Lorena Brink – Caught and Blackmailed By My Little Bro

Mom’s out of town and my younger brother is at a sleepover! Got the whole day to myself! …At least that’s what I thought.. My brother saw me in mom’s room, admiring her sex toys, wondering how it would feel.. He brother snuck up on me, caught me red-handed holding mom’s vibrator! And he knows damn well what I was planning to do… He promised me he won’t tell mom… If I do what he says… He commands me to take off my skirt and panties and start touching myself, using mom’s vibrator on my tight little pussy and even demands that I jerk him off! Fuck, this feels better that I’m willing to admit…

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Penny Barber – Gifting Mom A Fucking Machine

I don’t know if this was meant as a weird joke or what but I have no idea how to react when Mom opens her present from you to see an odd chair with a huge dildo attached. Who ever even heard of a fucking machine? Mom is less shocked than I am and seems to think a sex toy from her son is just harmless fun. It’s so big that it is more a sexual appliance than a sex toy anyway. Then the real shock comes when Mom agrees to lift up her skirt and let the machine fuck her right there in the living room. Then she cums so hard that she actually convinces me to try it too! I can’t believe I owe my best holiday orgasm ever to my brother.

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Download Penny Barber - Gifting Mom A Fucking Machine.mp4
Download Penny Barber - Gifting Mom A Fucking Machine.mp4

SmilesOfSally – Big Sis Teaches Lil Pervy Brother

You see your big step-sis on her bed still in her school uniform and sports bra touching herself as she fingers her hairy pussy. But she catches you being pervy in the corner. At first she is mad but then she calls you over. The truth is you are just a dork and you really need to learn from her since she is bigger and better than you. So she shows you first her clit because it is important you learn female stimulation. But then she turns over and spreads butt cheeks as you look at her asshole while she fingers it. She has so much fun teasing you and you have so much fun learning!

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Little Puck – Cum In Lil Sis Virgin Pussy Mom JOI

You love your special time with Mommy, don’t you, sweetie? We have so much fun together. You make Mommy feel so good with your dick…but I’ve been noticing the way you look at your little sister Leila….you’re supposed to keep this between the two of us but it looks like you can’t handle how horny you are… you have such a big fat crush on your sister! I’ll allow you two to fuck but Only if Mommy is there to teach you how to pleasure her. I’m gonna guide you two through taking your little sister’s virginity! I call your little sister into the room in a skimpy lil schoolgirl outfit I bought for her. I tell her that you have a HUGE THROBBING CRUSH on her and she gets so shy and giggly and excited! I make you pull out your dick and show her how hard you are for her and how much you wanna fuck her! Mommy guides your cock and tells Leila how to touch it and stroke. You love the way your dick feels in your little sister’s hand. I go change into something sexy and skimpy and when I come back I hold Leila’s neck and head and help her swallow your big brother cock. I make her take it really hard and teach her how to be a good sloppy little bitch for you. She starts getting sluttier and sluttier! Doesn’t it feel good, son? She just wants to please you and make you cum! I give you a cum countdown and you give her a huge nut all over her face. Her very first facial! I then take your dick inside me and ride while your little sister plays with my tits, groping and sucking them. No cumming in Mommy! Mommy’s just jacking off your dick in her pussy so you get nice and hard again so you can give your sister her first creampie! You’re gonna breed your little sister, baby, come on, that’s right, fuck me so hard!!! We throw Leila down with her ass in the air and you pound her tight virgin pussyhole so hard and fast until you fill her up with your big brother seed! I’m so proud of you, sweetie! You’re the new man of the family.

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