Iamyetti – Teacher JOI

Teacher JOI fantasy where you are the only male student alive in the school and every female teacher including Yetti is fighting to get your cum. Yetti describes to you about your new school where all female teachers will wear sexy clothing to class to impress you.. including her. Yetti confesses that your cum could save her life, she can’t live without your cock, and that she hasn’t had cock in such a long time so she needs your cum to explode on her. Yetti explains deeper about the clothing that she will wear to school to compete with the rest of the female teachers. Yetti says things about wearing outfits that reveal cleavage or short skirts that you could see her panties easily when she bends over. Yetti discusses with you the routines where you will choose which female teacher to use to have your cock sucked first thing in the morning before class starts. Yetti despises any female teacher you would choose over her. Yetti insists that she has all types of bras and panties that she could wear each day to get your attention so you are never bored. Yetti strips for you; showing you her sexy bra and panties she has on and asks you to start stroking.. to not be shy, that you can do more than look. You can touch too. Yetti says that you can touch her tits or ass anywhere in the school or in front of anyone. In fact, Yetti tells you that you can fuck her whenever you want in the school, it could be in the middle of the class or down the hallway. It doesn’t matter where or when.. all you have to do is let her know and Yetti will let you fuck her.. as long as you give her your cum and not the other teachers. Yetti encourages you to stroke more as she gets completely naked and asks for your opinion on how she looks. Yetti loves your hard cock.. so she tells you that she could wear only a bra and panties to school from now on to get your full attention. Yetti would do anything for you, literally anything.. from sucking your cock to letting you fuck her more than anybody else could. Yetti asks you to cum all over her and after you do.. she tells you that she doesn’t want you stroking to any other teachers anymore or she will be very frustrated as she puts her clothes back on and leaves the room.

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