Paintedrose – Mom Seduces You For Young Dick

Mom walks in looking too hot for her date and luckily he cancels so you get to spend time with Mom instead. She offers some fun things to do but you say you want to chat but, Mom starts chatting about how your body is getting really sexy since you’ve been working out. She asks to see your muscles and then she asks to see your dick. Mom is surprised at what a strong and big stiff boy you are. She asks you what you like about her body. You like it all and before you know what’s happening, Mom is sucking your dick and teaching you what “I” is. She asks you if you like and want sex from your mother and then teaches you to fuck her in her juicy pussy.

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GirlOnTop880 – Give Your First Time to Mommy

It’s a mother’s responsibility to teach her son to dance. That’s all I meant to happen, but when you put your hands so sweetly on my ass, I couldn’t stop myself. Before I knew it, we were kissing- and that’s when I felt your hard cock against my leg. Had I really just given my son an erection? Filled with panic, I pulled away and sent you downstairs to finish studying. In my shock, I replayed the events repeatedly. I was so confused, but so fucking wet. I decided to have a bath to relax. I needed to make myself cum to clear my head. When I looked up, I saw you standing there watch me undress. I couldn’t deny it anymore- it was my JOB to make sure you knew how to treat and touch a woman. I had to teach you how to fuck, how to lick, how to last. Are you ready son?

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JackieSynn – The Cool Aunt

Your aunt Jackie has agreed to let you and three of your buddies stay the night at her house for a sleepover since your mom didn’t want you to do it at her house. Aunt Jackie is so cool, she set up the video games, brought you guys lots of snacks and let you know that you are allowed to do what ever you want when you’re at aunt Jackie‘s house! Aunt Jackie leaves you to it, but after a few hours she checks in to see if you guys need anymore refreshments, she’s quite surprised to see that you’re all watching porn on her TV! Aunt Jackie is not mad though, if fact, she thinks it’s adorable. She questions you boys about your sexual history and is surprised you’re all teen virgins who’ve never even see boobs in the flesh! Deciding that that needs to change, aunt Jackie tells you all to pull out your young hard decks and show them to her and if you are good boys and comply she will let you have a look at her huge soft tits. You and your friends jump at the opportunity, the next thing you know you are all jerking your young teen boners looking at your hot aunt’s fat tits. Auntie Jackie even lets you suck and squeeze those big beautiful pink nipples while you jerk your young cocks. You and your friends are going to have to start coming over more often!

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Syndica – Cozy Mommy Feed And Fuck

Hey baby lets get cozy, my breasts are full of so much yummy milk for you it pours out when i squeeze, cozy up to my breasts enjoy your fill, fuck mommies perfect soft wet pussy, you cum in me and your hot cum pours out of my pussy.

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