Mandy Flores – Blackmailing Mom

My son comes home from school and spys on me through my bedroom door, watching me searching for my shirt. He makes a small noise and startles me and Im trying to cover myself. I explain I went shopping and wanted to show him my new outfit and could he please help me look. He pretends to look but instead gets great views up my skirt while Im bending over. I turn around to show him I found it resulting in my tits right in my sons face. I apologize but he comments on them and tell me they are nice. He shouldnt say those things about his mother. Im shocked but then I apologize for thinking he means anything else but to compliment his mother. I ask him what he thinks and model a little. Does he think the outfit is too slutty or revealing? I bend over and he gives me the approval that he cant see down my shirt but then tell me to bend over a little more. Little more until Im down on my knees. He says it a great outfit and not slutty at all but indeed it actually is and he’s getting a great show out of it. When I stand up I trip and fall on to the floor with my legs spread. Its too much for him to resist and he holds me down and gropes my ass. Im yelling at him to get off me. What is he doing! This isnt funny anymore, get off me. He finally lets up and I ask him to leave and what has gotten into him! Im going to be telling his father about his behavior. He then tells me that he’s been watching me fuck the neighbor and he got a great show this morning. I deny it and good try trying to get out of being in trouble. He then tells me specific details I cant deny and tells me if I dont do everything he tells me to do that he’ll also have something to tell daddy about. I plead with him. Please dont, your father is a powerful wealthy man and I’ll be out on the streets! He tells me to shut up and get on the bed and strip for him. He makes me twerk my ass and take off my panties. Im very upset and begging him to stop. Why is he doing this to me? Pleading that if he stops now that I’ll forget the whole thing. He takes out his dick and starts masturbating to me. Im appalled but at his mercy. He made me to hump my pillow and pretend I like it. Tells me to moan and grind. It starts to feel good and I cant fight it any more. I begin to moan into an orgasm I cant control and my sons cums on my ass. Im left laying there wondering what happened and scared to what he’s going to make me do next.

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Sydney Harwin – Mom’s Special Boy

You try to behave for your Momma, but usually she punishes you by sitting on your face and making you lick her asshole. Today, however, she has decided that she has seen a huge improvement in your behavior, so, as a reward, she’s gonna let you touch her body however you want. She is so impressed with her special son, that she instructs you to get hard and sets about sucking your dick to make you even harder. Your Mom is wearing a tight, sexy body stocking, which she rips a hole in for easy access. You get to fuck your Mommy because you’ve been a good boy… It doesn’t ‘cum’ much better than that…

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Jocelynbaker – Perverted Son Caught Spying On Mommy

Mom comes home from the gym all sweaty, after just having finished a super intense workout she doesn’t notice her son spying on her while she undresses. She stretches after undressing and massages her legs and thighs (which also really accentuate her HUGE, hanging breasts) All this stretching makes her aware of just how bad she needs a shower! And with that, she heads to the bathroom. When she re enters her bedroom, she catches her son doing the unthinkable with her gym clothes! As upset as she is, she lovingly comforts him and tells him that she knows he is probably getting “urges” but that he can’t express those urges using Mommy’s belongings. She makes him leave and tries to forget about the whole thing. The next day, she comes back into her bedroom after her workout and starts stripping again. Only this time. she catches her son WHILE she is stripping! And this time, Mommy is NOT happy. She tries to cover her glistening breasts with her hands, while deciding what her sons punishment is going to be. She can’t help but notice how hard he is, and she tries to ignore it while scolding him. She comes up with the perfect humiliating punishment: He likes to watch ME strip, so maybe he should try taking off all his clothes for me and see how it feels! And with that, Mommy makes her son strip for her right then and there. Only she didn’t plan on getting so turned on by seeing her sons naked body..the lack of sex causes her to act out irrationally and she gets on the bed, commanding her son to come over to her and eat her pussy. She cums in his face and tells him to get on the floor where she is going to ride his virgin dick till he explodes, he only lasts a few minutes but that’s enough for Mommy’s freak to come out. After he creampies her deep and hard he thinks it’s over, but Mommy has different plans. She commands him to stick his penis in her asshole and fuck her in doggystyle, and within just a few more minutes she is getting ANOTHER load blown in her ass! Satisfied, Mommy lays down on the floor. But now her son is the one wanting more, inching his dick closer and closer to her pussy..telling her his balls are still full. Mommy can’t leave her boy like that, so she let’s him get inside her one last time until he gives her a last & final creampie in missionary. Mommy fears she may have created a sex addicted monster..but she’s happy because now she has her own little playtoy.

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Kelly Payne – Dad And Son Trick Mom Part Two

Starts off with Mommy Kelly confronting you and your dad (POV) on the sofa naked, telling you both to join her in the bedroom, knowing exactly that’s what you both have been wanting from the start. When you both come into the bedroom, Kelly’s already on her knees ready for you both to take out your cocks, as she starts sucking both of your cocks at the same time, (dirty talk, POV Dildos)At times pausing to spray your cocks with her breast milk. Finally she invites you both to take turns fucking her, as you do, she decides she wants both of your cocks inside her at the same time! pausing to switch to fuck her from behind as she sucks the others cock, and then back into fucking both your cocks at the same time, wanting you both to cum in her at the same time. (POV dildo VS) How long have you guys been planing this anyway?! ENDS as you both shove your cum filled cocks back inside her wet pussy!

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Kelly Payne – Dad And Son Trick Mom Part One

Starts off with you (POV DAD) have come home from a long day of work and your wife confronts you and tells you that our son has asked if he could have sex with her! He wants to have sex with his mom! Kelly is shocked and unsure how to react, you laugh it off, and encourage her to do it. Talking her into it, then leaving for awhile so Mom and Son can have some “alone” time together. Mommy Kelly decides, okay… if dad’s okay with it then why not. She sits down with her son (POV) and says shes reconsidered your request, and is met with yet another request from her son… he wants to nurse from her breasts. She decides its okay, and actually gets rather aroused and encourages you to start stroking your cock, and then takes your hand and has you play and touch her pussy, showing you exactly how to make mommy cum, she even gives you a hand job while you finger her (Virtual Sex style) After you play for awhile, shes ready to feel your cock inside her. You fuck her in various positions, (VS) and mom starts to catch on,… your probably not a virgin as she thought you were, and how amazing your cock feels inside her. You finally cum inside mommy, and then have a small chat afterwards as she realizes your dad not only put you up to it, got her to agree to it, but had plans of fucking her with you as well. Shocked she tells you to leave…

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Noelle Easton – Cougar Jailbird Corrupts A Mommy and Son 1

Fresh out of jail for her cougar ways, sexy busty MILF arrives home and fantasizes about her newfound freedom all over again. Eager to have privacy and quiet again, she aggressively throws her bag down and rips out a pair of little boys underpants. A little souvenir from her wildest fantasy that she’s kept in anticipation for this moment. Excitement peaks quickly as her hands explore her body again, her sensitive, untouched nipples and pussy throbbing with desire to fulfill her fantasy all over again. Little kiddie underpants rub mercilessly over her pleasure pumped clit until she cries out and shakes with the first intense, real orgasm she’s felt in so long. Post-orgasm, her rolled back, pleasure filled eyes wander to the window where she discovers a cute young boy walking home with his mommy in the dark. Her chance comes after they turn unsuspecting down a darkly lit side road. She lures them in gently but firmly, confident that this special couple will realize the fun they’ve been missing out on. “Fight it all you want, but you’ll both stay tied up while we al take turns with each other until I can see your willingness to participate. I know your secret about your son, Mommy! Look up at the wall, little boy. That’s your Mommy, enjoying young boys just like you. She can’t hide it anymore – CAN you Mommy? It’s not anger or protectiveness or disgust flooding over you, as I explore his developing young body in front of you, now is it? Can you see the jealousy in your Mommy’s eyes as I touch you and kiss you little boy? Stare her in the eyes and plead for her to explain what’s happening. She can’t help you, I’ll take care of you tonight little boy. Your Mommy wanted to be your first but she needs to learn from my example first. She has to watch while I suck you, lick your smooth young skin, peel your kiddie penis out of those kiddie underwear! It’s driving her crazy watching you wiggle and squirm with confusion and pleasure. Oh no, the nervous little boy just peed himself!” She licks and sucks her kid piss soaked fingers and rubs her horny cougar pussy to the thought of taking young virgin boys innocence. She demands that your Mommy clean you up like a good mother. Her little boy is all dirty from peeing all over himself and not cleaning his cute little butt when he went to the bathroom last. Mommy leans over to clean him up as their corrupter watches on, taking his penis into her warm motherly mouth, the young boy pushed back and forth between his mother and this stranger, squealing as my throat swallows up his little kid dick and pushes his little virgin butthole harder onto the tip of his Mother’s waiting tongue. She takes her turn with her son as the corrupter instructs him on how to eat her wet horny pussy. With every tongue thrust from Mommy in his little butt, his young innocent face is shoved harder into the strangers pussy until her eyes roll back and she can’t keep herself from trying out that young penis in front of the young boys Mother. “Mommy can help, but I am going to take your virginity, not her. Watch your sons penis get swallowed by my pussy, Mommy. Next time it will be you so pay attention to how he likes it. He’s going to cum right through these little boy underpants into my pussy! You should be proud of your son! You want him to keep experiencing this excitement, don’t you? Then you’ll tell everyone you two were at therapy. And if you don’t want this getting out, I suggest you agree to “therapy” once a week with your son from now on. I think we could make a devilish, twisted team, don’t you, Mom?”

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Sydney Harwin – Moms Still Got It

Your mom comes in to your room in an effort to make conversation but you have better things to do like text your girlfriend. your mom wants to watch a movie with you but you tell her to get out. Shes upset because she just wants to spend time with you. Why would you want to hang out with your boring, annoying Mom when you could be sexting with a hot girl from school. Your mom eventually leaves and a little while latter after you have crashed out, you wake up to your mom wearing a lacey see through dress and with a full face of makeup. “when did she get so hot!” She tells you shes still got it and she could do way more for you than any girl from school. She wants to show you how cool and sexy she is and if this is the only way she can spend quality time with you then she’d rather fuck your brains out and show you a thing or two, than let some clueless young girl steal you from her…

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Butt3rflyforu – Oh No, Honey! You Took The Wrong Pill

I find you in your dad’s medicine cabinet searching for what you think you found was vitamin C. I find you just after you swallow 3 pills! I ask you what you took and you think it was Vitamin C!!!! “OMG honey, No no no, that is your father’s viagra!” “You don’t need that honey, you are a young man that gets aroused just looking at mommy’s cleavage or camel toe in my yoga pants!”…”OMG how many did you take!” THREE!!! OMGGG>..ok ok…I need to call 911 and find out if you need to go to the hospital or what I need to do!!!! Poison control told me you need to masturbate at least 3 times for each pill you took!!! So go into your bedroom with a magazine and if you need help, or can’t get any cummies out, come back to mommy’s bedroom ok!!!! I finish straightening you around the house and my bedroom and you walk in….still rock hard and throbbing….”you need mommy sweetheart?!…come sit down on mommy’s bed , take off your pants and let mommy help you…..Let me take my blouse off because you are going to have a huge release and I need to help you get all the cummies out….how does mommy’s hand feel baby? Good boy, there..u see….one cummies aleady out….ok…let me put mommys warm mouth and lips on it……ok let’s get a few more out…

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Tammie Madison – Son Creampies Mom During Job Interview

Mom’s been out of work for a little while, so she’s delighted to have the opportunity to interview for a new position. The company have even been kind enough to allow her to conduct a video call interview from her own home; which is perfect, as it means that she can still attend to her domestic responsibilities, such as looking after her son. As mom explains to the interviewers what her key marketable skills are, in walks her son, naked and hard. Mom doesn’t even bat an eyelid. She takes hold of her son’s stiff cock and begins to stroke it, continuing to talk about her suitability for the prospective job. The interviewers are a little taken aback by Tammie’s actions. “What? Don’t worry, this is just my son. Now as I was saying, my work experience…” The interview seems to be going well. Mom is able to capably demonstrate her ability to multitask. She shows that she’s a team player who is able to handle the demands of her domestic life, whilst simultaneously getting the job done for her employer. What a superstar. Fingers crossed she gets the job. Mom seems very pleased with how it all went. She rolls on to her side and encourages her son to celebrate with her. He does just that, filling his mom’ pussy with the thickest, stickiest of creampies.

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