Harley Sin – Mommy Taboo Confession

In this confession vid I talk about playing your mommy, I go over the different mommy roles I play in my videos and how I feel playing them. I go a little deeper into the creative process of the nice, mean, annoyed, and unsuspecting mommy characters. I talk about my personal process and day when I’m making videos, how I take care of myself, and really try to think about how the viewer feels. I want you to feel like you’re right there with me. I also go into detail about my process of creating videos, how I write my scripts, how I feel getting ready to turn you on. How I want my stories to draw you in. I hope in the end you’ll feel like you’re getting to know the real Harley Sin and that we can connect on a deeper level.

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EnglishPrincess – Morning JOI From Your Friends Hot Mom

Good morning sweetheart, I didn’t know you’d stayed over, you want some coffee, tea…..or me? You’ve always had a thing for older women, now your friends hot mom is telling you how to wank while you’re sat at the breakfast bar-it’s like one of those MILF pornos you love. Listen to my sexy British voice tease your hot load out of you until you can’t help yourself and have to spunk!

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Paintedrose – Mommy Reads to You Then Blow You

Mommy is silly and very serious about books. She reads a little of Great Expectations. The scene where Pip declares his love finally – tragic love story. Mommy notices her reading has got you swollen and needing relief.

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