Missbehavin26 – Mom Entices You With Her Wet Pussy

Script: The Story Basically, you’re my friend’s insanely gorgeous mom. Every time I come by, we kind of flirt and you always seem to be wearing T-shirts with the sleeves cuffed juuuust the way I like them (rolled twice with perfect cuffs or rolled three times0 One day I come by and I find you going through your shirt collection and you ask if I’d like to help. You’re already wearing one of the shirts and you notice I’m getting a little excited by it, but you haven’t figured out that it’s the super neatly rolled sleeves. You try on the first shirt (sleeves already rolled before you put it on) and fix the sleeves to make sure it’s perfect, and notice I’m getting pretty hard. You see how shy I am but eventually, you figure out what’s turning me on so much. At this point you want to just tease me until I can’t take it. You take off your shorts and begin playing with your pussy in front of me. Then you stop and say you have one or two other shirts to try on. With each shirt you see I’m getting hornier and hornier. You give in to how horny I get, and give me an amazing bj, before fucking me (any positions that you can see you and the cuffs in the same shot would be best, and not POV…that can be too close sometimes). We end up coming together, and you make it pretty clear your son can’t know. I’d love to see the baby blue shirt, the dark blue Colorado shirt and one or two others of your choice.

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420deepthroat – Hot Mom Gets Facefuck By Her Sons Bullie

I don’t know how other mothers do it. But I will do everything for my son. I wanted to confront his bullies today so that this agony finally came to an end. But when I got there I found out that Chuck (my son’s bully) is not what my boy used to say. Enthusiastic about him and his cock, I make a deal with him. He is supposed to continue bullying my sweet boy and he can come to our house at any time, use my throat and fuck it as he wants. Because I want my son to become a great man like Chuck, his bully. And I do everything for my sweet boy.

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Penny Trait – Morning Fuck With Mom

Your horny mom Penny Trait sneaks into your bed to play with your morning wood because she can’t resist your big cock! She sucks and fucks you so good making a big creamy mess all over your dick.

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