Mindi Mink – You Can’t Deny Me Forever Son

All About The Build Up This POV solo roleplay is all about the build-up and anticipation. Made just for all my sweet boys who get off on their MILF mommy teasing them non-stop. SO, if you have ever wished I was edging you on all day…then the next 13 minutes is for you. My dearest stepson, Danny, is home from college for two whole weeks! I caught up with him in the kitchen while making him some breakfast. I was so excited to see him and tell him all about my plans for while he was home. Being the naughty MILF mommy I am, I may or may not have made sure to wear my silky sheer white robe with a dark purple thong underneath. Think he will notice? I sat down and joined him at the table so we could chat and catch up. He started talking all about his academics, but I couldn’t help but interrupt him. I want to know about the GOOD stuff…like how many girls he’s fucked since he has been away. I casually kept the conversation going while moving my long chocolate locks away from my face, revealing my huge tits peeking out of my robe top. I began reminiscing about my slutty college years. Boy was I such a fun little slut too. The next day, it was super hot sun! So I told my lovely boy that it was time to go swimming. While he was applying my sunscreen, I decided to share with him how his father can’t please me sexually anymore. It’s possible I took off my bikini top too. You know, so he could apply the lotion better to my back. Anyways, I was telling him how his father and I made a deal that I can fuck whoever I want…and I let my stepson know that I want him! He will give in one day. I can promise you that.

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