Mandy Flores – Mom and Son Share a Creampie

You have gotten home early from school and hear some strange noises coming from your mom’s room. As you look through the cracked open door you see one of your friends on top of your mom, convulsing in orgasm inside her! He stands up and you see your mom pussy soaking wet from all of the cum smeared all over her pussy. Your friend quickly leaves and you watch her playing gently and happily with her wet pussy. She notices you and you enter the room. She tries to explain, describing her need for sex, for cum inside her. It excites you when she tells you that all of your friends fuck her, most of the football team was there, cumming inside her today. This has made your cock start to grow, and you ask her if it’s ok that you like thinking about their cum inside her. “Of course that’s ok honey! You should never feel bad about liking cum too!” She spreads open her legs to show you her soaking wet pussy, dipping her fingers inside and spreading her beautiful pussy lips, while rubbing her toes on your shorts against your obvious erection. She then takes out her big soft breasts and guides your had to touch her nipples. She pulls out your cak and begins stroking it, lubing it up with your the wetness from her pussy, and then sucks it clean before offering to bend over and let you enter her. You can’t help but plunge your cock deep inside her and look down at her perfect asshole in complete shock at what is happening. She says we can do this all the time. She flips onto her back and tells you she wants to feel your hot cum shooting inside her and moments later you unload your swollen balls like never before inside the only woman you have ever truly loved! Her face is a picture of joy as you pull out and she feels it drip[ping out of her pussy and across her asshole, you watch your cum travel in beautiful HD from her pussy to the bed.

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Mandy Flores – Mom Takes Your Virginity

Custom: I want you to play the role of a sadistic dominant mom who’s going to tie up her virgin son drain his balls dry. I would like you to completely bind him and then tease his virgin dick, you try to pull back the foreskin for the first time (really emphasis this) but it won’t move but you tease him with your heavenly hands and sit on his face. Smelling your pussy and the teasing you do to his virgin dick makes it explode. But mommy is no where near done. Without warning you shove his used cock into your mouth to get under the foreskin with your tongue and you pull it back completely, and then you start sucking without mercy. And this virgin penis that just came and got out of the foreskin for the first time is rolling around in your mouth as you attack its head with your tongue non stop. But you don’t pay any attention to him going crazy under the bondage you suck away while you muffle his cries with your beautiful pussy. I finally come in your mouth for a second time completely drained. You let me rest for 2 seconds before bringing out a tool with a devilish smile. Its a cock pump. You pump it till it fills the pump and looks about ready to explode, then you remove it from the pump, and painfully slowly take my virginity. I’d be screaming because of how sensitive my dick is from cumming twice and having my foreskin pulled back. The first day the head of my dick meets air, you decide its time for me to experience your devilish pussy. So once you insert my dick the first time, you stay still for 30 seconds, looking at my reaction and savouring it. Then you go absolutely wild riding it like a mad woman (using every riding technique on this virgin dick) until I cum uncontrollably in your pussy. But you dont care at all, you keep riding my dick till I slowly lose consciousness. Basically what I had in mind, but of course the details/dirty talk I’ll leave to you since you do the taboo/femdom videos so often and so well…

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Mandy Flores – Mom And Son Awesome Art Project

You arrive home and realize your son is supposed to be sketching a live model for his big projects final grade. You can hear the disappointment in his voice as he tells you she never showed and it was too late to get a replacement. Being the loving mom you are you can’t let him get cheated on this grade and offer to pose for him your self, nude. He is hesitant at first but it’s really the only way he can save this semesters grade. Later you come out in your robe, still feeling a bit shy about opening it, but you know it has to be done, so you lay back and expose your breasts, with no panties, but keeping your legs together so as not to expose your motherly parts too much to him. As you watch him paint you feel slightly aroused, as he makes each stroke, detailing your body, you feel a warmth towards him that you have never felt before. He comes closer to re position your arm to support your breast more and lightly touches it, somewhat startling you, but not near as startling as when you notice the giant bulge in his shorts! You can’t help but stare and when he realizes you have seen it he tries to cover himself in embarrassment. But you are a good mom, and you tell him that a model needs to help the artist no matter what it takes to help him fully realize his artistry. You slowly kneel before him and pull his shorts down. You pull his cock into your mouth as quickly as it comes out and lustfully lick and suck it. He is overwhelmed with lust and asks for you to bend over and take his cock in your pussy, you quickly agree, and feel unimaginable taboo sensation from him entering you, cumming in mere seconds! He continues to pound away at your pussy bringing you to another orgasm until he can take no more. You want his cum in your mouth so bad, wanting every drop to cover your tongue. He has an incredible orgasm in your mouth and you swallow every last drop, making sure to wipe your mouth to recover any that you may have missed, it is so wonderful tasting to you in this heightened sexual state. He asks you to never tell his father, even if you divorce him and you swear not to. Maybe you will do this again he asks, and of course you will you tell him…

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Mandy Flores – Blackmailing Mom

My son comes home from school and spys on me through my bedroom door, watching me searching for my shirt. He makes a small noise and startles me and Im trying to cover myself. I explain I went shopping and wanted to show him my new outfit and could he please help me look. He pretends to look but instead gets great views up my skirt while Im bending over. I turn around to show him I found it resulting in my tits right in my sons face. I apologize but he comments on them and tell me they are nice. He shouldnt say those things about his mother. Im shocked but then I apologize for thinking he means anything else but to compliment his mother. I ask him what he thinks and model a little. Does he think the outfit is too slutty or revealing? I bend over and he gives me the approval that he cant see down my shirt but then tell me to bend over a little more. Little more until Im down on my knees. He says it a great outfit and not slutty at all but indeed it actually is and he’s getting a great show out of it. When I stand up I trip and fall on to the floor with my legs spread. Its too much for him to resist and he holds me down and gropes my ass. Im yelling at him to get off me. What is he doing! This isnt funny anymore, get off me. He finally lets up and I ask him to leave and what has gotten into him! Im going to be telling his father about his behavior. He then tells me that he’s been watching me fuck the neighbor and he got a great show this morning. I deny it and good try trying to get out of being in trouble. He then tells me specific details I cant deny and tells me if I dont do everything he tells me to do that he’ll also have something to tell daddy about. I plead with him. Please dont, your father is a powerful wealthy man and I’ll be out on the streets! He tells me to shut up and get on the bed and strip for him. He makes me twerk my ass and take off my panties. Im very upset and begging him to stop. Why is he doing this to me? Pleading that if he stops now that I’ll forget the whole thing. He takes out his dick and starts masturbating to me. Im appalled but at his mercy. He made me to hump my pillow and pretend I like it. Tells me to moan and grind. It starts to feel good and I cant fight it any more. I begin to moan into an orgasm I cant control and my sons cums on my ass. Im left laying there wondering what happened and scared to what he’s going to make me do next.

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Mandy Flores – Bonding with stepmom II

You are my stepmom and you walk into the kitchen wearing something very skimpy as you always dress like this around me. You’d like to talk to me about the party you are planning tonight. My father was supposed to help you set everything up but he got called into work and you can’t do it all by yourself. I have plans to go camping with my buddies for the weekend. You know I won’t give up going just to help you with a party. So you remind me about the birthday present you gave me and how much I loved all the sex we had. You tell me that with my father gone, we won’t have to rush or be quite. You can show me how good it feels when you go slow and take your time. So you ask, would I rather go camping with my friends or get fucked by my hot stepmom.
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Mandy Flores – My Pornstar Mommy

So I was looking at some porn this one night and making cum tribute video for some stupid girl who probably never even watches them, and I came accross my mom sucking a cock on video!! OMG my Mom is a PORNSTAR!!!!I never jerked off to my mom before my my dick was so hard, and I love her so much I just decided to do it anyway. Well right when I got started she got home from her party and walked right in my door and caught me!! I thought I turned off the camera when she came in. She picked up my phone and saw what I was jerking to! I was so embarrassed. But she is like the coolest mom there ever was. She talked with me about it and then was totally trying to pull my underwear down!! I was going to fight it at first, but this was what I was just jerking off to, and she actually WANTING to suck my dick!! Oh God her mouth was so warm and she wrapped her lips on my shaft so tightly. The way she would stop and then lick up and down the sides of my dick was SO HOT! I was thinking she wouldn’t want me to cum in her mouth cause it wold gross her out, but she wanted me to, told me to do it! Then she even licked any drops of my cum that was on my balls and cock and swallowed ALL OF IT. She loves me so much I don’t think I could ever get a blowjob that good from anyone else my entire life. I’m so glad she walked in when she did because I missed the off button on my my camera and it recorded the WHOLE THING! Now you get to see it and maybe cum with me and my mom too.
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Mandy Flores – After Class

I’ve asked you to say after class. You seem distracted and withdrawn and now its affecting your grades in my class. I begin to strip as I tell you that Im keeping you late to help you fit in since you’re new. I know you have been staring at me with lust day after day and I see that you dont know how to act around girls and you need a sexual lesson to gain confidence in not only your social life but you need to fulfill your fantasy about me so that you can focus in class.
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Mandy Flores – Indecent Proposal II – Older woman younger man

You enter my bedroom and you thank me for keeping quiet about whathappened the previous month. You tell me that you and your husband arestill having trouble with your mortgage payment and that you talked to myfather about making another deal. He refused saying that was a one timeoffer. He did tell you that I have a lot of money in my savings account andthat you could try make a deal with me. So you seduce me. You tell me howyou made me cum three times before but this time you can make me cum evenmore. You tell me that with a body like yours you can make a kid like mecum as many times as you want. You tell me how important it is for you toget this money. You ask me to give you $500 for every time you make me cuminside of you. I agree. You’re grateful and you come real close to thecamera, act like your kissing me and in a soft and sexy voice you tell mehow good you’re gonna make me feel. You start riding me. Mandy Flores. Dirtytalk can be about: * Emphasize our age difference. I’m a young tee*ager,you’re twice my age. You had never fucked someone my age before, even whenyou were my age. * Fucking a married woman turns me on. * Compliment me onhow quick I can get hard again. Your husband can only get it up once a day.* How jealous all my friends would be if they knew you were fucking me. *How getting fucked by a sexy woman like you without a condom will ruin theexperience of tee*age sex with a condom. Feel free to add anything else thatyou think would fit this scenario. Before the last time you make me cum, I’mhaving trouble getting hard. You tell me you need me to cum one more time.You ask me if I’d like you to fuck me while you talk to your husband on thephone. So you call him and as soon as you start talking I get hard againand you start riding me again. You jokingly tell your husband that you’refucking the kid next door and that turns him on. He thinks its just phonesex. You tell him in detail how you’re fucking me, that I’m not wearing acondom and that you’re gonna make me cum inside you. You realize that yourhusband is jerking off to the though of you fucking a young tee*ager. Thephone call ends just after I cum. You come close to the camera again, kissme and thank me for helping you out. You remind me that I can’t tellanyone. You kiss me one last time and tell me to save my strength becauseyou might be back next month.
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Mandy Flores – Bonding with stepmom

You have only been my stepmom for a little while. You are much younger than my father. You tend to walk around the house in skimpy clothing asthat’s what you’re comfortable wearing. You don’t realize how that impacts me, you’re young teemage stepson. My father loves seeing you do that so there’s no pressure for you not to. When it comes to me, you feel we’ve never bonded. Trying to replace someone’s mother can be difficult and you’ve discussed this with my dad. When it comes to my birthday, my dad gives you his credit card and tells you that you can get whatever you want for a present, no limits. Not knowing what to get me, you come into my room, dressed in something skimp as usual, and ask me what I would like formy birthday (which is tomorrow).
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Mandy Flores – Taboo mom and son love

I get home from my job at the club late at night and my young son is home watching TV. I have noticed him looking at me, especially my legs before and I’ve tried to explain it to him that it’s wrong. I guess he is a little old to be dressing in my work clothes all the time. I notice he has an erection and I begin to talk with him about it. My son and I are very close, his father left us when he was young.
A Mommy’s boy that still sleeps with me at night….
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