Sloansmoans – Tasting Mommy In Front Of Sis

I walk in to find you, my son, upset and crying because lo and behold your sister has been being a bitch to you once again. I scold her and move to console you. I ask you why she’s teasing you and I find out that it’s because you haven’t kissed a girl yet. I decide to take things into my own hands… and make your sister watch. I berate her as I kiss you and my kisses quickly become sloppier as I drool and spit in and on your mouth. You’re so hard from kissing mommy and your sister begins to make accusations about how wrong this is but I quickly write her off. I present my tits to you and spit on them and ask you to lick it all off. You suck my tits and lick up mommy’s spit like a good boy. i use the “I” word to describe our actions and I decide to put your cock inside me as I kiss you and make you cum without even moving… mommy’s kisses are enough to bring you all the pleasure you’ll need…

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Miss Malorie Switch – Mommy And Son’s Kinky First Kiss

You mommy finds out your sister has been calling you a loser for not having your first kiss yet. Luckily, I don’t let my son get picked on. Getting your sister, and making her sit down with us, I have her watch me give you your first kiss. Close up visuals of Mommy’s mouth as she takes your first kiss, tonguing you and swapping spit with her son, causing you to become erect. She continues french kissing, drooling, and playing with you. She then pulls her breasts out, letting you take them in your mouth, licking her spit off of them, as Mommy gives you what you need right in front of your sister. Are you hungry, too? Mommy wants to feed you this banana… Let Mommy chew up and spit this banana into your mouth. Mommy is going to feed you like this from now on, whenever you need. As sister becomes disgusted seeing your boner, I decide to slip it inside of Mommy. Kissing and kissing and kissing, you finally cum inside of Mommy without her even moving on top of you. You can have Mommy whenever you want… ESPECIALLY in front of your sister.

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Snsultry – Mom Finds Son’s Dick Pic JOI

You left your phone out and your mom finds it. When she starts to snoop through it, she is surprised to find a dick pic on there. She is even more surprised to find that it is not the size she was expecting from her son. She confronts him and then proceeds to tell him how nice his cock is. She decides it’s maybe time for her to teach her son a little bit about pleasure and maybe watch as she talks him through his orgasm.

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Littleredheadlisa – Mom Helps You Relax

You just came back home after an important surgery and your mom wants to help you feel better and more comfortable so she offers to do something special for you. Hand job, messy blow job, and anal ride.

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