Mama Fiona – Mom Son Naughty Bathtime Secret

You are my younger son and we’re in the bath together because you have a mom who isn’t shy about that kind of thing. I mean, nudity is just nudity… until it isn’t I suppose. We are relaxing as normal, washing up, chatting, me unknowingly turning you on. I go to wash you up and discover your boner. What should I do!? you ask me how you should relieve yourself and if I can do it! am reluctant but my boy is asking so nicely and I guess its just us here… and you make a point that I’m your mom, I should be teaching you everything you need to know. Clever boy… there’s no arguing with that. If I help you… its going to be a ONE time thing okay? You have to promise your momma that you won’t say anything about this time, or ask me again in the future…. it’s going to be a ONE TIME THING. Alright sweetheart???

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Mama Fiona – Our Little Secret

You are a VERY bold boy! Jerking off in your Mommas bed! OBVIOUSLY you wanted me to catch you. But what surprises you is the fact that I’m not mad. Taken aback maybe but… not mad. In fact… I’m getting kind of…. Turned on! I want to watch you stroke hunny… and then before you know it, I’m full on seducing you! Eat my pussy in 69, watch my ride in cowgirl, and fuck me good in doggystyle! Make me cum, my handsome sun!

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