Bettie Bondage – Mommy Magicked into Ahegao Slut

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You’re a warlock. You’ve always known that, what with your mom and dad being magick. It’s not like some stories in a book, though. It’s a total secret, even from your friends. You don’t learn in class or at some special school. Your mom teaches you. Lately, you’ve been working on control, object manipulation…and that led you down some fun paths on the internet. You decided…to try it out. The hardest conjuration you’ll ever do: controlling your mom into a total ahegao anal slut. At first, you think you’ll just have her use a toy, but after beating off over it, you decide you need something more. Your cock! No…not just that…your cock, enchanted. Your cock, but MONSTER HUGE. So big you spend the whole time with you giggling, drooling mother just trying to fit the head in! Once the potion wears off, and you’ve got her covered in cum, though? Well, you don’t need magick anymore. She’s still begging, still trying to get your mammoth cock inside her ass. Next time, you just know it. Next time you’ll get buried deep into her hole…

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RheaSweet – Mommy Likes It

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I woke up to see my son above me in my bed. I asked what was going on and he starts rubbing his hard cock against me. I tell him to stop but he just keeps pressing into me harder. He pulls back the blankets and starts touching all over me. His fingers slide down to my pussy and he starts rubbing her. I demand my son to stop but instead he pulls up my legs and goes down on me. Licking all over my clit and tasting my juices. I try to fight him off but he just keeps going. I want to keep fighting him off but I haven’t had my pussy touched like this in so long and I just can’t help myself from cumming. My son looks all too pleased with making his mommy cum with his tongue, now time to make her cum on his cock. My son gets back on top of me and starts rubbing his cock in between my pussy lips. Playing in mommy’s cum juices. I tell him no way is he sticking his cock inside of me but before I could say another word, he shoves him inside me. I didn’t want to admit how amazing it felt in my tight pussy. After making me cum on his cock I urge him to cum. I fear his father will randomly stop in from work. My son tells me he has an idea he wants to try. He pulls his cock out of my pussy and starts rubbing it on my asshole. I tell him no but he slides the head of his cock inside my ass anyway. After stretching my ass to fit his cock, my son flips me over and takes me from behind. My son cums in my ass filling me up and dripping out.

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AoifeOneal – Shooting Porn With Mummy

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My son walks in on me while my lover is fucking me in the ass. He knows I’m a pornstar but this crosses the line. He’s going to tell his dad I’m cheating on him. The only way to make it all go away is to get my camera crew to come in right now and shoot a professional scene with my son. I have no choice but to shoot porn with my own boy. It turns out though he’s got what it takes to be in the business.

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Mona Wales – Waking Your Mom Up To Fuck Her

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I love fucking my son too much to let the little things… like your and my husband being in the bed next to me to stop me from servicing your hard cock… You cant go to bed with an erection that big anyway and what kind of mother would I be if i just let you rub it out on your own and stain your sheets. Let mommy suck your cock, fuck you and even let you cum in her ass. I told you I would fuck you anytime and anywhere… let me prove how much i love you.

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PerfectNips – Mommy Role Play Sequel

This video is a sequel to my first Mommy role play video. I made my little b0y promise to never tell a soul about what happened on his birthday. But you didn’t keep your promise did you? You naughty little b0y. You spilled the beans to your friends and it just so happens that tonight your having a sle3p over. Your friends are all anxious to find out if you were telling the truth or not. Hesitant but turned on, I decide to let the b0ys in on the fun! Full orgasm, but plug action, so much fun. Watch Mommy pleasure herself until she cums for you and all of your friends!

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Kelly Payne – Pregnant Mom Wants DP From Son’s

You come home early and hear noises coming from your mom’s bedroom, curious you stand close to the door and listen closely… your mom and your brother are both in their… having sex? You push open the door little by little exposing more of your mom masturbating in front of your brother, and her stroking his cock. You try your best to close the door quietly and sneak away. The next day your mom calls you into her room… wearing only a robe and a thong, she confronts you on what you saw, and you try to deny it. But she teases and entices you, when she notices your boner as she slowly exposes herself more and more… she admits she has a fantasy and calls your brother in to join you both. She has always fantasied of having two men at the same time, filling her holes and stretching her out… who better than her own boys?

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Bettie Bondage – Doctor Anally Treats Your MEP

Your mother tried her best to help you with your disorder: Massive Equine Penism. But it didn’t seem to work! The doctor who consulted with your PCP to get a diagnosis was gracious enough to make a house call to see if she could help, and when she arrives, your massive horsecock strains immediately upon seeing her. You’re a sucker for big tits and a nice ass, and when she starts asking questions about whether you and mommy have tried anal, there’s no holding your horse cock back. She happily notices the straining member threatening to break through your jeans and pulls out a butt plug, pushing it into her ass while she cheerily tells you that she’ll be taking your horse cock deep into her asshole to treat you. You can’t believe how lucky you are! Sure, you’re a medical oddity, a physical freak, but who wouldn’t want to see a hot doctor with a horse cock buried in her ass??

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Bettie Bondage – MILF MindControlled by Son’s Bully

You’ve been fucking the moms of all the nerds you bully for a while. Lately, though, you’ve taken to prepping them with this new elixir you found. You gussy it up, put it in a bottle with a pretty label, and find a way to deliver it to them. Of course, within moments of finishing a glass, you arrive and start asking them questions. Its not like you’re making them do anything they don’t want to! That’s the best part. It just loosens them up. Lowers their inhibition. Ok, it obliterates inhibition. So, when you ask them if they think their son is a fucking loser? They tell the truth. And when you ask if they’d like to show you how wet they are for you, they oblige, happily. Today is no exception. Bettie’s son is such a fucking enormous dweeb, and after just a few sips, she’s happy to tell you all about what a loser he is, and how she’d much rather have you as a son. Not only that, but she’d much rather fuck you than her husband! It take literal minutes before she’s spread before you, proffering every hole she’s got to your gorgeous, thick young dick. Works every time!

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Vivian Monroe – Virtual Sex Anal With Mommy Ep. 1

You come to “mommy” asking for advice to get your girlfriend to do anal with you. she tries to talk you thru it, but ends up “showing” you instead. somehow you convince her to try for yourself, but hurry up and lock the door before anyone gets home and catches us!

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Emmas Secret Life – Your Mother Is A Clip Whore

Your son has found your manyvids account…. he’s been jerking off to it for a while. You found out while using his computer to check your email. He has a file folder named “mom” you wait till he gets home from school and confront him about it. You sit him down while you stand in front of a couch. You are wearing a robe with nothing underneath. Hey kiddo, soo I wanted to talk to you about something I found on your computer. ME! So you like watching mom get fucked huh? Shut up! You think that’s okay? Jerking off to your mom? Well if you think it’s okay on a computer screen then get your dick out. I’m serious, get your dick out. I’m your mom, I made you, so that dick belongs to me. (Take your robe off) go ahead, jerk off. You like mom’s pussy? (Start rubbing your clit) Look at it! Look at your mom’s slutty pussy. Here I’ll spread it for you. Yeah, mommy has nice wet fuckhole. Look at mommy’s fuckhole. You want mom to be your whore? Your dick is leaking little boy. Look at you getting hard for the pussy that made you. Your mom’s pussy. You wanna fuck the pussy that made you?. (Get real close to the camera and spread your pussy open) see that hole son? You came out of there. My little baby boy. Now you wanna fuck that hole. Can you smell it? You like the smell of mom’s pussy? Jerk that dick while you smell your mom’s fuckhole. I was just masturbating before you got home. I came really hard. That’s how your mom’s pussy smells after it cums. Maybe I’ll sit right down on your dick and fuck it. (Back up so I can see your body and face again and squeeze your tits together) What about mom’s tits? you like’m? I breastfed you with these tits. My little baby boy sucking on my tits, eating my milk. Now my baby boy is milking his cock for my tits. You wanna suck on mom’s nipples again little boy? I noticed you had a lot my of anal scenes. You like watching mom get fucked in her ass. (Bend over and spread your ass) look at your mom’s tight fucking assshole. I love getting fucked in my ass. How many times have you watched your mom cum while getting fucked in the ass? Does it make you cum hard? Maybe next time I make a video you can sit and watch mom get assfucked, and jerk off. You wanna buttfuck your mom? Maybe I’ll let you fuck my butt. (Turn around and spread your legs while laying back on the couch and continue masturbating) You like mommy being your whore? I do everything. I’ll even let you piss inside my pussy. You wanna piss in your mom’s pussy? You wanna piss in mommy little boy? you can piss in my ass too. You wanna piss in mommy’s asshole? I want my little baby boy to piss in my fuckholes. Call me a bitch, call me a bitch who lets her son fuck her ass. Call me a whore who lets her son piss in her pussy. I’m a dirty fucking whore for my son. I love my son’s piss inside my pussy. You look like you’re going to cum. Before you cum stick your dick in mom’s ass. I wanna feel it cum. (He sticks it in) Call mommy a slut, call mommy a slut that lets her son fuck her asshole. Use your mom’s asshole to cum. Fuck mommy’s ass until you cum. Then repeat fuck mommy’s ass 3 times….(son cums) keep fucking mom’s ass until I cum. Fuck your cum into mommy’s ass. I love my baby’s dick in my ass. My little baby boy is fucking my ass. Fuck your moms ass. (Rub yourself or finger yourself really hard and fast during this portion) fuck mommy while she cums. (Repeat 2 times)-My little baby boy is inside me. (Then repeat 2 times) my little baby. I can’t, I need you in my pussy!. Mommy needs you back inside her pussy. I want my baby boy back inside my horny fucking pussy. Mommy wants to cum on your dick! I wanna fuck my baby’s dick. I love my baby’s dick. Fuck mommy little boy. Fuck my hole. Fuck the hole you came from. (Then repeat 3 times) I love my little boys cock. I’m gonna cum on my son’s cock. End with creampie.

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