Mindi Mink – Love You Son

My son, I just need to talk to you. I can’t sleep, I’m just so sad & so lonely since dad died. I don’t feel loved anymore. I really miss him. Can I sleep with you tonight, can you hold me tight? Yes. Thank you son I love you. Come here and hold me so tight. Oh, you’re so strong, I love how you feel. Do you like the way I feel? I needed this so bad, thank you. Oh son I feel your erection, don’t worry son, we can do something about that, your so good to me, I love you so much!

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Mindi Mink – Wicked Mom Queen

What is this I see in my crystal? Princess Felicity is trying to take my people and my land! How dare her! This cannot happen, I am the Queen! The rest of you go, leave me alone with my son! I’m very angry now! We must take care of that Princess Felicity! I have a few ideas! That’s right son, not to worry! My idea is for you son, you are so powerful and handsome, I want you to seduce Princess Felicity, then give her this poison that will make her fall asleep forever! Son do this for me, I will take care of you, your mother needs to take care of your hard big cock & prepare you for this challenge!

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Mindi Mink – Moms JOI On Stairs

Milf Mindi is on the stairs waiting for you, her son, to come home. She is wearing a top and lacy see through panties. I see what you have got going on in your pants she points out your boner. She fingers herself, licks it, and strokes her pussy hair. You always make your mom feel so good. She uses a toy on herself, taunting your cock. Mindi brings herself to orgasm and encourages you to continue stroking yourself to her. She tells you there are only a few more days until you get to be inside of her pussy.

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Mindi Mink – JOI For My Son In the Kitchen

Milf Mindi Mink is in her yoga pants in the kitchen putting away the dishes when her son walks in with morning wood and she definitely notices it. She says she wants to help her favorite son take care of his little problem and starts walking around more sexily teasing you.She helps her son pull his pants down so he can stroke for his mommy. She teases you sexually showing you how she would take care of you, showing you her ass and tits. She gives you a cum countdown to cum on her tits and tells you how much of a good son you are.Do you like stroking your cock for your mother?

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Mindi Mink – Breakup Cure For My Son

Mindi Mink is you sexy mother and you walk into her room to find her laying on her bed.Hey, whats wrong? She asks thoughtfully. You tell her your girlfriend just broke up with you and that youre really sad.She starts running down a list of things that could make you feel better but nothing seems to suffice. Well what can I do to make you feel better? Wait, what!? You want me to strip down and masturbate for you!? She is in disbelief that you could ask her that and starts trying to figure out how you could even think that. You finally convince her to use her toys that youve known about all along.She slowly undresses and pulls out her toys.She strokes her pussy for you to watch.She wants you to stroke your cock while she plays with herself. She pulls out her vibrator and glass toys and starts fucking herself with them until she cums for you. She gives you a kiss and tells you not to tell your father. Now go clean up like a good little boy.

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Mindi Mink – Sex Ed From Auntie

Hey there, looks like your studying. What are you studying? You have been in here for hours! What’s that? Sex studies? WOW. Are you finding some things difficult to learn? Your auntie can help you if you like? Ya you would like that ha…Let’s get right into it. How about I undress, show off my hot body, & do some fun things with my sexy feet, & my hot pussy. I’ll teach you a thing or two!

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Mindi Mink – Mom Evil Smoke

That’s right son I’m here in my medieval attire. I think my stepson you are moving way too fast with the so called princess of yours. I don’t like the fact that she will take time away from us and our kingdom. This whole thing has made me very angry and I need my smoke! It’s time for me to suck and smoke this cigar. And to have you while I do! You’re going to be with your stepmom, and not with that princess of yours, I call the shots around here!

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Mindi Mink – Stop Stealing My Panties You Pervert

Mindis son is found in her bedroom rifling through her panty drawer. He pleads with her to not tell his dad. She knows the perfect way to punish him… Mindi demands that he strip out of his clothes. He reluctantly agrees. She tells him stay put while she prepares his punishment. When she comes back, she is wearing a huge strap on dildo. She also brings him a pair of lacy thong panties to wear since she knows that is what he really wants. He puts them on… She tells him to get down on his knees… he complies. She informs him that she is going to teach him how to stroke her big cock. She spits in her hand and slowly strokes the big cock instructing him how she likes to be stroked. After some more careful instruction, she has him start stroking her big cock and fondling her balls. She commends him on his stroking technique… She steps back and shows him how she likes her cocks stroked fast and she tells him she wants him to make her cum real hard. She moves forward so he can stroke her cock, she decides to help him stroke her cock until she cums. She informs him there will be many more lessons in the future…

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Mindi Mink – Watch Your Slutty Mom BJ

Oh ya look at your slutty mom sucking this big hard cock! You can stay & watch. I can’t help it I had to bring this one home & suck his cock! I’ll show you how it’s done son, how you should be getting blow jobs! I’m such a dirty fucking slut, I know, but I need cock like every fucking day! If i see a guy I like I need his cock!

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Mindi Mink – Aunt Hardcore Blackmail

What are you doing nephew? What’s up you can’t sleep? Maybe you can watch movie or something. I’m kind of busy right now, just go back to your room. You really should not be looking at your aunt the way you are. Stop saying weird sexual things to your aunt. STOP! This is too weird! STOP IT! Stop holding my hand down. OMG your touching my boobs, stop! I’m your freaking aunt! This is so wrong. Let me go, what are you doing? Suck on you? I’m your aunt! Ha? Are you saying your going to black mail me? Oh my, ok fine, your cock is right in my face, I can’t believe I’m doing this…

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Download Mindi Mink - Aunt Hardcore Blackmail.mp4