Sarenna Lee – Mommys Ass – The Last Taboo

Mommy is making your bed for a very special night while you are gone playing ball. She is thrilled when you arrive home early and proceeds to tease you with new tight lacey panties she bought and is wearing just for you. Tonight you will have Mommies ass and she is so excited to show you how to be a good boy with that huge throbbing cock! She loves how it is bigger than Daddy’s and can’t wait for you to fuck her with it.

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SaRenna Lee – Mommy knows best

You are always such a good boy but Mom has gotten an email from your college professor that you have not been doing your homework. Mommy is very upset with you lying to her and to top it off you always have a hard on starring at her breasts. She makes lunch for you and makes you write an apology letter and then comes up with a very attentive solution to the problem you are having with raging hard ons.
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