlet Ellie – Catch Mom In Her Bra

Custom: “Would love you to wear a satin with lace underwire bra…. Son comes into your room pretending to have a question for mom while she’s getting undressed but she knows he just came to watch her. as she has always noticed that he is always trying to look at her breasts around the house no matter what she’s doing he’s always there looking. she plays along then makes him eat her pussy & let’s him suck on her gorgeous breasts then fucks her doggy & she rides him… oh & cream pie… Like lots of tit veiws & mother son dialogue with my name..”

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Scarlet Ellie – Bath Time With Mommy Jerk Off And Tit Fuck

Mommy loves taking baths with you. POV video of you and Mommy in the bath as she washes you good. She notices you are getting hard and decides to jerk you off and put your cock between here tits. She counts you down to orgasm while titfucking you. Cum shot all over Mommy’s tits.

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