KikiDeez – I Find My Step Sons Porn

I find my Step Son’s computer left on. It was full of Stepmom Porn. I can’t stop thinking about it… Does he want me? Fantasize about me? Then I can’t help thinking how it would be to fuck a younger, harder version of my husband. Fuck I had to talk to him. Can We talk? You left your computer on. And I think you know what I’m talking about. You seem to have a thing for Stepmom Porn. Oh you just like it… Any particular reason? No? Oh ok… I wonder what your Dad would think. Maybe that you have a little crush on me.. Oh you do? Hmm your Dad does want us closer. I think it would be nice to be a close family. Why don’t you take your cock out. It’s OK. I want you to. Here let me make you more comfortable. I give you a blow job and tell you to look into my eyes as you cum. Then I want you to fuck me. Fill me with your cum. Call me mommy. We cum 3 times together from behind then on top of me. Nothing like a young cock hard, firm and hitting everything your father can’t. Truly filling this Mommy cunt.

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KikiDeez – Can Mommy Suck Your Cock

In this POV I’m a single mom who used to strip and now I’m doing Onlyfans. Well my fans now want me with a real man. The only man in my life is my son. So I go to my son to ask if he’d be the one. At first he’s a little hesitant but I remind him he’s always been there for me and needs to be here for me now to support me. I take off my robe to show him my lingerie I put on just for him. He agrees but only if he can cum in Mommy’s mouth. And if course since your helping me so much every time it’s PPV I’ll let you cum down Mommy’s throat. I give you a blow job with dirty talk and spit before you cum in my mouth. Your cock is fucking amazing! I’m so lucky to have a son like you.

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KikiDeez – Kiki Fucks Her Son 2x POV

My son comes home and catches me. He gets so turned on he asks for a blow job. I start and then decide that we’ve always had such an incredible bond that I am him if he’d like more than a blow job from Mommy. He is so hard and can’t resist. I’ve caught you with my underwear in your room. Do you small my panties? You do? And taste them? My god you’ve made Mommy so wet! We fuck and I cum 2 times. I lick my cum off your cock. You’re so much better then your Dad. This will be our little secret. I love you.

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KikiDeez – Cum Inside Your Step Mom

In this taboo Step Mom and Step Son POV you get me sucking and fucking your amazing cock, licking all my juices off you, licking my tits, Close-up views and I cum while your sliding in and out of my tight wet pussy. Mommy Kiki wants you to cum in me. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Now you don’t have to just look

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