Rae Knight xxx – It’s Time Honey Mommy Is Ovulating

We are very close since Daddy left us 3 years ago. You just turned 16 and I know you are a virgin. Mommy wants your first experience to be with someone who cares, who loves you…someone who can teach you to be a man, and being a man includes making Mommy pregnant. Mommy wants your baby and now that you just turned 16, she thinks its time for you to learn how to make a baby and to do it with someone who loves you, someone who cares deeply for you. Mommy will teach you what you need to do…you are very fertile being so young and mommy wants your first experience to be special!!! Lay down honey…..let mommy show you ….when you feel your cock swell up and fill with your yummy spunk, mommy wants you to stay deep inside me and cum inside my fertile womb!!!

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