Jodi West – Mothers Slow Dance

Mother is tidying up the room for guests when she find her son Jimmy still on the couch and not getting ready!

“Jimmy! What are you doing still sitting here!” She will take no excuses and forces the young man up and to his room. There she finds that Jimmy has kept his side of the room clean, while his brother has made a mess of things, to include spent tissues lying about!

But there is no time for that, Jimmy must decide what he is going to wear, and start getting ready!

“I’m not going to the wedding” Jimmy says, as his mother is picking out his cloths. We find out that Jimmy has always had a problem with dancing, and he is certain his cute cousins are going to ask him and he might get embarrassed>

“No problem,” mother assures him,”I will teach you how to dance” After showing him a few fast dance moves, she shows him how to slow dance. How to hold a woman… How to press against her and touch her…..

As the moments pass, the problem changes from a dancing problem, to one much more basic. Jimmy is starting to get aroused from holding his mother so close! As she presses against him, his erection strains harder and harder against his trousers. Embarrassment rushes over the lad.

Mother knows this type of thing happens to young, sexually immature men, and assures him there is nothing to be embarrassed about. But what if it happens with one of his cousins? Mother knows she must make sure he can please them on AND OFF the dance floor.

She embraces her son even closer, and soon she is undressing for him to make sure she outfit does not need pressing before the diner. She helps him off with his cloths to and soon is guiding his hardness into her! Mother has her son try her in a few different positions, but must be careful, as the young man is so close to spilling his seed too early. Finally, after riding him with her mature pussy, she lets the young man into her from behind, and in just a few strokes, he withdrawals and explodes on him bothers backside.

They kiss and she rushes him off to get ready. Now what is she going to do with his untidy brother?!


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