Reagan Lush – Special Mommy And Son Time

Mom takes advantage of young son & explains that they’ve been missing out on special mommy and son time, mommy needs son’s help in making her feel good, she tells him that she counts on him to help her, mommy teaches son what he can do to make her feel good, mom strips down and shows her son her body for the first time…

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Download Reagan Lush - Special Mommy And Son Time.mp4
Download Reagan Lush - Special Mommy And Son Time.mp4

Reagan Lush – Busty Step-Mom Bribes Son Into Banging

Your step mom Reagan Lush would like to speak to you about something… She found your report card in the trash can, and you are failing all your classes. “If you be a good boy, and play with me… Maybe I won’t have to tell your Dad.” Reagan begins to strip off her dress, and starts to play with her giant breasts. She takes off her dress completely, leaving Reagan naked. Your step mom gets on her knees and begins to suck and lick your cock. She deep throats, and her tongue goes wild all over your cock. “You really are a bad boy.. You’re lucky I don’t tell your father about this.” Reagan licks her lips, and goes right back to sucking your cock. She stands up, and bends over the couch, as you shove your cock inside of her. Reagan moans in pleasure as you thrust harder. Your Step Mom’s ass is bouncing up and down, “Give it to me better than your Daddy does!” Reagan sits up, and jumps on top of your cock. Your Step-Mom bounces on your cock, her big breast going up and down. Reagan begs for you to shove your cock deeper inside of her. You get on top of Reagan, and start to fuck her as she’s laying on her back. She lifts her legs over her head, and rubs her nipples. Your Step-Mom is yelling out in pleasure as you make her cum all over your cock. Reagan promises to not tell your Dad about the grades, but you may have to fuck me again soon.

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Reagan Lush – Mommy Will Make It Better

“I heard you’re girlfriend broke up with you, sweetie.. And because you’re a virgin?! I’m so sorry! Girls at you age can be so shallow! What a loss for her! Anyway, I think the only woman who should be taking your virginity is your mother! Come on, baby, let mommy make you feel good. I’ll show you how it feels to be with a woman. Once you’re with me, you’ll be ready to fuck any other woman. Shhhh, it’ll be our little secret!

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Reagan Lush – Son Steals Moms Panties

Son has been stealing mom’s panties & mom confronts him about it, she isn’t mad – she just wants to know what he’s been doing with them, she realizes he’s curious about the female body & her smells, he gets turned on by it, she explains that she has her own special type of “cream,” mom tells son that he doesn’t need to steal her panties or bras – he can just ask to see and touch her body, mom strips down & invites son to touch her and taste her…

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Reagan Lush – Mom And Son Get Married

Mom and son have been secret lovers for a while & they’ve finally gotten married, mom couldn’t be any happier – she doesn’t have to hide their love anymore & she doesn’t care what anyone else says, she’s loved her baby boy since he was young & she knew that they were soulmates, she tells him how much she loves him, she teases him with her beautiful mature body…

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Reagan Lush in A Mother Son Connection

I am laying undercover in bed. Mom (Reagan Lush) comes in wearing only a bathrobe and sits beside me. She smiles at me and starts stroking my hair. She says, “How are you doing baby? Excited about starting school tomorrow? I bet. Daddy? He’s already gone to bed. I just wanted to see if my little man is ready for his big day tomorrow.” She keeps smiling and stroking my hair. She says, “You’re getting so big and strong aren’t you?” She starts unbuttoning my top and says, “Ooo! You are getting big and strong aren’t you? Look at all your muscles, can you make a muscle for me?” She reaches out and playfully squeezes my flexed bicep. She then looks down and pulling my unbuttoned PJ top open and says, “Oh yes, my baby is growing up. Yes he is.” She stroking and massaging my chest. She works her way down my chest to my crotch and starts playing with my pecker. She asks, “Does that feel good sweetie? Does it feel good when Mommy does that?” She pulls my cock out, gasps and says, “Oh, look at that. Look how hard your little thing is.” She stares at me for a moment, she undoes her bathrobe, pulling it open and starts rubbing between her legs. She plays with herself and my pecker staring at it as if . After a couple of minutes she cums and masturbates me very quickly until I cum almost at the same time as her. She stares at my pecker open mouthed for a moment, she stares at me with glazed eyes and asks, “Did you like that? Did that feel good?” She smiles and says, “Okay you need to get to rest now. Tomorrow is your big day. And don’t tell anybody about this. It’ll be our little secret okay?” She smiles, kisses me on the forehead and leaves.

Scene Two: Bath time
Mom, wearing only a bathrobe, leads me by the hand into the bathroom. She turns on the water, puts in the suds, etc. She gets on her knees and says in a normal tone of voice, “I’m going to give you your bath now and I’ll make a deal with you. If you behave I will do something very special for you. Deal?” She smiles and helps me undress and get in the tub. She takes off her bathrobe and gives me a bath him. Lots of splashing and laughing. At the end, she gets a very serious look on her face as she starts playing with my pecker. She says, “Let’s get you out of the tub. You’ve been a very good boy and Mommy is going to do something for you.” She helps me out of the tub and dries me off. She gets a very serious look on her face. She gets on all fours and gives me a blowjob. She says, “Now let’s get you dressed before Daddy gets home and remember this is our little secret.”

Scene Three: Montage
A) She is on the couch almost naked and I am fucking Mommy Doggie Style. Really bouncing up and down, making her boobs bounce up and down.
B) She is bent over the side of her bed giving me a blowjob.
C) Mom is on the couch riding my cock, cowboy style.
D) I am fucking my Mom on the floor with my hand around her throat, she is begging me to squeeze tighter.
E) We are back in my Room and Mom is riding me, she begs for me to cum in her pussy…

Scene Four: Me and Mommy Make a Sex Tape
Mom found videos on Dad’s phone. He was fucking his secretary…Mom wants to leave him and take me away. First we make a sex tape and leave the video on his phone for him to find later. Mommy fucks me so hard and even lets me fuck her ass. She swears Daddy has never done this and I believe her.

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Reagan Lush – Mom Teaches Son How To Make Love

Mom wants to teach son the difference between fucking & making love, she wants him to be able to use it for the right time when he meets a wonderful woman, she asks him not to be shy & to get closer to her so she can show him, she asks him to caress her skin & to feel the red lace on her skin, virtual caressing & gentle touching, she caresses his cheek & kisses him passionately, virtual kissing, making out, she strips down slowly, striptease, she asks son to softly grope her soft tits & lick them, virtual tit groping, virtual nipple sucking & licking, she lies back & teaches him to pleasure the girl first and make sure she is wet, she wants to make sure he takes his time pleasuring a woman.

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