Kittycream – Mummys Video Calls Her Army Boy

I’m chatting to my boy who is away with the army. He is missing his mommy who likes to satisfy him when he is at home. She wants him to feel she loves him very much so she shows him in the only way a good mommy knows how…

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Kitty – Only Young Cocks Make Me Horny

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Kitty – Jerk Off At The Command Of A MILF

You, the best friend of my son jerked off on my underwear, you rubbed your penis on it… I bet you even wore it and my son your friend has no idea… but I admit I get turned on by young cocks, so fresh… so rub your stiff penis on my skirt… Now let’s see if you are real man… I take off my dress and more… I know how to tease you… now rub your penis on my sheer pantyhose… from now on no touching anymore, just jerk your cock at the sight of a mature woman, who could be your mother! Seeing my bare breasts make your cock ooze… now its time to empty your balls… at the command of an older but a woman who is hungry for young cocks! Jerk hard for me as I count you down, to cum at zero, with a huge load of cum!

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Kitty – Seducing Auntie Kitty

You’ve walked in on Auntie Kitty waking up from her nap in her tight one piece nightie. She’s a little shocked to see you, and feeling shy and exposed. You calm her down and ease her concerns and she lightens up a bit, noticing how turned on you’re getting and it’s getting her turned on too. She takes your bulging cock out to stroke it and smile, before hiking up her nightie to pinch and rub her nipples for you and rub and finger her bald MILF pussy for you.

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