Kelle Martina – Naughty Boy

Hello honey! Why is your mom dressed like this? Well, there is something I’d like to talk to you about. I let you use my work laptop for your homework, but I found you browsing some very adult websites on there! I could lose my job over that. You don’t want that do you? I’m very disappointed, but I understand you have certain needs, and I noticed a lot of the videos were MILFs. Why didn’t you just ask your mom to play with you? You seem to like older women with big tits, so why don’t you play with the real thing instead of a video? Your mom discovers your MILF fetish.

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Miss Kelle Martina – Boy Blackmails New Doctor

Alright there, you look fit as a fiddle. Your checkup went great. You can get dressed now. Oh my is that? Is that an erection? Well, you’d better get rid of it before your parental units come in here. What do you mean you don’t know how? They are going to think I was touching you or something. I could lose my medical license over this! I’ll show you how. No you’re doing it all wrong. I’ll do it. Oh my gosh, you planned this all along didn’t you? Okay, fine! If I show you my breasts will you just hurry up and you know, make it cum? Please, hurry up, I’m begging you! The new doctor gets tricked by a youngster into showing her boobs and jerking off her patient!
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Kelle Martina – Only masturbate with mommy

Honey, I’m very disappointed in you. I got a letter from your teacher telling me you were rubbing your little wiener at school in the locker room. Did you forget that you’re only supposed to rub it with Mommy? You have nothing to say for yourself? I’m going to have to ground you for a month! No? Is letting you touch it every day after school, isn’t that enough? You want to do it in the morning too? Is that a boner right now? We are going to have to take care of this right now. You know I’ll do anything for you, sweetie.
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