Sloansmoans – Gold Digging Stepmom Wifes You Up

Story begins after I’ve finally finished divorcing your father after he stepped down CEO of his company passing it on to you, his son. Since I had nowhere to go after being put out by your father, you invited me to stay with you. I visit you in your bedroom and watch you get horny for me. I tell you that I’ve seen your porn history and you kink is to give up control to dominant women. That’s why you’re with me, after all. I remind you how tomorrow is our wedding day and begin to have my way with you. I make you cum 4 times. I start by giving you a handjob with lots of dirty talking about all the dead beats I’ve left broke and homeless. I tell you about my old secret and how we used to cuckold all the time. The excitement has you prematurely ejaculating. I’m not finished with you. I then move on to a blowjob. I tease you and edge you mercilessly and tell you how sexy it would be if you came deep inside my throat… which you do… eventually. I can’t help but want more so I give you a titty fuck and handjob combinations. I playfully admit that I’ve been with loads of guys and seen all kinds of dicks. Somehow, all the cock I’ve taken turns you on… The more I talk, the harder and bigger you get. This drives me wild and you love it too. So much so that you cum as I’m tittyfucking you. Lastly, I mount you. My big tits swing in your face as I whisper about what a slut I am. I tell you that your future wide is not the innocent flirt you thought I was. I beg for your cum deep inside my pussy. I want you to creampie me and impregnate me. I ride you so hard and fast and when you’re close to cumming I change my mind and hop so you spunk all over yourself. I laugh and tease you. It’s so easy to manipulate my step son and soon to be husband…

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