Brianna Beach – Moms Best Friend

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Alex, we need to talk. Stop it, you can finish watching that video later. I’m your mother’s best friend. I care about you. And I have another idea that I know will help you. Just promise you’ll try it.. My daughter wants to go on a date with you… Why not? You’ll have fun, just give it a shot…

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Brianna Beach – The Secret Video

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You said you we’re going to delete that video… But what if someone did see it? We can’t let anyone know about this. We need to put all this behind us. You have a girlfriend now. You don’t need to think about your step mom anymore…

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kaypole – Mom Soothes Son Part 2

Mom is back, and her sexual frustrated son is growing bolder. Even when she’s in bed next to her husband, he wants release. She helps him while on the phone, both to her pleasure and displeasure. They’re caught by Nana, but even that won’t stop this mom and son.

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kaypole – Mom Soothes Son Part 1

This mom has tried everything to soothe her wheelchair-bound son’s sexual frustrations: she’s called escort services, confided in a friend, but she can’t find help anywhere – especially from her husband and his poor performance in bed. One night, as she tucks him into bed, she discovers a way to alleviate his tensions.

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SallieMae69 – Mommy Caught You With Her Bra

Mommy caught you. You left your computer open with mommy and big tit porn on it. She also found HER bra under your pillow. Mommy calls you into her room to let you know you are busted. Mommy has you sit on the bed and look at her new outfits as punishment. Instead of actual outfits mommy teases you with her new lingerie. She encourages you to pick your favorite bra and to stroke your cock. Eventually mommy touches your cock as you stare at her big tits. Will you cum for mommy?

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GirlOnTop880 – Tim, Your Mommy Needs You

It’s so nice to have you in your room again. Mommy has missed you, Tim. You’ve grown up so handsome, so kind. When you left for college I tried my best to make it work with your father. I dressed up for him, made his favourite meals, but he just stared through me. I know he must be having an affair. But I don’t care, Tim. It’s YOU that mommy wants to be with. Let him have his whore, I know you feel the same about me. I can’t stand it anymore- fuck me Tim, make mommy pregnant. Let’s have the family we both deserve.

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Thelochnesscumslut – Mommy Gets a Facial

Mommy has a little bit of a favour to ask of you, sweetie… Mommy is just… craving your cum! Don’t worry, mommy will help, teasing you and encouraging you. I see you’re hard and excited, so please, go ahead and stroke for mommy. Just watch as Mommy strips down and teases you with my ass. And for the big ending, I was thinking you could give me a nice big facial!

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Scarletellie – Milf Is Hungry For Young Cock Doggystyle

The hot neighborhood milf invites you over to do some chores for her. It doesnt take long until she starts seducing you .She hasn’t been fucked in so long and she s so cock hungry. At first you resist until she pulls down your pants to reveal a your huge cock. She starts undressing and showing off her body for you. She bends over and lets you fuck her so good. She spanks her ass and moans loudly as you fuck her. She cums hard and begs you to cum as you cum deep inside her.

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Paintedrose – Mom Seduces You For Young Dick

Mom walks in looking too hot for her date and luckily he cancels so you get to spend time with Mom instead. She offers some fun things to do but you say you want to chat but, Mom starts chatting about how your body is getting really sexy since you’ve been working out. She asks to see your muscles and then she asks to see your dick. Mom is surprised at what a strong and big stiff boy you are. She asks you what you like about her body. You like it all and before you know what’s happening, Mom is sucking your dick and teaching you what “I” is. She asks you if you like and want sex from your mother and then teaches you to fuck her in her juicy pussy.

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GirlOnTop880 – Give Your First Time to Mommy

It’s a mother’s responsibility to teach her son to dance. That’s all I meant to happen, but when you put your hands so sweetly on my ass, I couldn’t stop myself. Before I knew it, we were kissing- and that’s when I felt your hard cock against my leg. Had I really just given my son an erection? Filled with panic, I pulled away and sent you downstairs to finish studying. In my shock, I replayed the events repeatedly. I was so confused, but so fucking wet. I decided to have a bath to relax. I needed to make myself cum to clear my head. When I looked up, I saw you standing there watch me undress. I couldn’t deny it anymore- it was my JOB to make sure you knew how to treat and touch a woman. I had to teach you how to fuck, how to lick, how to last. Are you ready son?

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