QueenGoddessKatie – Stepmom Gives Stepson BJ Cum In Mouth

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MILF stepmom gives stepson a blowjob before date night with dad. She encourages stepson to fuck her doggy style and gives him another blow job to finish him off in her mouth.

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Rae Knight XXX – Mommy’s Mouth Feels So Good

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I’m on the phone with your best friend’s mom. We are chatting about how she and her son have not only given him a blowjob, but they have had unprotected sex! I am in awe and a little suspicious because you have given me a dozen red roses and there is no occasion for them! I tell her about the roses and she suspects that you want to have the same sexual experiences as she and her own son. I am amazed and quite curious just how it would feel with you. I hang up when I hear you coming home from his house. I sit down with you and thank you for the red roses and ask what’s the occasion. I tell you that I know what your friend has done with his own mom. You begin getting quite aroused just hearing me say that. I put my hand on your crotch and can feel how hard you are. I tell you that I am quite horny and curious how it would be and I want you to unzip your pants and let mommy start with a blowjob, just like your friend and his mom!

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Rae Knight XXX – Fireworks In Bed With Mommy

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Mommy was going to a July 4th BBQ and needs your opinion if this bathing suit I just bought is see through??? Can you see my nipples honey? Look closely. Can you see mommy’s tits? How about the butt? Can you see through that? Look down here sweetie, is Mommy’s pussy lips poking out? This bathing suit is mesh and mommy didn’t realize it was see through. I don’t think I can go wearing this bathing suit! Oh my sweetie, is that an erection? Did mommy cause that? Oh dear honey. You are so hard….I’m sorry….I didn’t think this would cause you to get aroused! I guess I’ll just skip the party and stay here. Mommy will help you drain those hard, full balls. Then we can skinny dip in the pool and make a dinner just the two of us!!!

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RheaSweet – Son Cums In Mommy

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Mommy is in the kitchen putting dishes away when her son comes in. He has a look on his face that his mother hasn’t seen before. He takes out his cock and starts stroking it for his Mommy. She tells him no but he keeps going. He pulls her in to make her touch it then flips her over and shoves his cock inside her. Mommy begs him not to cum in her but he does anyways, hoping to get his mommy pregnant. After he cums he isn’t finished with her. Son puts mommy on her knees and makes her suck his cock and taste his cum.

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Bettie Bondage – Sex Ed With MILF

Your best friend’s mother is going to teach you everything you need to know about that thing in your pants. It’s up to a grown woman like her to show you what a big dick like yours is capable of! You’re going to make a woman very happy with that thing, and today, that woman is one truly slutty MILF. She strokes, licks, sucks, and fucks you until you give her two big loads – one in her mouth, and one in her wet, horny pussy!

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NicoleBelle – Mommy Teaches You About SexEd

I am helping my son with his homework, which turns out to be sex-ed. I start talking about the female body and eventually think the best way would be a “hands on” approach. I start getting naked and showing him my body. Show him my breasts and tell him that he used to suck on them as a littleboy. Then show him my pussy and tell him it’s where he was born from. I can tell this turns him on and I ask him to get naked since I haven’t seen him naked in a long time…

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Jocelynbaker – Mommy’s Friend Helps You Out

Mommy threw a pool party for your sister and her friends. You tried to hang out with them but seeing those cheerleaders in bikinis got your dick too hard. You run down to your room to hide it and within minutes your mom’s best friend is calling for you. She enters your bedroom to see you looking anxious. You know you can talk to her about ANYTHING! Okay..well, here it goes. You tell her all about your boner and at first she chuckles. That’s nothing to be concerned about! It’s completely natural for a boy like yourself to get a boner seeing all those hot girls. She pauses for a moment before suggesting she can help you. She knows just what you need. She tells you to pull down your swim trunks, suddenly she gets on her knees and reveals her big soft boobies. Shh, don’t look so shy! It’s alright. She takes your dick into her mouth and gently sucks you, playing with you and making you throb. A boy like yourself deserves more then a blowjob though. She pushes you back on the bed and mounts you, riding slowly at first and then so fast and intense that she cums all over you. You’re positive you’re about to cum too but she stops you. Your mom would freak if you got her pregnant, so her mouth will have to do. She gets back on her knees and sucks you until you explode in her mouth. She shows off the massive load before swallowing with a giggle. Alright sweetie, all taken care of! Now let’s clean up and get back to that party!

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Penny Loren – Mommy Will Be Your Girlfriend Now

Part 1 – You have split up with your GF and feeling down in the dumps and feeling sorry for yourself. Mommy hates to see you like this and wants to cheer you up, what can she do? she gently sucks your cock and lets you cum in her mouth as she knows that will take your mind off your ex girlfriend, Mommy knows best. Part 2 – A few days later Mommy want to show you a new underwear set she has been out shopping for, she’s being very flirty and showing off her Sexy body to you. You get more and more aroused, your Mommy is so damn hot!! She wants to go further with you her son this time she is so horny, you want to but are hesitant as you don’t want to get your Mommy pregnant. You know there is a condom in the bathroom so you tell her to go and get it. Its unfortunately out of date so you have to fuck her naturally but she promises to get off you before you cum. You have amazing hot sexy with your Mommy, wow can she fuck! Mommy has other ideas and doesn’t get off you as she wants her sons big Milky load up her Pussy, she wanted you to cum in her the whole time and had no intention of getting off you! naughty Mommy.

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