Annabelle Rogers – Stepmom JOI Handjob

I am your soon to be Stepmom. As I am headed out the door for my meeting, you approach me saying you know that I am cheating on your father. I tell you that we can come to an arrangement. I blackmail you saying that I will tell your father that you watch me in the shower and steal my panties. I know you want me so I tell you to take your cock out and stroke it for me. You do and then I finish you off by giving you a hand job.

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Dirty Princess – Tipsy Step Mom Is Horny

Coming in from a night out with my girlfriends im a little tipsy and very horny, so i wake you up to come keep me company as i finish my wine. We were talking about men and their cocks all night long so I really wanna see one, I get you to show me yours. Im super horny so I persuade you to touching my tits and then one thing lead to another and im riding your big hard dick. You fill up my pussy with your big hard throbbing cock inside of my milf pussy.

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Korina Kova – Robo Mom Family Services Modifications

I am your mom and your father left a long time ago leaving tension between us and as we are in the kitchen I am too distracted with texting my friend, you mention that you signed me up for step family services, I laugh and don’t take much note telling you that I meditate at yoga and I don’t need whatever it is that you signed me up for, just then I get a phone call and ignore you as you leave, while on the phone I get a knock at the door, no one is there and its just a white box, I open the box to reveal a beautiful necklace with a curious stone, once inside I can not resist trying it on with my hottest dress, as I am admiring it I don’t notice the noises its making until its too late, I can’t get it off and I am in a panic when a jolt comes over my body and I am frozen, my mind is taken over and I stand up straight while blank, I open my eyes and the mental domination complete, mommybot on route to step family service laboratory, I wake up in a dark room and calling out for help, as I look around I see all the equipment and when I notice the huge machine above my head its too late, a beam shots me in my forehead and I am taken over again, a week later the lab tech is working on modifying my body and enhancing my tits, ass, pussy, and lips and programs my brain to be the perfect fuckbot. The next day you come home to hear me humming in the kitchen, confused on where I have been for the last few weeks you don’t get a chance to ask me, I am cooking and baking and cleaning, and I greet you with a kiss and hug while telling you to sit down while I serve you, I sit beside you when you tell me you are going to take a nap “yes darling I want ultimate pleasure for my boy” you go to your room so confused. When you wake up I am on your bed with my head down, my eyes open and a downloading sound happens, I tell you that I am here to please you, and I start to look for the source of my boys stress, mommy found it, its in between your legs and mommy is designed to take care of it, I suck, fuck, and blow your mind with my new body and synthetic pussy, you cum all over me and I deposit Into my system, what a good boy.

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Kenna Valentina – Dads Girlfriend Only Wants You

Hi hot stuff. Sorry if I’m interrupting anything, but if I were, I wouldn’t mind. You might think it’s weird that I’m in your room right now, considering I’m dating your father, but I need to get something off my chest. I was at your soccer game a few weeks ago, and I saw you on the field and you play so well… You’re just.. SO. SEXY. I couldn’t resist.. I looked around and saw a man cheering very loud for you. I could tell that was your dad and I knew he was my in. I happened to be there for.. other reasons.. but you are what caught my eye. So I started flirting with your dad, going on a few dates, spending the night. You have to admit, you noticed all the times I look at you. I undress you with my eyes. I basically fuck you everyday. You know that, right? I don’t give a sh*t about your father! I”m ONLY here for you, and I want you. I want to devour your sexy fucking body..

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Texasblaze – Your Stepmom Catches You Jerking Off

Your stepmom walks in on you jerking off She gets a little bit embarrassed but gets turn on and offers to help. First, she starts off by sucking your cock. Then she rides you cowgirl and to reverse cowgirl. Stepmom turns around to finish you off by riding and starting into your face.

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Tattooedbustymia – Seduced By Gold Digger Step Mum

You’ve gone to stay at your dads for a bit while you and your gf try to work in things. Your dads younger wife confesses she’s only with your dad for his money and prefers younger cock….yours to be exact! She seduces you by shoving her big tits and hairy pussy in your face and finishes up sucking your young cock!

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Carrie Moon – Stepmom Shows Her Massive Tits And Butt

After a long day, I’m in my PJ’S and ready to go to bed. My horny step son can’t get any shut eye until he sees my big tits! Watch as my huge hooters slowly drop out of my PJ’S. I tease and suck on my nipples and tell him to jerk that hard cock. It was a really long day because when I see him, I say good morning when it’s night time. It’s easy to get confused after a long day!

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Carrie Moon – My Stepmoms Now A Nudist

My stepson has a conversation with me and I inform him that over the weekend I got adventurous and visited a nude beach. Suffice to say I loved it and asked if it would be ok if I would walk around the house in the nude! After testing the waters in the buff and seeing his reaction we agree to watch a movie later. During the movie, he’s very hard, I take out my tits and help him jerk off. Later when I head for bed, I am so hot and bothered, I start to play with myself. My stepson walks in and we both get off together.

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Carrie Moon – Stepmom Moon Squirting Dildo Part 2

Step son is sitting in the living room when his step mom walks in. Step mom is in a sexy pair of panties and a bra. She starts to pick up and clean the living room in front of her son. Bending over, picking things up and moving them around. First she bends over facing away from her step son letting him get a good look at her ass in panties. Then she turns around facing him picking things up while her breast dangle in her bra. She notices her step son staring at her. “Are you starring at my boobs you little pervert? Jesus, I cant even walk around my own house in my underwear without you rubbing you penis. I’m going to go change.” Step mom leaves the room and returns shortly after words. She still has her panties on but she isnt wearing a bra. Now shes wearing a very low cut shirt. She starts to clean again. Her shirt is so low cut that when she bends over her step son can see right down her shirt. Eventually she notices her step son starring again. She stops and says, “Are you starring at my tits again. What is the matter with you?” “You wanna see my tits? No way! Your crazy if you think I’m going to show you my titties son!” “You’ll do what if I dont show you my breasts?” “You’re going to tell your step dad about the other night if I dont take my shirt off?” “So you’re just going to black mail me huh? I see how it is.” Step mom reluctatly takes her shirt off… “There are you happy now?” Her step son asks her to hold her tits up so he can take a picture. “Listen you can take one picture but that is it! And you can’t show anybody okay?” He agree and you hold your boobs up and model a bit for him. Smiling and sticking your tounge out while he snaps a couple photos of you. He asks you to bend over and let your tits dangle for him so you do. All this goes on for a little while. Then he asks you to get on your knees so he can take some pictures of you with his penis in the shot. “No no no! There is no way this is happening” “I’m your mother for christ sake I’m not touching your penis again!” “This is where I draw the line. I am not doing this” “No please dont tell your dad” “Okay, Okay, Okay. Listen, if you dont tell you dad I’ll kneel in front of it but I’m not touching it.” Step mom gets on her knees in front of her sons boner. “OKay now what? You want me to hold my tits up?” She hold her tits up and her step son snaps a pic. “Now stick my tounge out like I’m going to lick it? Okay” She stick her tounge out holding her boobs up. She gets close to his penis but doesnt touch it. “What? You want me to kiss the tip of your dick? No way son!” “Okay I’ll do it. Just dont tell your father”. Step mom poses, kissing the end of his dick looking up at him. She also sticks her tounge out and lets the tip of her step sons penis rests on her tounge “Okay I’ll put it in my mouth but only for a minute.” She fits as much of it as she can in her mouth looking up at her son with a shocked look. She takes his dick out of her mouth sits up. “Dont worry I know whats next. You want mommies tits wrapped around your dick dont you?” You start to pose with his dick between your tits in different positions. Covering his cock with her beautiful breasts saying things like.. “Do mommies breast feel good?” “You love moms monster tits dont you?” “Your boner feels so good between mommies tits?” “Thats right let mommies boobs envelop your boner” And so on and so forth…. Finally he tells you he wants one last picture of his cum on your tits. She’s past fighting him and agrees. She starts to give him a full blown tit job. “Thats right baby cover mothers boobs with your cum” “THats right, nut on mommies tits” “I want that fat load all over these knockers” After all the dirty talk and tit wanking he blows a big load all over her beauiful breasts.

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