Jane Cane – Mom Takes Advantage Of Wasted Son

You went and moved back in with Mommy. She told you if you lived under her roof, you had to live by her rules. She told you not to drink at that pool party, but you did it anyway and now you’re barely able to stand. Hanging on me for support while your hands find their way to my breasts. A son shouldn’t touch his mother like this. I know you like it, I can feel your hard on pressed against me as I walk you into my bedroom. I just want to keep an eye on you and make sure you don’t get sick. It’s just not right to rub against me like that, grab my breasts. I know you won’t remember any of this tomorrow, you’ll have a massive hangover after all. I just need to care for my boy the best way I can, get you out of those wet swim trunks. Go ahead, lie here on mommy’s bed. Oh my, you’re so hard. Honey, are you asleep? Your penis reminds me so much of your fathers. And he’s been gone for such a long time. Mommy never gets to have any fun. I should let you sleep it off, but I can’t help myself. Mommy needs to take care of this boner since you can’t do it. Doesn’t that feel good? Mommy needs this so badly. What a dirty little secret. Mommy wants her son’s big cock. I need to taste it in my mouth. Mmm just the thought of sucking my boy makes me so wet. I can’t resist touching between my legs. Straddling you. Oh, you’ve been such a bad bad and you need to be punished. Mommy has the perfect thing in mind. You won’t remember what happens. How Mommy slips your hard penis into her mouth and then into her wet, warm pussy. My sweet boy will forget all about cumming deep inside of his mother. I better get you all cleaned up.

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