Alyssa Reece – Slut Mom Wants Your Cock In Her Ass

What are you doing? Are those your sister’s dirty panties you’re sniffing?! What is wrong with you? Why would you do that? It’s your own sister..It’s in cest. Did one of your friends dare you to do this? I’m trying to figure out how you would get this idea. Look I’m going to sniff them too, I don’t understand why you would want to do this. You have a boner right now! Are you getting off on me sniffing your sister’s panties? This is so messed up. I have to admit, I’m starting to get a little turned on…but I know it’s wrong..Oh I think that’s why I like it. I know it’s in cest…but it’s making me so horny, the idea of doing something so taboo, so dirty. I want to see your hard cock, I want to see you stroke it for mommy, I want to jerk you off, my own son. Do you want to see mommy’s panties? I want you to smell mommy’s slutty little thong. You want to see mommy’s pussy? The hole you came from? Oh it’s so dirty, making my son smell my pussy. Oh you’re making mommy so horny, I want you to fuck me. I want it to be really naughty and dirty so I want you to fuck mom’s ass. I’m such a slutty mom, getting my son to fuck my ass. Smell mommy’s asshole, it smells so good doesn’t it? I want you to cum deep inside mommy’s ass baby.

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Nicole Nabors – My Son Came in My Ass

Nicole walks in on you in your sister’s room sniffing your sister’s panties. Your mom is shocked! She cant believe your into sniffing your sister’s panties, its taboo and so wrong! As shes trying to understand why you did it, she ends up sniffing them herself. The smell of her daughters dirty panties start to turn her on… She gives them back to you and jerks your cock until she cant take it anymore. She tells you to sniff your mothers asshole and pussy. Fuck your mother in her ass. Ends in a creampie.

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Ellie Rowyn – Fuck Mommys Fertile Ass

So you know that your dad and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while. But can I tell you something? I really, really miss fucking you. It’s too much of a risk for you to fuck my pussy while I’m off birth control. However, I do have a butt plug in right now and thought maybe you might want to fuck my ass? I tease you for a bit while I strip out of my clothes. My pussy is so wet thinking about you fucking me…and also because I’m ovulating right now. What if…you fuck my pussy first? I want to feel you. You slide into my wet, fertile pussy and fuck me. My butt plug makes me even tighter than usual. You can’t cum yet though. I can’t wait for your dad to finally get me pregnant so we can fuck more often. Are you ready to fuck my ass? I pull my butt plug out and help you slowly slide inside of me. You feel amazing inside my ass. I don’t even let your dad fuck me like this. I ask you to fuck me from behind while I use my hitachi on my clit. Fuck me hard and deep. I get closer and closer to orgasming. I want you to fill my ass with all your cum. Cum in mommy’s ass.

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Kelly Payne – Mom Wants it in Her Ass

Mom comes into you sisters’ room, expecting to find your sister… and catches you doing something… odd. Mom ask’s why you’re in your sisters’ room and what your hiding behind your back. You show her a handful of your sisters’ underwear and try to convince her you were doing laundry, when she doesn’t buy it… you admit you’ve been sniffing your sister’s underwear. Completely shocked, mortified, concerned… not entirely sure how to feel your mom sits down besides you and tries to understand why? This is taboo. It is wrong. She is having a difficult time wrapping her head around what she just saw. You talk her into smelling your sister’s underwear. It is arousing, exciting… She hesitates and lectures you more on how wrong this truly is… and then tries sniffing the panties with you. She admits eventually it is quite arousing but… it is still wrong. Then she notices your boner. She is feeling incredibly overwhelmed and unsure as to the appropriate way to respond to this situation you have put her in. You have her touch your cock… which eventually leads to mom stroking your cock, and then playing with herself and having you sniff her panties. All while going back and forth in her mind… what is morally right and what is feeling so pleasurable. Eventually mommy cannot resist, and the pleasure takes over… she tells you to smell her pussy and asshole. She want’s her son’s cock even if it is wrong, and she wants it in her ass. Fuck mommy’s asshole and fill her with your cum.

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Bettie Bondage – Mom is Your Trained Anal Slut

Training your mother has been tough, but worth it. She was reluctant at first, but she really had no choice, did she? She was going to be her son’s anal whore, whether she liked it or not. Lately, though, you’re starting to sense that maybe she does like it after all. The way she’s always ready to take your cock, how her ass is always prepped and ready to accept a hard fuck. She may whimper and whine but her pussy gets soaking wet whenever you use and fuck her ass. You know a trained anal slut when you see one! Today, she comes home from work and before she can even get her work clothes off, you have her on her knees, giving you a deep and sloppy blowjob. She’s been a great throat slut, too, and you love watching the drool form and drip down her chin. Once your cock is dripping wet, you push her against the wall and get to work on deeply fucking her ass. She protests, per usual, but its foolish. You can feel the heat off her pussy, the way she pushes back on to your dick, to get you deeper inside her. She knows just how to milk your cock into her ass, and before long, you dump a heavy load into dear, sweet, slutty mom’s dirty hole.

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Bettie Bondage – Moms Quarantine Yoga

Mom’s been loving yoga since quarantine started, but now that the power’s out and the well pump isn’t working, things are starting to get ripe…you’ve always loved watching her do yoga, but lately she’s been catching on to your spying. Still, you can’t help it. And today, with her skin glistening with sweat, you catch her not just stretching, but touching. Smelling her body, her fingers after they trail down inside her yoga pants. She’s letting off pheromones, it seems, an enticing aroma, making your cock stiffen as you watch her. Of course, you’re not very subtle, and it doesn’t take long for her to catch you. “How long were you watching?” she asks, only half-shy at this point. You’re both so pent up, so hungry, starved for affection and touch, and between you is the knowledge: she touched herself, you watched, and she knows it. If its going to happen, it’s going to happen now, you just know it…so you push it. Press yourself against your mother and wait, hoping for the reaction that gets you even closer…to your utter joy, she pushes back, touching you, resisting at times but overwhelmed altogether by the need for you, your hands, your mouth…all over her. Inside her. When she lays back and spreads her ass for you, it seems too good to be true, but you’re not going to waste time. Gripping her hips you slide your cock into your mother’s tightest hole, fucking her ass while she moans and begs for more, for your cock, for your cum.

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Bettie Bondage – Slutwife Mom Fucks You in Front of Dad

Your mother comes into your room to get some laundry and sees you looking down. “What’s wrong, honey?” she asks, and you know she won’t leave until you tell her, so you do. She tries to talk you out of your bad mood but its no use. School sucks, and your teacher is being such a jerk about this assignment and…your mother stops your whining and tells you that she knows what will make you feel better. Huh? She tells you that she does it for your father whenever he’s stressed. “Go downstairs in about 5 minutes and wait for me. I’ll have a nice surprise for you!” You figure its some snack or dessert but when your mother waltzes into the living room wearing a fluffy white robe and…fishnets?…underneath, you’re perplexed. What is she planning? RIght away, she starts to unfasten the robe, smirking. Your father is sitting across the room, watching. He’s…grinning! As your mother literally disrobes! You start to protest but she shushes you, telling you to relax. “Your father is fine with it,” she says, advancing towards you. Her outfit is so hot! Tight corset around a fishnet, crotchless body suit. Even though she’s your mother, you can feel your cock starting to swell. Your mom sees it, too, reaching out to grab you. You flinch, jumping back. You can’t do this – this is your mother! You turn to your father but he’s already rubbing his own growing tent…he likes it. LIKES it likes it. What is going on? Your mother’s hand is working its way into your pants, pulling your cock out. “Mmm,” she moans, licking her lips. “It’s so big! I know where you got that from…no, not your father…” what is evening happening?! Your mother proceeds to slurp and suck your throbbing, huge cock while telling you all about her size queen tendencies. All the while, your father is rubbing his cock through his pants. “Do you mind if he strokes?” she asks you. You can’t believe it, but you nod your head, and your father takes his cock out, watching as his wife – your own mother! – takes her son’s cock deep into her throat, confessing to fucking your godfather, wanting to fuck your grandfather, even, before she tells you to lie back, crawling atop you and spreading her lips over the head of your cock. Lowering herself, she goes on to tell you all about the ways shes fucked and sucked so many men while your dad got off on it all: hearing about it, watching it, joining in! Your mother rides you front and from behind, giving you a visual tour of her hot, curvy body, before telling you that your cock is the perfect size to help train holes for even bigger cock. Your godfather has been trying to fit his monster dick in her asshole, and it seems like a given that she should take you up in the ass, to work towards it! You can’t believe what she’s saying. She can’t be serious, can she? But she spreads her ass, pressing her tightness against your turgid member, and you feel it start to give. It takes some work, but soon she’s riding your cock with her tight ass, pounding her hips and milking you to a huge anal creampie! She pulls off you after spurt after spurt of hot cum, and you watch it pour from her well-fucked ass. Your father moans and your mother goes to him, getting on her knees to take his load on her face. She comes back, covered and filled with familial fuck juice, smirking.

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BuniBun – Fucking Mommys Ass

Your home for the Holidays from college and your mom is cooking you your fav meal for dinner. Your in the kitchen with her talking about your new recent life in college while your moms getting dinner prepared. As the two of you are talking, your mom tells you how much shes missed you since youve been away at college. She reminds you about the naughty time the two of you had before you first went off to college and tells you how much shes missed fucking you since then. She starts teasing you in the kitchen with her titties but almost gets caught! She doesnt want to risk getting caught being a tease to you with your father in the other room watching the Superbowl, so she tells you to come into her bedroom with her where she wants to show you a suprise. In her bedroom she pulls down her jeans and shows you that shes had a vibe plug in her ass the entire day and while shes been cooking dinner. She tells you how good it feels while she plays with it and tells you how bad she wants you to fuck her ass this time. She pulls the toy out of her ass, sucks it and tells you she wants to suck your dick abit before you fuck her. She sucks you off while stripping out of her clothes at the same time and then after wants to put on something a little more sexy and then she and asks you to fuck her ass.

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Cory Chase in My Hot Stepmom Is Stuck

Scene One: Hot Step Mom Fucked In The Ass While Stuck Under The Bed
Scene Two: Horny Step-Mom Stuck To The Couch and Fucked By Step-Son
Scene Three: Step-Mom Is Stuck In The Dryer
Scene Four: Forever Stuck

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Sophia West – Son Fun In Mums Bum 10 – Pornstar Mom

Sophia West is a MILF adult film star being interviewed by a prominent adult media organization; she is best know for her erotic movies with much younger studs. The scene begins with Sophia sitting on the couch as Steve ask her a series of provocative questions. Sophia talks a little about herself and her time in the adult industry; even how she works closely with her very own nephew! It’s not long before the topic of Sophia’s young adult son Conor comes up. “Has your son ever seen your video work?” Conor walks into the interview, to the utter surprise and amazement of his Mom. Steve the interviewer sees this as a huge production opportunity, and offers Sophia a high premium rate to fuck her son right then and there! Sophia is a little hesitant at first, but eventually gives into the money and hormones and sucks her son until he unloads a massive cum load right in her yearning mouth. Next it’s son’s to return the favor, as Sophia’s baby boy gets on his knees to worship his Mom’s pussy to multiple orgasms.

“Should we try and see if your big dick fits inside me? Do you want to fuck your Mommy, baby boy?” Director Steve encourages the sexy fauxcest, and Sophia lies on her back, gently spreading her pussy lips for her son, Conor. Conor positions his cock by her wet hole and pushes his cock deep into his Mom’s pussy. “Yes, baby, fuck my pussy! Oh it feels so fucking good. Fuck mommy’s pussy deeper!” Mother and son fuck in multiple positions, with Mom happily receiving more orgasms from her stud of a son.

“Sophia, are you ready for your son to fuck your tight ass?” Sexy MILF Sophia is hesitant at first, but quickly agrees to allowing her baby boy inside her tight mommy asshole. Being a good son, Conor preps his Mom’s asshole by going to town licking and rimming her sweet ass. “I need my son’s cock up my ass NOW!” Conor sensually fuck his mother’s tight asshole until he cums all inside of her. “Baby… Cum in Mommy’s ass… Oh God, yeah… Mommy’s cumming too!” Mom and son embrace in a passionate and sexy deep kiss, expressing how much the love each other as the interview and scene finally cum to sexy taboo end!

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