Goldie Blair – Mummy Caught You

Goldie Your Mom walks in on You masturbating, She isn’t phased though and looking such a sexy Milf She offers to help You get rid of Your morning wood, dirty talking and cock teasing You She pulls down Her dress showing off Her pink lingerie before crawling up onto the bed starts stroking and sucking Your cock for You, then removing Her bra showing off Her big sexy tits She gives You a little titty fucking too finishing You off with a hand and blow job combo until You squirt Your load for Her…

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Goldie Blair – Little Boy Hunter

Cougar Goldie is a little boy cock hunter and is ready to teach you how a Cougar loves to cock tease her young pray , showing off her big tits and dirty talking you and your friend POV before getting you to take out your little cocks and stroke them JOI then not being able to hold herself she pounces on your cock stroking and sucking your cock before getting you to fuck her Cougar pussy with you little boy cock missionary and doggy style then countdown for you both to cum all over her big tits in a big pop shot!

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Goldie Blair – Taboo Kitchen Sex

Milf Goldie is in Her vintage lingerie heals and robe getting ready for the day in the kitchen after breakfast She starts washing the dishes , You can’t stop staring at Your Milf Mom looking so sexy and soon She notices You staring not taking much notice until You lift up Her robe to take a look up at Her stocking legs and perfect ass framed by garter belt, She is shocked and even more so When You spank Her ass and say You want Her in the bedroom! Goldie argues You aren’t right in the head if You think You can fuck Your Mom! You can’t help Yourself with a raging hard-on You push Her against The countertop pulling Her robe open and exposing Her breasts groping Her big milf tits as She is laying across the countertop, Next You spin Her around so She has Her but against Hour hard cock and enter her tight wet pussy! Goldie goes from protests to praises as You fuck Her hard doggy across the countertop before She comes down onto Her knees on all fours doggy for You to fuck Her harder then rolling Her onto Her back with Her stocking legs in the air until You both cum hard ! Now Goldie is happy to go into the bedroom with Her new toy boy Son any time!

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Goldie Blair – Mum Found My Porno Mag

Milf Goldie has found your porn magazine and confronts You Her POV Son for looking as such taboo filth ! Ash she shows you some of the most offensive content she notices you are more fixated on Your Own Mom’s big tits in her tight top! To start she is even more mad at you but secretly aroused too and decides if you are into taboo porn she will cock tease you with her own Milf body,She starts to undo her top exposing her breasts in her bra, dirty talking that now she wants to see how hard this makes You Her Son as She strip teasing and JOI , playing with her own tits and pussy through her panties to drive you wild, Your Mom then starts to masturbate with you as she encourages you to stroke your cock for her! As she bends over showing off her sexy Milf Ass You Push her on the bed and spread her legs wide wanting to take it all the was with You Hot Mom! At First Goldie says this it stepping over the line into Taboo but cant stop how horny she feels and invites you to fuck your dirty slut Mom before straddling you and riding your cock with her big milf tit in Your face mutual to orgasm too!…

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Goldie Blair – In My Wet Dreams

Milf Goldie is asleep as You Her Son watch Her , gently pulling back the covers to see Her in lingerie, She appears to be having a wet dream and You can’t resist touching Her wet pussy with Your finger and baring Her breasts as she purrs like a kitten in Her sle*p to Your touch ! Waking up to an orgasm Goldie is shocked Her wet dream was so vivid then seeing You still there in Her bedroom so close! She knows it’s taboo but She can’t get the dream out of Her head about You and wants to act on it! She stokes Her wet pussy and sees You have a raging hard on too! inviting You to masturbate with Her as She describes Her wet dream of You and Her together so taboo! Neither of You can resist acting on it and She asks You to take Her now as She spreads Her legs wish to fuck Her hard! Then She rides You cowgirl to joined orgasm , as She lays down so happy to act out Her wet dream together!

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Goldie Blair – Daddys Little Man

Milf Goldie unsatisfied by your Father has snuck into your bedroom to seduce you with her sexy older woman body, pulling down your PJs to see your little young penis sucking and stroking your virgin penis as she dirty talks to you then Cougar Goldie pounces on your cock riding it to orgasm then jerking you off into her panties before putting them on with your cream inside before telling you this is our sexy little secret!

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Goldie Blair – My Nephews Friend

Goldie Blair – My Nephews Friend
Taboo, Dirty Talking, Fucking, Blowjob
Milf Goldie in her shear robe gets a knock at the door from you her POV young neighbor looking for her nephew who isn’t home but first sight at Milf Goldie you have a hard-on for her in her almost nakedness! Goldie sees this and decides to cock tease you further with dirty talk and strip tease to show off her fine sexy body in exchange to see your hard cock to see if you are bigger than her nephew as she likes to play with her nephew and watch him pee with his big cock even if it is taboo, maybe you would likes some Milf fun and call her Auntie too as she strokes and sucks your young big black cock comparing how it feels to her nephews then getting exited enough to slam your cock in her tight wet pussy to fuck her til you both cum! she enjoyed playing with you so much she decides to invite you over when her nephew returns and play cock comparison will fucking Auntie Blair!

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Goldie Blair – Watching Mummy

Goldie in nothing but her apron stocking and heals cleans house when she sees her POV Step Son spying on her !..Rather than be mad at you she decides to put on a show as she cleans bending over showing her sexy MILF butt and legs as she struts around the bedroom she too gets turned on and decides to cock tease you further with some taboo jerk off instruction and masturbation til both climax for a dirty little secret!
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Goldie Blair – Untidy Son

Milf Goldie gets home to find her lazy Son sitting on the couch with a mess of magazines and food all around him,she starts bitching at him about the mess as she picks up after him giving him a great view of her ass up skirt and big tits down blows not realizing this is getting her Son excited suddenly he cant resist as her head gets close to his bulge in his pants her shuts up her complaints with his cock Goldie’s mouth!…Mom Goldie is shocked as she is force fed his cock but soon enjoys the taboo sexual experience with her Son cock teasing him with her sexy Milf body she shows him her experience riding his cock and telling him how she wants fucking until her cums all over her tits and tells her to clean up the mess leaving poor Goldie spent and a mess.
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Goldie Blair – Lady of the manor

Milf upper class lady of the manor Goldie has found your porn under the bed as she is a posh snob she is very strict with you when you return home from university,she says you should be concentrating on your grades along with family honor and no longer can see you girlfriend as she is below you…Later Goldie shows a hypocritical side as she looks through the magazine she gets aroused and masturbates stripping naked in her bedroom just as she orgasms you burst into her room catching her in the act! Turned on with her body and that you now have her at an advantage you tell her you want her to give you a hand job and tit job..She is shocked seeing her sons hard cock and protests but cant resist as she is horny escalates quickly with Goldie getting fucked POV in more positions than she has ever know as she know this is so wrong with lots of taboo talk and after you both cum her realization she is ruined ,humiliated and disgraced things will never be the same between you her Son and her!…
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