Jayne Cobb – Mom Fucks Panty Thief Son

You come home from school and find me waiting for you on the couch. I ask about your day, like any good mother! But then I have something serious I want to discuss. I was cleaning and found something in your bedroom…. You’ve been stealing my panties and it’s time for your punishment… a very sexy punishment with your loving Mom!

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Happily_Sweet – Mommys Pantie Boy

Oh hunny.. I know it has been hard.. you feel so lonely.. Its hard to find a girlfriend! I know but its just that none of them are good enough for my boy. You are just so special and any girl dating my boy needs to be too. .. Oh you got me flowers!!!!!! See what I mean you are always thinking of your mama. Aww I love you .. YOu know.. I can help you feel less lonley.. like last time.. you remmeber our secret game… wanna play.. what coulor do you think mommys panties are today? You would love to see mommys panties wouldnt you .. Do you like when mommy teases you .. Thats right pull down those pants , pull down those boxers.. stroke to mommy. OH haha did you just see up my dress.. it is rather short isnt it? DId it excite you seeing my pink panties? Describe them to me.. oh look you are even harder.. haha you really like when you get a peep at mommys panties.. oh!!! OOps! I dropped a pen. No worries dear dont mind me just going to pick it up..you keep stroking okay?

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Bettie Bondage – Stealing Moms Panties Pays Off

You’ve been stuck inside with your mother for months, and try as you might, you’ve fallen back into old habits: stealing her panties. You did it all the time in high school but lately you can’t help yourself. You can’t see your girlfriend, your mother is always leaving her wet, dirty panties around! Its like she wants it! And god, do you want it. So you leave the bathroom door open one afternoon, during a nice long wanking session. You have a video queued up, of that one actress that looks just like mom, and you make sure to wrap a dirty pair of her panties around your cock as you settle in, knowing she’ll be coming back from her walk any minute. Of course, she comes right upstairs, and finds you. She pretends, at first, that you’re a dirty pervert, but its no use pretending anymore. She smirks, admitting that she’s left her panties around on purpose, desperately wanting you to use them, cum in them…but not as desperately as she wants you, your young stud cock, and most of all…your cum, deep inside her, buried in her, oozing out onto her dirty panties!

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Siena Rose – Moms Panty Fetish Punishment Part 2

I have come home from work and I sit down, talking to you while mindlessly fidgeting with my scarf that you really like. I see you looking at my legs so I uncross them and recross them to show you a flash of my pretty red panties. I tell you I have to take a shower and I leave the room. I come back in, wearing only my robe and I start looking under and around the couch for something I “lost”. You can see I am wearing a buttplug. Finally I get up, go through my purse and take out a dildo and a pair of panties. As I stand up my robe opens, flashing you my naked body. I leave them room as if nothing happened. Later I return wearing my nightie and a cute pair of panties. I have the laundry basket and I ask you to strip down so I have enough clothes to do a load of laundry. I hand you a pair of pink panties and tell you that you can wear those. I leave the room again and you realize I dropped a pair of the panties I was wearing earlier. You pick them up and sniff them and before long you are finding a trail of panties to collect all the way up to the bedroom. I later walk into my bedroom and catch you jerking off with all of my panties and scarves. I tell you that you took the bait – I knew you had a weakness for these things just like I do. I tell you about Aunt Aubree’s panties and your sisters undies as I tease you with them, making you stroke and sniff them before I lean back and start stuffing my panties into my pussy while you stroke your cock to me!

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Mindi Mink – Stop Stealing My Panties You Pervert

Mindis son is found in her bedroom rifling through her panty drawer. He pleads with her to not tell his dad. She knows the perfect way to punish him… Mindi demands that he strip out of his clothes. He reluctantly agrees. She tells him stay put while she prepares his punishment. When she comes back, she is wearing a huge strap on dildo. She also brings him a pair of lacy thong panties to wear since she knows that is what he really wants. He puts them on… She tells him to get down on his knees… he complies. She informs him that she is going to teach him how to stroke her big cock. She spits in her hand and slowly strokes the big cock instructing him how she likes to be stroked. After some more careful instruction, she has him start stroking her big cock and fondling her balls. She commends him on his stroking technique… She steps back and shows him how she likes her cocks stroked fast and she tells him she wants him to make her cum real hard. She moves forward so he can stroke her cock, she decides to help him stroke her cock until she cums. She informs him there will be many more lessons in the future…

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Penny Barber – Mommies Panty Fetish

I come home from lunch with your auntie. I have no idea, but you’re hiding in my room, spying. I open my bag and take out a pair of lacy, white panties. I inhale them deeply, then put them down on the bed and start to strip out of my tight dress, bra, and silk neck scarf. I slip into a silk robe and leave the room. You take advantage of my absence to start masturbating with both the panties and my scarf. When I come back in with a laundry basket seemingly full of nothing but panties, I notice that something is amiss and catch you red handed. I’m upset to find my s0n masturbating with my things that I snatch the scarf back from you and tie your hands up so that you can’t play with yourself anymore. I snatch the panties back, too. Do you know whose panties those are? They’re your auntie’s. And these in the basket are your s1ster’s. You see, I have a panty fetish, too, so I can’t be too upset with you, but you do still need to be punished. I’m going to leave you all tied up so that you can watch me enjoying these panties, but not enjoy yourself! I cover myself in your s1ster’s and auntie’s panties, smelling and stroking them, breathing them in before I cum hard in my own panties. Then I take them off and shove them in your mouth. Those cummy panties ought to keep you quiet while you think about what you did.

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Penny Barber – Mommie Exploits Your Panty Fetish

On a whim, I decided to check your browser history and it seems that Mommie raised a little panty fetishist. But I started thinking and instead of finding your humiliating secret, I think that I may have found a means of motivating and controlling you. How strong is your panty fetish anyway? What if it’s your M0m wearing them? What if I just take off my robe, stand up, turn around, and show you my pretty, pink lace panties? Oh my. Are you trembling? I try on 5 different pairs of panties until I find the best ones for controlling and motivating you. From satin bikini cut to polka dot thongs, I make you watch as I try on all these different panties so that I can measure your reactions (i.e. stroke speed) and turn you into my devoted little panty worshipper. Now, come give Mommie’s panties a nice, long lick. I make you put on a pair of my panties and watch me masturbate before you tribute my panties with your cum as we simultaneously orgasm.

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Siena Rose – Moms Panty Fetish Punishment

I am your mom and I didn’t realize you were hiding in my room when I came in to change and start the laundry. I take my clothes off leaving my panties and stockings and put on my robe. When I come back to my bedroom with the laundry basket I catch you masturbating and sniffing the panties I left on the bed along with my scarf. I’m angry, call you a pervert and other nasty names- and then I tell you I am going to punish you so I tie your hands with my scarf so you can’t make a mess. Then I tell you a secret – Mom likes panties and scarves too. So now you’re helpless to just sit there without stroking your cock while I torment you with seductive talk about stealing my sister’s panties and scarf so I can masturbate with them. It must run in the family. I continue to talk to you while I touch myself and sniff my precious items, telling you how good they smell with pussy and perfume. But I make it even worse on you – I tell you my daughter just came home from cheer practice and that I have her sweaty, wet panties too. I masturbate, panty stuff, wipe my juices and sniff everything. Once in a while I am nice and give you a chance to take a big, pungent sniff. Doesn’t it make you wonder what I do to you at the end? You will end up with a mouthful of nastiness, sweet son.

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Download Siena Rose - Moms Panty Fetish Punishment.mp4