Penny Loren – Mommy Will Be Your Girlfriend Now

Part 1 – You have split up with your GF and feeling down in the dumps and feeling sorry for yourself. Mommy hates to see you like this and wants to cheer you up, what can she do? she gently sucks your cock and lets you cum in her mouth as she knows that will take your mind off your ex girlfriend, Mommy knows best. Part 2 – A few days later Mommy want to show you a new underwear set she has been out shopping for, she’s being very flirty and showing off her Sexy body to you. You get more and more aroused, your Mommy is so damn hot!! She wants to go further with you her son this time she is so horny, you want to but are hesitant as you don’t want to get your Mommy pregnant. You know there is a condom in the bathroom so you tell her to go and get it. Its unfortunately out of date so you have to fuck her naturally but she promises to get off you before you cum. You have amazing hot sexy with your Mommy, wow can she fuck! Mommy has other ideas and doesn’t get off you as she wants her sons big Milky load up her Pussy, she wanted you to cum in her the whole time and had no intention of getting off you! naughty Mommy.

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MisterCoxProductions – Ricky’s BIG Day With His Stepmom LVL UP

Dad is out of town on a business trip so Vivian has a SUPER special day planned for her Stepson Ricky! First, she plans on making pancakes for breakfast. Then, she’s going to take Ricky to the mall to get some new video games! And after going to the video game store Stepmom Vivian wants to take Ricky for some ice cream!! She walks into Ricky’s room to announce her plans for his BIG FUN DAY… “Well your Dad left for a business trip, so I was thinking we could have a VERY special day!” she says. She sees that Ricky needs some cuddling, so she decides to slip in the bed next to Ricky under the sheets accidentally revealing his big cock. Seeing a peek of his cock instantly makes her horny, so she decides she wants to play her own type of video game… With HIS joystick! Vivian pulls the sheets down off of Ricky’s now hard cock and begins edging his cock with her tongue and fingers while sucking on his balls. “I’m gonna lick your cock like ice cream Ricky…” she says as she continues to lick Ricky’s cock like an ice cream cone before climbing on top of him to fuck his big hard cock and see if Ricky can get to level one… Making Stepmom cum! Ricky succeeds at making her cum and passes the first level! The next level is trying not to cum while Stepmom Vivian climbs back down to lick her own cum off of his dick, edging him and sucking his balls again. Hold onto that load Ricky, don’t cum yet… Stepmom has a bonus level for you! She climbs back on top and rides Ricky’s cock some more. “I know you like bonus levels Ricky!” she says as she’s fucking him. For Ricky to pass the bonus level he must make her cum again! “Is Mommy’s Special Little Man going to make her cum again?!” she asks Ricky. Does he succeed? Of course he does!! She continues fucking after she orgasms for the second time as she says “Ooooh Mommy’s Little Soldier! I can’t stop fucking you!! Yeah… the next level is going to be the best… it’s the final level! What’s it called? It’s called face fuck Mommy until you cum all over her face! Would you like that Ricky?”. Of course Ricky would like that… He’d LOVE to face fuck his Stepmom and give her a huge cum facial that she could wear to the mall when they go, plus he LOVES to conquer levels! Ricky climbs on top of Vivian, straddling her chest while gently rubbing his cock all over his Stepmom’s face, lips and tongue. She caresses his hard dick with her tongue and lips, while Ricky intermittently sticks his cock all the way in her mouth, fucking her face. Ricky feels like he can’t hold onto his load much longer… I think he’s ready to beat the final level! Ricky begins to fuck her face harder and feeling the cum about to explode out of him, pulls out of her mouth so she can grab onto it while Ricky let’s out a moan while draining his nuts ALL over Stepmom Vivian’s face and hair, accidentally shooting her in the eye! With a cum glazed face and one eye open she says “Now I’m going to wear this to the mall sweetheart! I have to clean up a little bit. But first I’m gonna make your pancakes!” before blowing Ricky a kiss.

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MisterCoxProductions – Mom Makes You Erupt With Her Tongue

Your Mom walks into your room to announce “Your Dad just got on a plane! He’s going to be gone for two days!!”. You are surprised to hear that news, and quite surprised to see her come into your room with that sexy nighty on while holding a ruler! “What’s the ruler for? I’ll tell you in a second… But first I wanted to tell you that I want you cock!!” she says. Mom pulls your sheets away to uncover your soft cock as she begins to put the entire soft cock in her mouth to start making you grow hard! She slowly licks and caresses your cock with her tongue and lips, licking it from tip all the way down to your balls as she engulfs your testicle into her mouth while making moaning sounds and massaging your nut with her tongue. Your cock is growing very hard now! Mom notices how much you have grown while she’s been caressing your cock!! She grabs the ruler and measures you “NICE!” she exclaims. She also brought a cock ring for you to try out! She gets your cock nice and slobbery before she slides the cock ring onto your hard shaft. She continues her slow caressing of your cock “Cum for me…” she says licking and massaging your frenulum as you ejaculate. She is SO PROUD of you! “Good Boy!!” she exclaims. “I love you!” she says as she kisses the cum covered tip of your cock and blows you a kiss.

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MisterCoxProductions – Fucking Mommy While Daddy is Away 2

Expecting your Dad’s flight to land anytime, Mommy is preparing dinner when she notices you peeking into the kitchen holding your dick as if you need some attention. You explain that it has been a while since you and your girlfriend fucked…. She approaches you as she kneels down looking at your balls saying “I think I have time to maybe… see if I can help you and drain those!”. She’s no stranger to your cock and takes control of it! Sucking it then licking down to your nuts then sucking each entire nut into her mouth as she swirls her tongue around gently. “I know… You’re lucky your Dad goes out of town for work all the time…. or you’d never have these balls drained!” she says. As she is deep on your cock Mommy gets a phone call from Dad saying that his flight was cancelled due to a snow storm, so he won’t be home until tomorrow! She hangs up the call while never stopping sucking your cock then says “OH MY GOSH!!….Very good news!!…. Now we have all night, which means I get to fuck you too!!!”. Mommy wants you to hold onto that big load until later… Now that she knows Dad isn’t coming home she wants to fuck that big cock of yours before you unload all that cum! She sends you off to your room while she finishes up cooking and doing dishes. Later that night, Mommy enters your room noticing that you dozed off. She climbs up onto your bed with just her apron on and her big natural tits hanging out… She’s ready to fuck now! She warms you back up by sucking on your cock and nuts some more, then climbs on top of you as she rides your big cock with her big natural tits bouncing up and down in your face. “Oooooh your cock feels SO GOOD when you’re inside of me!” she says grinding on your cock. She knows how much you like the view of her asshole while she rides you reverse, so she turns around for you and starts fucking you reverse cowgirl with her pussy lips gripping your big hard cock saying “I hope your Dad’s plane is delayed a few more days…. I could ride this dick all week long!”. “Do you love your dessert?” she asks. “Yeah me too! I can’t wait to eat your cum though!!” she exclaims. Knowing Mommy wants to eat your cum for dessert, you decide to signal her with a tap on her ankle as you’re about to cum. She quickly turns around and swallows your cock before you unload your cum, sucking on your cock as you cum in her mouth before she spits it all back out onto your cock! “Good boy! I got to taste that cum didn’t I?!?!! What a good dessert, and a good boy!”.

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Tattooed Temptress – Morning Sex With Mommy

You sneak into mommys room. You push your hard cock against her back to wake her up. You’re so horny this morning aren’t you son. Mommy will take care of that. Mommy stroke your big cock, wank you in her bed. Suck mommys tits like you used to. Do you miss feeding from mommy and milking mommys tits. The you climb ontop and fuck mommys tight cunt. Mommy cums so hard, pussy so wet. She climbs on top of you and rides you cowgirl, can you feel mommys pussy juice dripping down your cock. To finish off, mommy sucks your cock until you cum in her mouth. What a good way to start the day. Mommy loves you son.

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RheaSweet – Mommys BJ for Son

I had the house to myself so I decided to take a bath. Get a little me time in. It felt so warm and cozy I got a little lost in it. I found myself touching my nipples and reaching down to my pussy. The pleasure was too good to stop. As I was enjoying the sensation of my orgasm, I look over and see my son watching me. I ask him to come into the bathroom to explain himself. I noticed that my son is hard from watching me. Not sure what came over me but I was getting turned on by it.

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ImMeganLive – I Found My Sons Taboo Porn Stash

I come in and I’m just wearing a black bra and g string. The g string is showing just a bit, enough to tease. I say “Son we need to talk, I borrowed your laptop to watch a video and saw all the taboo porn that you have on your laptop!” I was a little disgusted and shocked at first. But I slowly ease into it and tease you by touching myself. I ask if you think of me when you watch porn. How it is so wrong and kinky and naughty but we are both really turned on by it. It gets built up and eventually I strip for you and give you a blowjob. A lot of dirty talk using the words taboo and how it is so wrong but how it makes me so horny. Towards the end I say that I want you to cum all over my face and in my mouth and that it would be really naughty and kinky for us to kiss right after (light encouraging cei and how it’s so dirty). Also saying throughout the video how I am your dirty slut. And that I’ll do anything for you, how your cum tastes so good and I want to share it. This ends by cumming all over me (Visible cumshot; Face and mouth) and I come for the final kiss.

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Vivian Monroe – Stroke Your Cock for Mommy

You love watching Mommy masturbate don’t you bb. Watch her get so excited with her vibrating wand that she begs to have your cock in her mouth. Mommy encourages you to stroke your cock while you watch her. She tells you to get it good and hard for her mouth. Then Mommy sucks your cock until you cum all over her face. She licks it up and tell what a good boy you have been. You make Mommy so happy bb.

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DirtySecretsClub – Sexy Aunt Fucks Teen Nephew POV

Aunt Candy has flown in for Thanksgiving. Since being here, she’s noticed how “grown up” her teen nephew has become. It’s now time to go home and she has a flight to catch and she finds herself alone in the house with her nephew. She goes to his room to say goodbye but she also has other intentions. Watch how this beautiful seductress handles her young nephew both verbally and physically. She fucks and sucks him really good, ending with him shooting his thick load into her mouth. She then let his cum slowly drain out, rubbing it with her fingers all over her chin and lips. We can only wish we all had an Aunt Candy in our lives…

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