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As you wake up from your nap I come to introduce myself as your babysitter. You are sick and I am here to take care of you for the day. You refuse to play games with me or eat anything I offer to cook for you. I then ask if you like big boobs which makes you happy. I want to make you feel better so I lift up my shirt and bounce my boobs for you. You seem to like it so I start bouncing them even more for you. I then notice that something in your pants starts to grow and realize that my boobs have given you a big boner. I join you where you are lying and give you a handjob until you cum in my hands.

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Tigger Rosey – Babysitting Ryan Virtual Sex

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Your mother is dropping you off at your girlfriend’s house for your date. On the way there, she reminds you to be a perfect gentleman, be polite, and makes sure to get the dirt off your face. Upon pulling up the her house, your mom notices that there’s a problem- you have an erection! Parked in the street with cars going by, she says Mommy needs you to hurry up and cum. Your mother loves you so much that she’s willing to help you with this. In fact, after you cum, you give your mom “that look”, and she knows exactly where you would rather be tonight- cuddling with her.

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Katie71 – My Nephew Turned Eighteen

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Ariella Ferrera – Momma Knows Best

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