Kylee Nash – Mom Wants To Play With Liam

Custom video I made for a fan named Liam, using his name throughout. Mom knows that you are a growing boy with certain needs and she wants to take care of them for you…using her mouth and cunt!

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Kylee Nash – Business Mom Bimbofied

You thought that when Mom started working from home it meant you would get to spend more time together. Instead, it now seems like all she does is work. You’re starting to worry because now that she doesn’t have to go to an office she sits around in baggy sweats all day and doesn’t take care of her appearance. So when she asks you to bring her a cup of coffee, you figure you’re doing her a favor when you slip a little something extra into the mug, something to help her loosen up and be more fun. Pretty soon Mom starts acting different. She has trouble focusing on her work, finding that she can no longer understand the spreadsheet she was looking at moments earlier. Realizing what a slob she’s become, Mom fixes her hair and puts on some slutty red lipstick. After another sip of coffee she starts to get hot and feels an overwhelming urge to take her clothes off. Noticing that you’ve done the same, she starts to get horny and suggests the two of you relieve some tension by masturbating together. The more aroused Mom gets, the dumber she gets as the coffee continues to work its magic. By the time you both orgasm, your formerly no-nonsense Business Mom has transformed into a babbling bimbo ready to do your bidding.

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Kylee Nash – Mommy is Your Birthday Present

Your birthday is approaching, and I have an embarrassing confession to make. I can’t afford to buy you a present this year. I’m very upset and ashamed but want to make it up by doing something together….just the two of us….but it has to be something free…any ideas? What?! Not THAT! That’s not what I had in mind at all! Well, if that’s really what you want…anything to make my boy happy. I’m reluctant and shy at first as I slowly strip and show you my big boobies and my special hole, but once I start stroking you I get into it, wanting nothing more than to my special boy feel good. I invite you to feed from my breasts the way you used to before getting on top and riding you to completion.

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Kylee Nash – Mom catches you jerking off in bathtub

You dirty boy! I caught you jerking off in the bathroom…no no, don’t let mama stop you. Were you thinking of your mom’s big tits? How about I get naked and show off my body while you work your cock for me. I hope you can be a good boy and keep this a secret…
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