Mama Fiona – The Prank War

You are my son’s little friend and you seem to have quite an obsession with his very sexy, flirtatious mama. You follow me around like a little puppy dog, teasing me, playing pranks on me. One day you take it too far and I am NOT in the mood. Well, sort of! I decide to get you back. I’m going to get you back for all the little pranks you’ve been playing on me, all the trouble you’ve been getting into. But first you manage to seduce me, then you kiss me, and then – you REALLY NAUGHTY BOY – you show me what you’ve got under your blanket. SO NAUGHTY! I grab it and give you a blowjob, but… you’ve got other ideas. What ELSE do you want me to do with that??? I’ll make you a deal hunny – you find a way to get that thing to mama’s height. But you’ve got to really really try hunny… you’re a lot shorter than I am! If you manage to find a way to get to my height, well, I think I will give you the ride of your life! Its going to be a challenge but, I think you’re a clever boy. You may be able to figure it out.

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Mama Fiona – Naughty Mama’s Sweet Good Boy JOI

Ooooh hunny! I have noticed you getting boners around your super hott mama a LOT lately. You have to stop hunny, you have to be able to control it. I don’t mind, but… we have to figure out how to take care of this. I know! Mama is just gonna have to help you, that’s all. I think you’re old enough now to start fuckin around with your mama. I’m going to give you what you want. So here’s what we’re going to do: take down your pants, get your dick realllll hard for me as I tease you. Just listen to me, follow my instructions, do as I say, and you will bust a REALLY big load for me sweetheart. This is real life – your hott mama is going to help you! And I loooove doing it, too. My sweet, good boy!

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Goddess Fiona – Fucking Your Aunt For Xmas

Oh HUNNY! Look at you all grown up this year! I’ve been waiting for this party for weeks because I have SUCH a good present for you. You’re finally juuuuust about old enough (your age rhymes with trix-teeen) to take our sneaky little spicy relationship to the next level… I’ll let you guess what that means. All I know sweetheart, is that you’re packing. Like really packing – and I would love some of that big younger dick for Christmas. Think we can get away with it during this party??? Come on nephew – show your really hott aunt what you got!

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Mama Fiona – Virgins 1st Ejaculation

Oh my Goodness little boy! It is your BIRTHDAY! And me, your super hott, very sexually experienced nanny, wants to give you and all your little friends a very important birthday gift. Very VERY important. I’m going to give you… you’re VERY FIRST ejaculations! Thats right! I’m going to make all of you cum for the very first time! Aren’t you a lucky group of boys? I’d say. I’m so good at what I do, I’m able to make ALL of you cum within 15 minutes! Isn’t that impeccable? And wow, all of you cum REALLY quick! I barely have to do anything before you’re filling up with cum and shooting it everywhere. It gets very cummy, I might even get some on my face! You all can’t believe your eyes as you watch each of your friends fall into ecstasy on this very special day. This is going to be your very best birthday yet!

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Goddess Fiona – Neighborhood MYLF is DTF

You are the younger neighborhood hottie! And I am a SERIOUS MYLF. I’ve had my eye on you… you sexy strong younger man. You are VERY easy on the eyes… and I think you’d be absolutely perfect to give this MYLF exactly what she wants. Surprise! Its YOU! I invite you in for a little test where I talk to you sensually and seductively, getting you all revved up to see if you’ll do for me. I give you JOI and ask you to come back later. Not like I had to twist your arm or anything! You come back later and Mømma REALLY lets loose – giving you the best blowjob and fuck of your life! I suck your dick POV sooo nice that its almost impossible for you to not erupt! You eat my phat wet pussy like you haven’t eaten in days… we fuck in doggy and I let you plow my mylf pussy in missionary…you can’t get enough of my gorgeous tits bouncing underneath you before you start pumping your hot younger cum into me. Such a sexy little encounter… I guess you’ll be back tomorrow to tend to momma’s garden… right?

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