AimeeWavesXXX – Seven Minutes in Heaven with your Mother

Blow Jobs, Creampie, Milf, POV Sex, Role Play

You come home really late and stepmom wants to know where you’ve been. You tell her you were hanging out with some friends playing ‘seven minutes in heaven.’ But stepmom notices you look really upset, and wants to know what happened! After all, shouldn’t you be happy after being ‘in heaven?’ You explain to her that even though you got to go into the other room for ‘seven minutes in heaven’ with a really pretty girl you like, you didn’t get what you had hoped for. You’re upset because your other friends got to do way more! Full on making out, hands below the waist and soooo much more! She explains to you that you can’t be upset about that, as not every girl will want to ‘go all the way.’ She tells you to eat your dinner but you can’t! You’re too sexually frustrated to eat right now. stepMom asks how she can help and you tell her you’d like to hear about her first ‘seven minutes in heaven’ experience. If you know that her first time was super vanilla and prude, it’ll make you feel better about yours. But here’s the thing, stepmom’s first time wasn’t prude and vanilla. She went all the way her first time playing that game! And as she is reminiscing about it and very clearly getting turned on, you can’t help but get hard to her memories, and start to jerk off. You ask if the two of you can recreate your stepmom’s first ‘seven minutes in heaven’ experiences, but she says absolutely not! That’s highly inappropriate! Except that your stepmom actually thinks about that experience a lot, and she actually has been waiting to reenact it, so she gives in. Ok, stepson, ‘seven minutes in heaven with your stepmother’ starts now!

Duration: 0:34:39 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: mp4 Size: 791.3 MB

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