NicoleBelle – Mommy Gives You The Talk About The White Stuff

POV, Cream Pie, Taboo, Virtual Sex, Mommy Roleplay

You had a nightmare, I hear you screamed and go running to your room.. You tell me you are scared and that you pee yourself.. Ow sweetie, that’s not pee.. “ this white stuff that came out of your penis is something else.. I’m sure it wasn’t a nightmare sweetie.. maybe you were dreaming about someone you like.? It is called sperm, or semen, or “cum” Okey, it’s late, I’ll try to make this quick. In order to make babies as an adult man, your genitals are changing. They are getting bigger and getting hair on them. Your testicles have begun to produce sperm, which they will do furiously, every second, and when there is too much, either you release it by masturbating, or it will come out in your sleep, called a wet dream. You will get erections more, especially around girls that sexually turn you on.. Your penis will get thicker and longer and hard, and throb because of your pulse. It is preparing for sexual activity, even if you don’t want it to. To prevent wet dreams, masturbating once in a while keeps the testicles empty enough so that it won’t happen. Don’t worry , everything is fine; go change your underwear and go back to sleep.. Later that night, you go to my bedroom.. What are you doing here sweetie ? Another nightmare? Wow you are really close to mommy .. stop it! You are pushing your penis against my vagina ! Omg stop it! You are not supposed to be doing this! You are going to wake your dad! Omg what? You are inside me! Stop it! Omg it feels.. omg.. it feels so good. This is wrong , we better stop, you want to keep going? Omg boy, You are going to fill your mommy’s cunt with your white stuff. You are mommy’s boy, were you dreaming about me? Is this what you like? Putting your dick inside my pussy? You trying to make your mommy pregnant?Are you ready to cum for mommy? Fill mommy’s cunt with your white stuff.. This is were you white stuff is supposed to be..

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