Paintedrose – Mom’s One Piece: Beach Day Delay

Cheating Wife, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Swimwear, Taboo

You and mom are on the way to the beach and she asks you to help her decide which swimsuit to wear. She tries on a bikini, a red one piece, and a blue one piece. You love the blue and so does Mom. She tells you to come on but, you can’t move because your got an erection! She starts to get upset with you but then noticed what is wrong and ask you questions until she finds out that you have a MILF fetish and love older women and their bodies. Mom explains to you that it’s normal and that all your friends hit on her and she is use to it. Mom asks you what you like about her body as she begins having trouble with the straps on her swimsuit and so she lets them down. She cups her breasts and asks you if you want to see them. She tells you she will show you if you take off your swim trunks. You comply and show Mom your stiff penis. From there, things can only go up, up and down that is… Mom has you show her how you touch yourself and and she does the same. Your Mom grabs your cock so gentle but firm and begins to rub and stroke. You start kissing and Mom has you lick her pussy and asshole and then she sits on your face. You love tasting her. Mom rides you in three positions and just then Dad calls while Mom is on top and about to orgasm on your hard shaft. She makes excuses to Dad about the heavy breathing and tells you to cum inside of her pussy with her. Yummy – Don’t forget the sunscreen. Bonus Out take masturbation and orgasm with a toy.

Paintedrose – Moms One Piece Beach Day Delay.mp4
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