Kitty LeRoux – Birthday Party Gangbang

Your hot mom planned a very special birthday party for you this year. She didn’t divulge many details, but two of your friends could sleepover. Well, it turns out your mom is a bit old-school and thought charades and party hats were going to be entertaining. Poor thing doesn’t understand why no one is having fun after she got you all to try pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. She’d do anything for you- she even wore a dress you picked out for her. It hugs her curves and makes her look even more thick than normal. Now THAT is entertaining to you and your two friends. After failing to get the party going, you ask her if you can talk to her. “They didn’t like the hats? …I guess I should call and cancel the clown then.” She tried so hard, but you have to tell her the things she picked just aren’t what boys your age are into. She’ll do anything not to ruin your day- and actually, anything to make it perfect. “What are you boys into then?” Games. Pizza. Music…Girls. “Oh my gosh, why didn’t I think of that? I guess I was in denial that you’re growing up now. Of course you like girls now.” She wants to fix the issues and tells you to bring your friends into the room. “Do you know why you all are in here?” Your friends think they are in trouble. You have no idea what is going on. “Sometimes mommies make mistakes, and I did that today. And this cutie right here deserves the best birthday ever,” she says as she looks at you. “This is for you cutie.” What is going on? “All three of you take your pants off.” One of your friends practically rips his pants off, the other is takes his time, and you’re just in shock. She starts undressing and sucking on you one by one. “Does mommy look good sucking cock sweetie? Do all of you boys like this better than what we were doing earlier?” You watch in utter amazement as your mom gives one of your best friends his first blow job- dirty talking to him. You’ve never heard her talk like this before, but it’s like this isn’t her first time. Your friend covers your mom’s face in cum and she crawls on her knees to the second friend. “Slow down sweetie, I need you to be hard for mommy’s present to you,” she says, cum dripping down her face. She flirts with your second friend, playfully asking if he’ll cover her just like the other boy did- and he can’t hold back. “Now it’s time for the birthday boy to get his.” You’ve already seen your mom suck off your friends- could it get much better than this? She tells you to get on the bed and climbs on top of you. “It’s your special day, and your cum is special to me- so you get to cum in mommy’s pussy.” You get to fuck your hot mom and cum in her for your birthday, her tits are bouncing and she’s drenched in cum from sucking off your friends. This is absolutely the best birthday ever.

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AnnabelleCums – Housewife Seduces Younger Neighbor Boy

I am on the phone with my neighbor because her younger son accidentally broke my car window and she is insisting in having her boy punished by sending him to do chores for me. I insist that is not necessary saying “boys will be boys” but reluctantly I agree as I do have somethings he can do for me. I tell my neighbor to send him over while waiting I start touching myself. The boy arrives and I answer the door, bending over and showing cleavage, I invite him in telling him to make himself comfortable as I am going to change into something more provocative. I come down and the boy starts to get excited because of my dress. I tease him by showing off and some dirty talk. I tell him it’s normal for a little boy to be excited and that he’s going to do some things to me. I ask him if any white stuff as ever come out and he says no. I tell him that I know he watches me through the window so I know he is curious. I ask him to lick me, then I give him a BJ, we fuck in missionary, and I ride him.

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Andi James – Talk With Mom

Hi sweetie, I need to talk to you about the other day.
What do you mean?
Don’t play dumb with me Tyler, you know exactly what I’m talking about…
I attempt to convince my mom that sis and I were just “experimenting” but she definitely wasn’t buying it.
Come on mom, don’t act like you’ve never done it before…
I’ve never had sex with with my sibling!!
Well.. You know I saw you touching yourself when you were watching us…
At first I was horrified.. But then it started to turn me on, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how big and thick your cock was…
-Piece by piece mom slowly starts to undress herself-
Does anyone else know about this?
No I swear, just you and Kelsey are the only ones that know!
Good, let’s keep it that way… Maybe you and I can work something out.
Mom’s mature body turned me on so much, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her even though I knew this was wrong…
Mom… are you sure we should be doing this? What if dad finds out?
Dad won’t find out about this. You had fun with your sister didn’t you?
I have to admit.. fucking sis is something I’ve been wanting for a while now!
Good… I want you to fuck me just like you did your sister!
Watch as my mom slides her big ass up and down on my hard cock, begging for more! She moans and tells me to fuck her cunt harder and harder until she’s dripping wet!!
I flip mom onto her back and give her a pounding she will never forget! Mom’s big tits jiggle faster as I pump my young potent cum deep inside her tender pink pussy.
Then my mom says… Next time, I want you and sis to fuck me together!

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Meana Wolf – Scent of a Young Man

You’re turning into a young man. Your body is changing…testosterone must be doing it’s job because everyday you’re getting bigger…everywhere. Each morning you wake up with a giant hard on and cold wet cum stuck to your leg. Your mom is starting to act different around you too. She squeezes your arms and shoulders frequently noticing how big and strong you’re getting. And today she started noticing that you smell different. She drew you in to smell your neck… you felt her breathing change as she inhaled deeply. She couldn’t help herself… she drew you in even closer. Your young masculine body pressed against her as she started to touch herself… your dick grew instantly hard and she felt you press your hard dick into her. She squeezed your cock in her hands as she continued to touch her pussy underneath her panties. The both of you, breathing heavily as she stroked your cock… you both knew that you shouldn’t… but you couldn’t fight it… you wanted to be inside of her. But before it could go any further she stopped. You wanted her to keep going… but she was so flustered and apologetic.. like It was wrong. But she promised that you two would talk about it later. That night after your dad was asleep she came into your room. Her satin robe felt so soft sliding against your skin as she climbed into bed with you. “Sweetie I want you to know that it wasn’t your fault. It’s completely natural for things to happen like what happened in the kitchen this morning. As long as we talk about it, and promise not to do that again, everything will be okay”. But her see-through lingerie was beckoning to you… and the scent of your youthful masculinity was driving her crazy… The two of you made no such promise that night…

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Enchantress Sahrye – Cum to Mommy

Junior is sitting at home doing homework at the kitchen table. Stepmom Sahrye walks in with a bag of groceries and greets you. She talks about dad being away on business this week and how school is going for you. You can’t help but feel turned on by how hot she is wearing her skin tight business skirt. You watch her. Eventually you decide you want a closer look, so you offer to help her in the kitchen. But really, you just keep checking her out while she lingers in suggestive poses absentmindedly. She goes off to change. When she comes back, she is wearing itty bitty booty shorts and a crop top. She butters you up for being such a good and helpful stepson. You are loving all the attention and how she seems to be completely oblivious to what’s going on. She accepts your help in “cleaning the kitchen”, which consists of her getting on all fours and scrubbing the floors, bending over at the waist etc. while you catch advantageous views! At some point you can’t help yourself anymore, and you bust a nut on her while she’s bent over doggy-style cleaning a cabinet. True to her oblivious form, she assumes it was cleaner you accidentally sprayed on her and lovingly tells you to be more careful next time. Then she thanks you again for being such a good boy.

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Nikki Brooks – Lubricated Mommy

Scene One: Morning
“Mommy’s sweet little angel. You’re such a good boy” Mommy whispers to me. I’m just waking up as she takes off her robe and slides into bed with me. Why is she naked? I think still half asleep. Reaching down she starts rubbing me. I feel myself get hard as she unbuttons me and pulls me out of my PJ’s. “You want mommy to pull on it?” She smiles. Her big tits in front of me, I’m frozen in fear. I can feel this ball deep inside of me like cramps of anxiety as she strokes me so lovingly. “Oh son” She moans. She wants me, she wants to tease and torment me. “You like mommy’s soft hands around your peepee?” She breathes. “Would you like it if mommy sat on you? It will feel so much better than mommy’s hands.” She guides me inside of her, so warm and wet. Up and down mommy slides on me so slowly. I’ve never felt like this before, her big tits swinging in my face. She bounces on me faster and faster until she’s moaning and yelling. I can feel her getting tighter and tighter on me. “Tell me when you’re going to cum, mommy is going to suck it up into her mouth” She can feel me begin to cum, pulling off of me she puts my cock in her mouth and I feel myself go white hot. I lay there exhausted and shaking as she goes to make me breakfast. “Remember this is our little secret” She whispers.

Scene Two: Lunch
Still in shock about what just happen I walk into the kitchen for breakfast. “How is it that you’re so hansom” Mommy tells me, reaching down and touching my face. I feel my pants tighten at her soft touch and the memory of her naked body. A smile creeps onto her face. “Why don’t you show mommy” She tells me. “You have a busy day at school today, let’s wake you up” She gets to her knees and puts me in her warm sucking mouth. Her beautiful eyes look into mine as she makes me feel so good. Deep down I know this is wrong but I can’t stop her. She takes me so deep into her mouth, sucking on my balls and making me quiver. “Come on” She says and guides me to the kitchen counter. She pulls open her robe and strokes me, slowly bringing me closer and closer to her hot naked body. “Doesn’t that feel good” She whispers as she guides me inside of her, rocking back and forth on me. Her big tits press against me as her warm wet pussy pulls me inside of her. Instinctively my hips thrust into her and she moans and screams in pleasure. I begin to shake uncontrollably, I can barely stand as I cum inside my mommy. “Go take a shower and get ready for school” She giggles.

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Lady Fyre, Mallory Sierra – Aunt Mallory Confronted

Aunt Mallory comes over with one thing in mind: stuffing herself with your sweet cock. She’s sucking it, getting spitty while deepthroating it. Then she turns around & rides it, giving you a great view of her awesome ass. She’s only riding you for a couple minutes when your mom walks in. She’s not supposed to be home. Busted!! “I knew it!” she says. “I thought Aunt Lauren was lying to me, but apparently she wasn’t. You & Lauren both, you greedy little bitches.” Mallory protests… your dick is just too delicious not to have it again. “But this is MY son, and that’s MY dick,” your mom replies. Oh wow. Your mom & aunt are gonna fight over you now? This should be interesting. “If you want to have sex with my son, then you have to ask my permission.” Aunt Mallory pleads with your mom, and finally your mom agrees. “Let’s not keep him waiting since you already got him excited.” She rides you to show off her bubble butt, and Aunt Mallory tries to placate her. “Mommy does do it best, doesn’t she?” But you can tell Mallory is just aching to ride you again. Luckily your mom does really like to share with her sisters & gives her another turn. There’s nothing better than your aunt’s tits bouncing in your face while your mom rubs her sister’s smooth body. Mom preps you to cum, but she wants you to shoot your load right into Mallory’s mouth. Your aunt sucks the cum right out of you & lets it dribble all over her huge tits. Mom smiles, “See, all you had to do was ask & I’ll share with you.”

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Brianna Beach – Third Shift

After coming home early from his night shift, Alex finds his mother still awake reading a romance novel all alone in the basement. He decides to ask her again if there’s something wrong. And reminds her that she can tell him anything…

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Jackie Synn – Mom jerks you off before the halloween

Mom’s so excited to have your hot young friends over for the Halloween party tonight! She’s gotten her nails & toes done and bought a new see thru dress just for the occasion. You know how mom loves to jerk off your friends, and when she shows off her spooky man/pedi you can’t help but to get hard. You were hoping that busty girl from school you like was going to be there tonight, but she canceled… mom notices how hard you are and decides to relieve you herself. She jerks you off under her huge naturals, making them jiggle & spitting on them as she goes. What a great party this is going to be after all.

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