Missbehavin26 – Mommy Loves All Things Taboo

script: All pov. Please wear sexy shorts and a tank top when you get into the bed. You can use a dildo for the bj, but you don’t need to for the simulated sex unless you can still make the pov feel real. Use my name (Jonathan) throughout. You’re my mommy . You come into my room and tell me you’re lonely, you ask if you can get into bed with me tonight. You get under the covers and give me a hug and quick kiss on the mouth. You cuddle me and tell me how much you love your boy. You kiss me again, this time a bit longer… you pause, and you tell me you want to talk to me. You tell me that you’ve been alone since my father died. You tell me you don’t want anyone else because you like things that are… taboo. You explain that taboo means forbidden. You tell me that you’re really turned on by the idea of …. The idea of having sex with someone you’re related to just turns you on so much. You think that I’m a handsome boy now and you want to try something. You take out your boobs and tell me to suck on them, like when I was small. You slip your hand into my pants and kiss me, passionately. You tell me that you can’t believe how big your son’s penis is. You’re proud that you made that penis. You say this is wrong for a mom and son to do, but it’s turning you on. You start to suck your son’s cock. Getting more and more turned on. You say we definitely shouldn’t have sex, because that’s i…, but you want to. You want to commit this wrong act. You love your son and you want to make love with me. You guide me on top of you, lovingly, motherly. You tell me you want it, you want to feel your son’s penis in your pussy. You made me, and you want me to make love to you now. You can’t believe how big it is, and when it slips inside you you can’t believe how good it feels, it’s so wrong, and that makes it even better. I fuck you for a bit, and you say that you want to tell me a secret. You like taboo so much that you fucked your own father, and that he’s my father too. I’m not just your son, I’m your little brother too. You tell me you want to feel my cum inside you, you want your son to impregnate you. A son’s cum should never be in a mother’s pussy, but you want it, you want me to get you pregnant. We cum together and I fill you with cum. Afterwards, you’re very loving, you kiss me and tell me that we can make love anytime we want. We can be mother and son lovers, and you’re going to have my…

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Missbehavin26 – Daydreaming About Your Hot Mom

Script: You are my hot mom and you always wear revealing clothes around the house. Unbeknownst to you this makes me hard and cause me to start having sexual thoughts about you. One night I go to bed and when I close my eyes all I can think about is your sexy body which turns into a wet dream in which you tempt me with your boobs and ass trying to get me to cum. I eventually get close and you tell me to cum for you but dreams ends before I can with you waking me up. Later we are eating at the table and talking about school you tell me that my teacher called saying that I have been very distracted during class and wanted know why. While you are talking about solutions to this problem, my eyes start to wander down to your boobs which are almost falling out of your top and as I look your voice starts to fade out and I enter a daydream where you tease me by shoving your boobs in my face and then telling me to suck on them. After a while, you give me a titjob to finish me off. As I am about to cum I am pulled out if the fantasy by you calling me as I wasn’t listening and I excuse myself after eating. Later on I am studying at the table when you come into the kitchen to prepare dinner and you decide to talk to me while doing the preparation. As we talk you bend down a lot showing off your ass and once again eventually your voice fades out and I daydream about your ass. In this daydream you come over to me get me to spank you a few times and also to grope your ass as it is so soft. To prove it, you sit on my crotch and grind yourself on me to convince me. Soon I get a boner and you can feel it poking you. You get off and remove my pants and grind your ass against my dick. Getting close you once again tell me to cum but there is a loud bang and the dream ends as you accidentally dropped a pan or something. You apologize for scaring me and I say it’s ok and decide to help you. That night in bed I have a wet dream about you again and you tempt me with your boobs and ass, giving me a titjob and assjob in the dream. Not content with cum on you, eventually you climb on top of me and ride me. While riding you confess as to why you wear such sexy clothes and what you expected me to do to you. After my response you say it doesn’t matter as you are finally getting what you wanted since I became old enough. Eventually you want me to cum inside you to show you how much I love you and you pick up your speed begging me to cum and I do. After calming down, you thank me give me a few kisses you tell me to relax and wake up. The video ends with your face coming closer whispering wake up over and over until the dream ends.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Encourages Son To Masturbate

Script: You are masturbating for your 18yo son who you’ve been cock teasing for a while to the point that you want him to cum with you while you masturbate together before you cross the line and fuck. Use A LOT of dirty hot incestuous talk (you’re one of the best at this) while playing with your breasts and with your hand in your panties. encouraging him to watch you and what you’ll do for him. You take of your bra so you can get your nipples really hard and then your panties come off to show your son how you finger yourself and how good it would feel to have his cock inside of you, how much you want to fuck him. You tell your son what a dirty whore you are for your son’s cock,encourage your son ..say that’s it , say it out loud call your mother a dirty slut for her son’s cock, say you’re going to cum inside your mother, say you’re going to cum inside your mom’s pussy. yeah that’s hot, that’s so dirty, oh this is so wrong but tell me how much you like it. You want to cum on me ? want you to cum with me, Mommy wants your cum, cum anywhere you want, you want to cum in my mouth, in your own mother’s mouth, etc, You want to fuck your own mother don’t you? I think you know what I’m talking about. Limit “mommy” use mother, mom instead. Don’t use “cunt” use pussy instead. Sexy voice, moaning , nipple and breast play.

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Missbehavin26 – Episode 1 – Son is Home from College

Script: You wait for Andy to leave and look at your son very irritated. You whisper angrily to your son, asking him what his friend is doing here. He tells you that his friend kind of invited himself. You are shocked at such a dumb response and ask him why he didn’t have the balls to say no. Your son doesn’t respond… you take a deep breath an say it’s fine. The two of you have to sneak it in when possible. You hear Andy coming out of the bathroom and tell your son that you’ll discuss later. Andy comes back and you tell them to go have fun, you’ll be in the bathroom. The scene cuts to a hidden camera view of your bathroom. You don’t notice the camera at all and strip into the lingerie you bought. You check yourself in the mirror and then call your son into the bathroom. You lie and say that you need help with a leaky pipe. Your son walks in and you immediately pull him in and close the door. You say the sexiest mommy-son dirty talk while pulling out his dick and sucking it. “You think your friend will stop mommy from loving you?”, “Mommy hasn’t cleaned your cock in so long, mommy misses it so much.”, “Mommy’s pussy has been waiting for you to fill it up.”, “Are the college girls treating you right baby? Do they fuck you like I do?”, “I bet your friend’s cock is not even close to yours baby, your dad couldn’t even satisfy me like you do.”. You follow up with the most passionate blowjob ever. You deep throat, you look your son dead in the eyes, you kiss the shaft over and over, you rub the dick all over your mouth and face, and you constantly suck the head so hard is makes a ‘pop’ sound. Your son cums and you swallow the whole load in your mouth. You get up and kiss your son. You tell him to come into your room after his friend falls aslep tonight. You say the the door will be unlocked, you will be blindfolded, and your legs will be wide open waiting for a big cock to fill it. You kiss him again and tell him to go back to his friend before he gets suspicious.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Son Daughters Panty Frenzy

Script: kinky mother and son porn . you walked into your son room and cough him sniffing your own dirty panties. at the beginning you are on a total shock. telling him how wrong it is. it’s incst. after few min’ of talking to him about how fucked up and wrong it is you are telling to to sniff your panties you are wearing at the moment. after he started of doing it you are becoming naughty and turned on. turned on by that naughty act of your son to him own mother. then you take down your panties and telling him sniff your pussy. “‘ sniff the hole you came out from”‘ “”im such a slut mother letting my own son smell my pussy”‘ you are so wet and than you are taking it to the next level. you have on the bad his own sister (your daughter panties). you are telling him to smell these panties as well. you are doing it as well with him. keep mentioning that is so fucked up , wrong but its so naughty and hot. you are starting to give him a blow job and than when can’t take it anymore you are asking him to fuck you. at the end asking him to cum inside of you while you are smelling your own daughter panties.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Entices You With Her Wet Pussy

Script: The Story Basically, you’re my friend’s insanely gorgeous mom. Every time I come by, we kind of flirt and you always seem to be wearing T-shirts with the sleeves cuffed juuuust the way I like them (rolled twice with perfect cuffs or rolled three times0 One day I come by and I find you going through your shirt collection and you ask if I’d like to help. You’re already wearing one of the shirts and you notice I’m getting a little excited by it, but you haven’t figured out that it’s the super neatly rolled sleeves. You try on the first shirt (sleeves already rolled before you put it on) and fix the sleeves to make sure it’s perfect, and notice I’m getting pretty hard. You see how shy I am but eventually, you figure out what’s turning me on so much. At this point you want to just tease me until I can’t take it. You take off your shorts and begin playing with your pussy in front of me. Then you stop and say you have one or two other shirts to try on. With each shirt you see I’m getting hornier and hornier. You give in to how horny I get, and give me an amazing bj, before fucking me (any positions that you can see you and the cuffs in the same shot would be best, and not POV…that can be too close sometimes). We end up coming together, and you make it pretty clear your son can’t know. I’d love to see the baby blue shirt, the dark blue Colorado shirt and one or two others of your choice.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Sneakily Gives Son BJ

Script: The story starts out with your son lying on the couch or bed. You walk in and say you need to talk about something. You say how you know about his obsession, because you found “inc*st porn” on his computer. You say you know that you’ve been fantasizing about your sister. They’re both young and good looking, so its normal that your son is thinking that way. You then hug him and give him a kiss. You are surprised and accidentally felt your sons boner. You ask him why he’s so hard, then he pulls out his dick and randomly starts jerking off. Your son says that its you hes been fantasizing about, not his sister. You are still shocked that your son is jerking off to you while you are talking. You begin to get curious and keep staring at his cock. You ask him why its so big and hard, his fathers is not as big. He keeps saying “I love you mom” while he’s stroking and you start to feel bad and say you’ll help him. You start jerking him off yourself but keep telling him how wrong and fucked up this is. (how you’re related and that its incst) After a few minutes of dirty talk your son asks you to blow him, at first you say that’s too far and crossing the line, your his own mother after all. You give in and start sucking your sons cock. You say things how wrong it is like “I can’t believe I’m sucking my sons cock right now. ‘You love how fucked up this is because its inc*st with your mother” The one line at the cumshot that I would die for you to say is “I want you to Look into your mothers eyes while I suck your cock. Say you love incst while you stare into my eyes son, cum on my face and say it, I love incst, cum for me son. I love you so much” Doesn’t have to be exactly that but along those lines, I would lose my mind if you said that for me haha.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Son Sneaking Around Dad

Script: Story line begins with your son Ryan laying down in bed, you come in mad that his blackmailng you, and mention that his dad downstairs so we have to make this quick. You give him a blowjob and say things like “ I can’t believe your my son what is wrong with you. You start to ride him when all of a sudden you can head your husband walking up to the room You tell your son Ryan to act normal but your still on top of him. Your trying to not to moan while your talking to your husband. You make small movements to show that your still fucking your son. (I cum while talking to my husband, his father) Second scene is your in the kitchen giving your son a blowjob with a dildo whole your husband is fixing the sink. Your also taking to him while his underneath the sink. He fucks your doggy style and missionary. Then he cums in your mouth with a fake cum. Last scene is your in bed with your husband then your son sneaks in, you look surprise and you tell him he better be quiet. You give him a sloppy blowjob he fucks you in missionary doggy style, virtual riding him. And again he cum in your mouth with a fake cum.

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Missbehavin26 – Moms Hot Friend Uve Been Sexting

Script: (Uve met an older woman via tinder, but now she shows up at ur house ! Turns out shes ur moms best friend !!! ) Hey, the last video i ordered from you was really hot. So i got a new one here if you could do this in POV/Virtual Style only would be great! I order for 30mins maybe you could this story more realistic and add from yourself something to it would be great :* Story: Moms hot friend. A boy aged 18 years love MILFs, but at the time both did not know anything about each other. So the boy started to search in some Love-Apps MILF’s / Older womens. He found MOMs hot friend. He started to text her. After a while she sent him hot pictures. (Maybe you could here film urself doing some Pictures with ur Phone and how u send it him about Snapchat or other App). Next day Mom had a visit. It was HER! The boy tried to hide but his Mom was like Hey son that my new Friend. She was really sexy dressed and after she saw him, she was shocked and speechless. All three sat at the table for dinner, Mom had to go to the bathroom. He was really horny and said to her such hot stuff, your Pictures was really hot yesterday. He tried to touched her tits. But she was very nervous and said stop your mother is here. He said stand up for me show me your figure in real now. She said okay but you have to stopp after this. She bended over for him showed him her ass. Mom was comming from the bathroom it was really close. Mom said im getting ready now for the lady night, im going under the shower fast be right back. After mom was away both were so horny so they started to have sex. She was so loud moaning and said i cant hold it if your Mom can hear us we are dead. Mom comes out of the bathroom and saw how Son comes on her ass. All three were speechless.

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