Tatum Christine – Mommy’s New Bikini

It’s almost summer time which means we will be out on the lake and the beach and out in the sun. Every year I wear the same old bathing suit… a boring one piece! This year I thought I would spice things up a little and try a two piece! I ordered it on the internet and I don’t know if they sent the wrong size or if they are supposed to be this small but I need you to tell me what you think!

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Tatum Christine – Son Does What Dad Can’t

I finally confront my husband about something that’s been really heavy on my mind. I’m ready to get it off my chest and address the situation. Although we have a great marriage and we both love each other so very much, there is something that’s missing…. I tell my husband I want to start having sex with other people… but with people I know like old co workers or friends. He suggests our son! I tell him that is crazy and he MUST be kidding.. but as serious as he is, I agree to go along with it. My husband decides he is going to leave for the rest of the day so I can convince my son to start taking care of me. I finally confront my son and tell him that even though our marriage is great there’s something missing. Your dad and I both agree you can help us. You are unsure at first so I tell you to think about it and come to my room when you are ready. You come in my room and I am waiting for you in lingerie and heels… bc you’re a good boy and I just knew you would take care of mommy!

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Tatum Christine – Mommy’s House Of Love

I noticed somethings wrong.. you know you can tell mommy anything… but you don’t have to tell me what’s bothering you.. i already know! You’re too horny for your own good. Let mommy take care of you. And I don’t want you to worry about keeping it a secret or anyone in the house finding out. You can have whatever you want, whenever you want it bc you’re my son. Even if you want your dick sucked while dads in the room… It’s okay, this is a house of love!

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