Melonie Kares – Busty Mommy Wants Your Dick

You’re masturbating in the living room when Mommy comes in and catches you with your hard cock out. She tells you to put it away, but it doesn’t take her long to be marveled by it. She asks you if she can look, then taste.. Mommy has gigantic tits that turn you on every time you see her and now she’s pulling them out of her extremely deep v-neck. Taking your cock deep into your mouth, she stops and tells you that you can cum in her mouth and she’ll swallow it.

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RheaSweet – Mommys Date Night

Mommy is going on a date and is showing off her outfit to her son. She notices that he looks sad. She asks him what’s wrong and he tells her he is jealous and doesn’t want to share his mommy. She reminds him that she is his little man and always number one. Mommy knows that the best way to show her son she loves him is by making that cock of his nice and hard. Mommy approaches her son and reaches out to rub on his cock. She can feel him growing. She asks her son if he wants to cum for Mommy. Sons cock is raging for mommy and he shoves it in her mouth. He makes her taste his cum then Mommy tells him to put it inside her. Mommy wants his cum dripping down her legs all night.

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ScarletEllie – Moms Cum Fetish Blowjob Titfuck

Mommy has an insatiable thirst for cum. Daddy is away on business and she needs her fill. Mommy needs your cum so much. She begs to suck your huge cock . She shows you all of her deep throat skills and ruins all her makeup. So slippery she titty fucks your cock perfectly. She lets you explode in her mouth then plays with the cum in totally ecstasy.

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Ariel Anderssen – Aunties Blowjob Therapy

My poor nephew who should have been studying for your finals has spent all morning texting with a silly girl from university who doesn’t want to date you. How ridiculous! Can’t she see what a wonderful, well-brought up, virile young man you are? Well, her loss. You really should give up on these silly young sluts anyway, they don’t know what they’re doing in the bedroom, and are terribly inhibited about giving you what you want. Not like me, your aunt, a mature, sophisticated woman of the world who knows EXACTLY what you need, and has the ability to give it to you! Dressed in sheer silk blouse, short skater skirt, no panties, high heels, and stockings with garter belt, I flaunt myself seductively before you. Can it really be true that you’ve never had a blowjob? How terrible! What are these young girls thinking of? Well, since it’d be your first time, I do think it should be with someone who knows what they’re doing. A specialist, if you like! Someone who really loves to suck cock, and has all the techniques. Someone who can deepthroat without gagging. Someone who actually likes the taste of cum and WANTS you to cum in her mouth. In short, darling, someone like me! How do you like that idea? Well, I can see that PART of you certainly likes the idea! Sinking to my knees, I take out your gorgeous virile cock and give you a masterclass in everything that a blowjob should be, right up until you cum in my mouth. How absolutely wonderful. Darling, never settle for less than the best. And the best is right here, whenever you want me!

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yogabella – Happy Birthday Son

You just turned 18! Mommy has been waiting for this day your whole life! Its finally time to give you the best birthday present. How would you like to cum in mommy’s mouth?? You’ve given me so much pleasure your whole life, its my turn.

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RheaSweet – Son makes Mommy

Mommy is going to the bathroom and her son is watching behind the door. He pushes his way into the room and pulls his cock out. Her son makes her suck his cock and taste his cum. After he finishes he decides he has to feel mommy’s pussy. He bends her over the counter and has his way with his mommy.

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RheaSweet – Mommy and Sons Nap Time

Mommy was laying down for a nap and her son decided to crawl into bed with her. Mommy quickly notices that her son is getting hard for her. She feels its her duty as his mother to take care of him. She starts stroking his dick and then she asks if he wants to feel what its like to be inside his mommy. She tells him to slide it in and he thrusts his cock inside his mommy. Mommy tells her son not to cum inside her. She wants to taste her sons cum.

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Anna Jones – Mom I Need A Model For A Photoset

In this Video my son who is in the university had his Models cancelled for the Shootings So I need to Help him.. but then He got a big boner and it made me so horny that I started to Suck on himm till he cum in my face.

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