Jasjaede – Cum For Mother

You’re my son and i walk into your room to find you jerking off to pictures of me! i sit down and talk to you about these urges and how to other people this is wrong… but im your mother and i accept you how you are… it turns out ive also been having these fantasies about you…. i decide to take matters into my own hands … i give you a bj and let you cum in my mouth, i then let you fuck me missionary and creampie my pussy, followed by doggy with another creampie!

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Bettie Bondage – Moms Bad Bet

You and your parents have a Friday night tradition: game night. Every week, basically, you sit down and play something. Lately, though, your mom has wanted to play poker, not Life or Monopoly or anything. And she wants to bet real money, too. The thing is…she isn’t very good. She’s bad at bluffing, and she plays way beyond her means. This week is no exception, and although you’re used to her putting big money into the pot, the ante is really upped this time: she’s got the deed to the house, her car title…everything is on the line! She’s so sure she’s got it in the bag, that this hand is the one that’ll win the whole thing…but everything’s already in the pot. Your dad leans over, suggests something else for her offer…she blushes. You can’t imagine what’s happening but there’s a bit of back and forth between them before your mother stands, shimmying in her skirt, pulling down her panties before dropping them ceremoniously onto the pile of money on the card table. What?! NO, she can’t be this desperate, can she? I mean, yeah, she may feel like she needs to win some of this back…but is she really proposing…no, she can’t be??…but her steely reserve makes you take the bait. You’ve always had a thing for your mom, wrong though it is, and there is no beating this hand. Of course, when you set your cards down on the table, she balks. She tries to back out, but you’ve won, fair and square, and it’s time for her to pay up. Besides, watching her beg, squirm, blush…it’s all just turning you on more. You head into the back bedroom and watch as she tries shyly to talk you down. But there’s no going back now, you tell her. “Just a handjob?” she begs, and you nod, knowing that a handjob is just the beginning. She may not like it yet, but you’re going to fuck her holes however you please, and as much as she may hate giving head, you’re going to cum right into your mom’s pouting mouth. She’s always been a sore loser.

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Bettie Bondage – Taking LSD with Mommy

Your mom really surprised you by asking if you knew where to get any LSD. She’s not a prude, but she barely ever even drinks! When you tell her that yes, you can get it for her, thinking that’s the end of it. But when she comes over to pick it up, she asks if you’ll do it with her! You of course got some for yourself, but doing it with your mother? You feel uncomfortable having a beer in front of her! But you can tell she’s a little nervous, so you agree, sitting down and talking her through how to dose herself. She tells you she’s going to take a shower–that was always part of her ritual around hallucinogens in college–and when she leaves, you find yourself getting hit hard, feeling an overwhelming need to touch everything around you…including yourself! You try to stop it, but its a powerful, undeniable urge…one that your mother seems to share, you realize, when she enters the room, hair wet, her robe wide open, rubbing herself on the pillows and blankets you’ve set down for the trip. She’s running her hands over her skin, moaning…this is impossible, you think, your cock still rigid, barely covered by the pillow you placed on your crotch when she came into the room. She can tell, you know that, but somehow, you don’t care. And neither does she, throwing open her robe and putting a hand between her legs, touching herself and urging you to touch yourself too. “It’s OK,” she says, “we’re not touching each other, right?” But it doesn’t take long for that to change, too, as your mother reaches forward, stroking your cock, teasing you with her mouth before taking you all the way into her throat. You’re both too far gone to stop this, to change the inevitable, so you lean back and watch as your mother worships your cock with her mouth, slurping you to the very edge of cumming, looking you right in the eyes and urging you to give your mother all your cum! You release a huge load into her expectant mouth, and watch as she lets it all drip out onto your cock, down your balls…and lower…as she teases you with a “special treat,” she calls it. “Just relax, honey, and let me do this for you. You’re going to love it, I promise,” she says, as she pushes a finger inside, finding your prostate and building another huge load quickly, milking you completely into her mouth again. She savors this load, moving up to kiss you with her cum covered lips and tongue!

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Sarah Calanthe – Mom Gives You A White Christmas

Good morning darling, merry Christmas! Mommy has a very special present for you this year! You’ve been such a good boy that I’ve decided to give you a white Christmas… Meaning that I will drain your balls and make you cum as much as possible! That’s right, Mommy wants your cock! I suck it until you cum in my mouth, fuck it until you cum all over my stomach and pussy, titty fuck it until you cover my big tits in your cum, and then ride you again until you creampie me! Omg! So much cum!!

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Emmas Secret Life – Make Mommys Mouth Your Cum Dump

I have noticed lately that my son has been cumming a lot more than normal. What kind of a mother would I be if I didn’t help my son with his swollen balls? So I surprise him by wearing lingerie and explaining to him that my mouth will now be his personal cumdump. I tell him how much I would love to be his jizz target and that I will be going on a sperm diet and I will eat his cum for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and if I’m lucky have a late night snack! I beg him for his cum and he shoots a massive load in my mouth. He says his balls feel much better, I’m such a good mother!

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Dawn Willow – Help From Mommy

There’s a knock but the door opens too quickly to close out of your 7 tabs of hardcore porn that are wide open… There’s no way she didn’t see that. Well she did, now what? She offers to give you a hand… your a little hesitant at first but are you really going to tell Mom no.

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Bettie Bondage – Your Jealous Mother Drains Your Cock

Last night, you got caught with a girl in your bed. So you’re not surprised when your mother comes into your room in the morning, looking to talk. Dad’s sort of the hammer, while Mom is the one to be a bit more gentle, interpreting his anger for you. This morning, though, it seems a little different. For starters, she’s wearing nearly nothing. Her shirt is totally see through. You can see her prominent nipples through the sheer pink fabric. Your cock is already hard, from your blue balls last night and the morning wood you wake with each day, but this is setting you over the edge. You try to focus on her words but something seems…flirty? No, that can’t be. But yes, you think, it is. She’s…flirting. She’s showing off her body, you’re almost sure of it. And when she calls the girl you had over a slut, you realize something else: your mother is jealous. She’s jealous of the girl you had over, the way you were touching her. You mother admits it, too, admits that she wanted to be the one beneath you, your hands all over her. Then, she reaches under the covers for your still raging cock. You try to push her away but you know that you want it as bad as she does. She knows it too. She’s stroking your cock, looking right into your eyes, asking you if you’ve ever had a blowjob… and like that, your mother is on her knees, giving you the first cock-sucking of your life! You’re looking down at her pretty blue eyes, her pouty mouth, as she strokes you with the lube you keep next to your bed for jerking off. It’s all so much to take in, and take it in she does! All the way down her throat, she takes your cock, bringing you to the edge near-instantly, backing off and stroking, dirty talking you until you’ve built up a huge load. You thrust your hips into your mother’s mouth. She pulls off only to beg for your cum before throating you again, milking a huge load into her tight, wet, hot, mouth. She shows you how much you’ve cum, playing with your load, savoring her son’s seed. What a wake up call!

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Download Bettie Bondage - Jealous Mom Drains Your Dick.mp4

Think About Mommy – Bettie Bondage

“Oh my god, honey, what’re you doing in here? Are you…masturbating?! Darling, I’ve always told you that’s wrong, you shouldn’t touch yourself like that – it’s desecration of your sacred, virgin body! Your perfect body is like a temple, and this is disgraceful, haven’t I always told you that?…so why didn’t you listen to me? Well, all young boys get erections, but didn’t I always tell you that if you get an erection, you just think about me – about how disappointed I’d be in you if you ‘took care of it’ with your hands – and it’ll go away? So? Why didn’t you do that? Oh, you did think about mommy…but it didn’t work?… Well, how could it have made things worse, darling? Surely you can’t be saying that thinking about your mother made your penis more erect?? Oh, my…oh my goodness, well…that’s…certainly not what I had hoped for. My goodness, I feel responsible! What…what could I possibly do to make it better, darling?…You want me to…what? Oh, no, I don’t think that would…well, that’s true. It would prevent you from masturbating. Well, maybe then that’s the best option. Ok. Well, ok, here goes…”

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Download Bettie Bondage - Think About Mommy.mp4

Alyssa Reece – Bath Time With Mommy

Mom is having a bath and gets interrupted by her son walking in on her. She tells him that she always respects his privacy and asks if he can do the same for her. She asks him how he would like it if she barged into his room while the door was closed? He responds that he would love it…She laughs and dismisses it, but then she asks him if he came in to peek at her on purpose? Maybe he really would love it if she walked in on him….so she decides to find out.

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Brea Rose – A Gift From Your Aunt

It’s your 18th birthday and I need your help with picking out an outfit for me to wear for your party. I try on some revealing dresses and then some lingerie and ask for your opinion. I can see it’s making your cock hard so I tell you to start stroking it while you watch me. I then offer you a helping hand and stroke your cock and give you a blow job until you cum in my mouth, don’t tell your mom about this!

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