Mama Fiona – Yes Mom! Pls Take My Virginity

Wow sweetheart I cannot believe you’re already going off to college! You have grown up so quickly, and I know how hard you’ve worked. But, there’s one thing I really do regret hunny – and that’s the fact that I didn’t push you out of your comfort zone when it comes to girls. You’re still a virgin! I love you so much darling, and I think its very important for you to have some experience before heading off to the big leagues. I know you’ve always kind of had a thing for me hunny… so… If its alright its you, I’d like to be the one to show you the ropes. I know alllll your little fetishes… I know how much you love momma’s ass and momma’s feet, and I know exactly the way to show them off to you while we’re getting intimate! I also know how much you love to be teased… and don’t worry hunny – if you cum too early, I’ll have you up again in no time! When you go off to school darling – you’re going to be SO glad that your m o m ma was the one to give you some experience!!! Let me suck your cock until you burst, then lets fuck while giving you perfect views of my ass and feet. I’m going to make you cum HARD!!! There is no pussy like your mothers!

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Mama Fiona – Lunchtime With Mrs. Costello

I am your teacher and you are hanging out with me during lunch, bc I happen to be one of those “ cool” teachers. Anyway, we are chatting when you start to lay it on thick about all the things like’d like to do with me. I am hesitant but I soon can’t resist your advances. You lift my legs to go down on me, I suck your cock till its ready, and not too long after I’m sitting on my student’s cock, ready to make him explode. Good lord I could get in REALLY big trouble for this….its so risky!!! Ugh! You’re about to be 1 lucky boy, having fucked his own hott teacher in the middle of the classroom!

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Mama Fiona – Taboo Vacation

Watch what happens when Mom takes her son on a trip to Mexico as part of a “Single Moms & Their Sons Club” initiation vacation! I had absolutely no idea that these Moms were up to something VERY different… and I didn’t believe it until I heard It through the walls! Was I on a vacation for single moms who were fucking their own sons!??!?!?! What is HAPPENING!?!?!? DO I WANNA FUCK MINE TOO!?!??! I start to unravel little by little as my son seduces me, making my naughty mama confessions until I finally give in and let loose. This is how the story unfolded on our vacation in Mexico, and ended in one of the absolute hottest sex scenes I’ve ever done! And with my SUN of all people!

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Mama Fiona – Intimate Mom Son Pussy Job

Watch as I lay down atop my son and grind his dick between his mothers wet pussy lips, gyrating up and down, back and forth, squeezing his cock as I slide and grind. Its so much for me on my clit that I can’t stop moaning and kissing on my son! I know what we do is so naughty and taboo… but we make each other feel so good – and that’s all that matters, right? Its such an intimate bonding experience for us, I would never want to give that up! Letting my. imagination run wild, I moan and dirty talk as I brace for an INCREDIBLE orgasm, followed by begging for my son’s cum all over me. I don’t think anything gets better than a pussy job from your own mom.

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Mama Fiona – Cum in Your Mom for Christmas

Oh my sweet son! you are home for the holidays and I have the absolute BEST gift for you…. ME! You think you’re dreaming at first but… no hunny this is absolutely real life. I know you’ve been horny for your mama all year. Something about you moving out must have triggered a deep sensual need for your mother, and it didn’t take me long to figure out that you sincerely needed me in a way you never had before – sexually. So, I don a sexy outfit for you complete with latex gloves that make everything feel better. I wake you up on Christmas Eve for your surprise gift – your mothers pussy! its time to go back where you came from sweetheart. You make me cum SOOOOOO hard (seriously – I came so fucking hard) and then we complete your gift as I beg my handsome son to cum in Mommy for Christmas! Maybe we have started a new Christmas tradition???

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Mama Fiona – Spy for a Spy

You totally just caught me trying to catch a glimpse of you in the shower! I run back to my room and start touching myself because… well it turrns out that my sun is HUNG and I can’t help but hide my attraction to you. I’m moaning for my sun! But you hurry out of the shower and try to come inside my room to see what I’m doing, telling me that you want to watch me touch myself. ARE U CRAZY!? I’m your mom! But that’s exactly what you want. Before you know it, i’m fucking you and bouncing on your dick. My wildest, naughtiest fantasies are finally coming true! I’m finally getting to fuck my very own sun!

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Mama Fiona – Mom Blows You In The Kitchen

I’m cleaning the kitchen and I can see you staring at me… checking out your hott mom. You can never keep your eyes off me can you? hehe its okay sweetie, I understand. But you have that lusty look in your eye. Is there… is there something your mom can help you with hunny? II think there is…and you know I’ll do anything for my son.

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Mama Fiona – Surprising Mom with your Boner

I’m your mom and you and I are hanging out in my room. I’m surprised that you’re hanging out here so much lately hunny, but I love it! I love to cuddle with my son. Things take a quick turn when I sit up and notice your GIANT ERECTION!!!!! WHAT THE HELL! How did you even get that out? At first i’m upset and am completely taken aback by your hard cock and even more taken aback at how… turned on I’m getting. When you ask me to maybe help take care of it… it’s too hard for me to resist your advances. Before you know it i’m rubbing my pussy in your face, stroking your dick, and soon enough i’m bouncing on it too. I guess exposing yourself to me actually worked!

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