Ivy Wild – Big Titty Mum Panties

Mummy wakes up her naughty boy in the morning and notices his hard morning wood. She teases you with her big tits as she talks dirty to you. Mummy makes you watch her as she gets her panties nice and wet before stuffing them in your mouth. Mummy plays with her wet pussy in front of you while you are tasting and sucking on them panties, before taking your cock into her hands and mouth. I finish by spitting all over my huge tits.

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Bettie Bondage – My Sons Massive Ejaculate

My son’s been stealing my panties! And god, he’s been…oh my god, there’s like six or seven loads on this pair alone! Oh, I’ll have to have a talk about this with him…of course, when I confront him, he denies it. When he finally fesses up, after I promise him I’m not mad, he tells me it was just one time. One time? God, no one cums that much. But he swears it! Up and down, he promises me its just the one load…so I’ll have him prove it. Right here, right now. Show me how its possible that a young man can produce that much cum!

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Betty Taboo – Taboo Panty Sniffing Mommy

Custom inky mother and son porn. (anal) B/G .(if possible) you caught your son on his room sniffing his sister panties (your daughter). at the beginning your in total shock. trying to tell him how fucked up and wrong this is. ” this is son”. After a short conversation that you are trying have with him in order to understand how this wrong fetish suddenly appeared. you are trying to sniff your daughter/his sister panties as well. you are starting to do it tagholder with him. you are starting to be a bit turned on by that dirty smell but keep saying that is so dirty , taboo and wrong. ”ï can not believe I’m doing it with you. my son” then when you see his boner , you are starting to say that because its so fucked up and wrong you might like it. “”I’m a bad mother” you ask him to take out his cock and start jerking off to his mother and his sister dirty panties. You are starting to jerk off with him , saying that is so bad ,” i can believe I’m doing with you but its so hot because its so wrong and taboo. I’m a slut mother.” them you are asking him to small your pussy. “small the hole you came from” few moment after you are asking him be even dirtier and to smell you asshole. “small your mother asshole”” and you can use all kind of dirty words such “”hole” keep smelling how dirty my hole is. evenly you ask him to fuck you but you want it to be extra dirty and naughty so you ask him to fuck you in the ass. “omg my son is about to fuck my asshole , this is so wrong and dirty. this is dirty and I like it. I’m fucked up myself” he cums inside you ass and that is it!

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Dirty Princess – Mommy Makes You Cummy Panties

I know your little secret.. I know that you like to steal my panties and use them to jerk your dick. The truth is i have always known about it, and it turns me on that your jerk to me. So today mommy is gonna make you a fresh pair right now in front of you. I want you to watch me as I make myself cum for you, Im gonna use my vibe to make my pussy wet and then fuck it to make it creamy. Sit back and watch the show.

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Ellie Rowyn – Mommy Gives You a Present

I am just sooo proud of you for getting a new job and a new place. I am going to miss you though and well, I wanted to give you a present. I’ve caught you staring at my ass so many times and recently, I’ve found a certain thong in your room. And I just happen to be wearing that thong right now. It’s my favorite and your dad’s, but I can just tell him it got lost. I’ve been preparing this pair just for you for a few days now. They’re nice and fragrant and dirty just for you. I want you to take out your cock and stroke while I show them off for you. When you’re jerking off into mommy’s panties, I want you to remember how good I looked in them. Are you imagining how good they smell and taste? Doesn’t my ass look amazing in them? I take my top off and continue to tease and edge you. I slowly slide my thong off. Do you think this is a good enough present? I drop them into your lap and tell you good luck with your new job while walking away.

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MissKaitlin – Mommys Dirty Panties

Mommy Caught you stealing her panties!! Well now that I know I start to piece some things together about why my panties have been so dirty! Well if you love the smell of my panties and your boner won’t go away… then you should impregnate mommy. I tease you, spread my legs, your cock blocking a view of my pussy, then get on my knees and suck you, then titty fuck you, then ride you… then enthusiastically spread my legs, fuck you and spread my extra creamy ovulating hairy pussy while you fuck me pov.

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Nicole Nabors – Mommies Panties

Your mom is doing laundry when she finds a pair of her panties that had went missing for awhile and thought she lost them somehow. She notices they are crumbled up and stiff, she smells them and they smell familiar but she can’t put her finger on the the smell is. A few days go by and she’s doing laundry again and finds yet another pair of panties that were missing, she inspects them and finds that they arent dry like the last pair, they’re damp. She realizes they’re full of cum! She gets some on her fingers .she’s completely shocked! She knows the only person that could have done this is her son. She comes into his room to talk to him. She tells you she knows your probably are going through some changes. She notices your not paying attention, your starring at her boobs, she clears her throat to get your attention. She tells you about the panties in the laundry basket. How she knows you did it. She tells you its completely normal for a boy your age to go through a panty phase and being attracted to your mom. She tells you shes gonna get you your own panties to use so hers don’t go missing anymore, plus the amount you jerk off you’ll probably ruin the soon. What you must have used that last pair ATLEAST 4 to 5 times. You tell her you only used them once. She doesn’t believe you she demands you prove it. There’s no way someone could cum that much one time. She takes her panties off for you to smell to turn you on, your cock twitches. She jerks your cock and tit fucks you until you cum into the panties. But your not done yet, you explode again… All over your mom.

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