Jodi West – Mother has needs

Jodi West was out on the hunt again. This time the night turned up empty when her “date” turned out to be almost her own age! There was no way a Cougar like Jodi was going to put up with that. When she gets home, she grabs a drink to out her night and wraps up a call with a friend. BUT SHE HAS NEEDS. She quickly realizes Junior is home and asleep. As she passes by his room, she spies his large cock calling to her as he quietly sleeps. She dreams of how much she enjoys his hard member which makes her even more randy, and she has to start touching herself. She climbs into bed with her stepson and starts to masturbate both him and herself. See more at After she forces his sleeping ejaculation, Jodi can’t resist tasting the young man’s spilled seed, and then uses it to lubricate one last finger bang. If you are a fan of the Naughty Step-Mommie Jodi West character, this will definitely tickle your naughty bone!


Download file – 181.5 MB
Download file – 181.5 MB

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