Kathia Nobili – Very Special Present For Christmas From Your Mommy

My baby boy…I know we had difficult year. And this is the first Christmas when we are just two of us since your step-father left!!! And I really, really want this Christmas to be special for you! So I just find our and just our new tradition!!! Yes…the night before Christmas…you can open one present! And if I can help you…open this one! Well…it’s something very special!!! I just wanted to thank you so much how kind and sweet you’ve been whole year! How supportive and helpful to me…to your step-mother…and to show you how much mommy loves you!!! And as you are the MAN in the family now…and only man in your mother’s live…and only man mommy is happy with!!! This present…is the beginning of special relation ship! OUR love relation ship my son!!! Mommy will let you take her!!! Yes my baby boy…you are now mommy’s MAN!!!

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Kathia Nobili – Sons Punishment Mom Fucks Front of You

Finally, the young man join me with his presents. You should hurry or you’ll be late for the school! Did I do what? Making you a breakfast?! No son! I didn’t…you are or you think you are the big boy…well you can take care of your self! Am I right?! Is there something wrong?! You asking your mother if there is something wrong? You know it better then I do! Come on! How dare you to asking me after what have you done! Oh..my little baby boy don’t understand? Ok..let mommy make it clear for you and describe the situation between us! You know..in past few weeks you’ve been very strange…you didn’t touch me you didn’t come to my bedroom…you completely avoided your mom, mom you love so much, right?!!! Haw dare you!!! Telling the lies like this into my face!!! I saw you…I’ve been following you and saw you to fucking that little whore of yours!!! How could you do that to your mother?! I loved you, I give you everything possible and even impossible…I let you to be my lover, you learned so many things about sex from me…and for what…that you can fuck young girls around!!! It’s just not working like this young man!!! Do you have any idea, how did I felt?! To find out what do you do behind my back?!!! You just broke my heart son!!! So completely destroyed our love my son!!! No, no, no…you can forget about this! My perfect body…boobs…bum…all you loved so much…it’s over! I’ll never let you touch me again!!! What are you saying….you have no idea what the safer is!!! But you know what! From now on…mommy will also do what she wants, what she likes…any time! You you hear good my son! I will fuck around too! But as this is my home, my house…I don’t have to going nowhere…I’ll invite my man, my lover over here! Yes THE MAN, real man…not just silly young boy like your self! And I will enjoy his hard, swollen cock inside me like I never did before!!! Yes, this is going to be the real punishment for you my step-son!!! Your beloved mother will belong to someone else now!!! And I’m sure, when you come back home and you hear all the noises from mommy’s bedroom…you’ll watch!!! You will peeping your step-mother…you just can’t help your self!!! And believe me…I know that too! And when I take my lover hard, big dick in my mouth…I’ll watch you…deep into your eyes…to make you see how step-mommy love his cock! When I sit over him, and ride him…goading…I’ll watch you…to make you see the pleasure that man giving to your mother!!! And you…you are just standing behind my bedroom and seeing what did you loose…what perfect milf…the love of your life you lost just for fucking behind mommy’s back!!!

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Kathia Nobili – Only Mommy Can Take Your Huge Rockwood

My baby boy…what is wrong with you??? You know, you can tell mommy anything…anything!!! Ok…so what is the problem in the school??? Why the other guys making fun of you??? Just tell me!!! Awww….sweetie…you don’t have to be ashamed that you are still virgin!!! Mommy is sure…you just….you are such a good boy and there is nothing wrong that you are waiting for your girl!!! WHAT?!!! What do you mean you don’t??? Then…I don’t understand honey…you want to have sex…but you can’t?!!! Come on my baby…just tell me already…what is the problem then?!! Every girl i scared of your dick? It i really so big???….Well sweetie…mommy loves you so much…and there is no thing…I would not do for you…so just show it to me! I can say…if it’s monster or not!!! OWW…WOW…I never saw such a huge cock!!! I’m not surprised…the girls in your age…get scared by THIS!!! It’s amazing BIG DICK!!! Don’t worry my baby…mommy is here for you!!!…And if your virginity bother you so much…we will do something about it…TOGETHER!!! Don’t worry…MOMMY can take your huge rock wood!!! Let mommy take care of you my son!

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Kathia Nobili – Mom Needs Your Love In Lockdown

This lockdown is difficult time for everybody! You are home only with your mom, you can’t visiting your girlfriend and getting rid of the pressure in your pants! Of course masturbation is an option…but it’s not the same!!! But you are not only one in the house, who have sexual needs!!! Your mom loves the sex too! She is masturbation quite intensely but she needs more! She sneak behind your door at the night…and from the last time, she saw you and your beautiful HARD, YOUNG cock…she just can’t stop having naughty thoughts! And today…she just cross her line!!! She decide to seduce you…you baby boy!!! She dressed up really sexy…and…tease you! It wasn’t difficult to make you rock hard…one look at her pussy…and you are in her play!!! Your mom…turns and it’s right in her face…your big, swollen dick! And that’s what see wanted…and you will never say NO to sexy woman like your mom is!!! All she wants now…to feel your hardness! In her mouth…inside her wet cunt!!! And you? It will be the best sex in your life so far!!! And you just can’t believe…you didn’t fuck your mom every single day!!!

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Mommys Breakfast In Bed – Kathia Nobili

Good morning my baby boy! Mommy surprise you this morning…not just with the breakfast in bed…but she is dressed in your favorite satin rope and under white satin nighty. And… well… as you were dreaming about your mom all those erotic things tonight… your cock is rock hard! Yeah… your mom just realize that too! Wow….my baby… again you dreamed about your mommy…some naughty things! You’re lucky now….your dad is not home… so this all day is just our! Let mommy see that treasure you have there my son! Mmmm… mommy will take car of your morning erection my sweet baby! just taking your cock in my hands… moving nice and slowly… just the way you like it my baby! Blow you and make your cock wet… and…ready for mommy’s wet pussy….Stay calm baby… mommy will now ride you! Deep inside my worm pussy…is so wet there my son….you made me so! Mmmm…I know….you love my satin….then feel it… all over you. Let mommy rubbing all your body with that silky satin my baby! Yeah….hold my butt son….cover in satin and push mommy against your hard cock!!! Ohhh… yes… baby… mommy is coming… yes my son! Mmmm… and now my baby boy….cum inside mommy’s satin nighty! Good boy! Now… eat your breakfast son… if you want to keep all day with mommy and her pussy….you need to be strong by baby!

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Kathia Nobili – Ultimate Fantasy About Your Mother

This is going to be the truth day…the ultimate fantasy of your whole life!!! You finally getting your mom to love you…not like her son…but as a MAN!!! This was your dream since you were young & growing boy! You can’t even remember when you get this obsession…to make your mother YOURS!!! But it feels like such a long time ago!!! And today is that day!!! You told her almost everything last night…when she needed you…you were there…when she wanted to share good news…you were there! And now you made clear…how much you love her!!! How much she is the only woman in your life!!! And this is the first morning….when mommy will hold your dick for a very first time!!! Well…there are still secrets between you two…like you didn’t tell her you are still PUSSY VIRGIN. Or what is your mother’s job!!! But this day is the first day of your new life….YOU & YOUR MOM!!! And all the taboo bridges you will destroy…TOGETHER!!!

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Download Kathia Nobili - Ultimate Fantasy About Your Mother.mp4

Kathia Nobili – Mommys Orgasmic Morning

Good morning sweetheart!!!Well…that’s how it feels when you wake up next to mommy!!! And you can make this morning very special…very orgasmic for your mom!!! YES son…I want you to eat my pussy right now…I want to feel your tongue all over my cunt!!! Make mommy cum…make mommy scream by pleasure darling!!! Oh…right there! But you don’t have to worry…this day just begin!!! Mommy will please later today…that’s a promise my baby boy!!! FEW HOURS LATER… What are you watching there baby?! Time to switch off the TV…mommy has better entertainment for you my son!!! EXACTLY…SEX!!! know already what turns you on…and those cotton panties I just put on for you….I know…that’s the MILF look…the one you LOVE my baby!!! Give me your hand…feel how warm & horny mommy’s pussy is for you!!! But first…I want to suck your beautiful…rock hard dick sweetie!!! Mmm…so amazing…I love the taste of your cock…mommy can’t never have enough of you my baby boy!!! How you cold grow in such a beautiful size?! WOW…love it!!! Open mommy’s pussy with your fingers…yeah…make it ready for your hardness…finger my pussy honey!!! More…more…wow…more!!! YES! Time to ride you my son!!! I know you love when mommy sits on your dick and ride you so hard and deep…messed your cock with the pussy juice…it’s all over you!!! I play you, right…you don’t want to cum…not yet? You are so sweet!!! But mommy want that you feel up her pussy with your cum…with your young, fresh seed my son!!! Come on…I want to be in the very same moment…with you my son!!! NOW!!! Yeeesssss….mmmm….you are so amazing!!! And your cum…is so delicious!!! And this is just a beginning my baby boy…of our crazy ride, sexual relationship my SON!!!

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Download Kathia Nobili - Mommys Orgasmic Morning.mp4

Kathia Nobili – In Lockdown With Your Mommy

Sweetheart, I know we are on the difficult situation…but…this is not a solution!!! You can be just closed in my room all day!!! Look honey…I’m your mother and I understand! You can’t travel now to visiting your girlfriend…and that you…well can’t satisfied properly your BOY’S NEEDS!!! But there are other options you have!!! I know, I know…it’s not the same feeling like to feel hot, worm body all over yours…and the touch and all the excitement…but still. It’s just me and you home…so there is not much I, your mother can do about that!!! What do you mean?! You have an other option!!! I don’t understand! Are you mad?! Do you realize, I’m your mother!!! This…this suggestion of yours are completely out of question!!! YES!!! That’s true!!! I love you and you are the most important person in my life…but even so…I’m still your mother!!! I can have sex with you!!! It would be just…wrong!! Stop, stop now, please!!! What you want me to do?! Look…I want you to be happy & healthy…and feeling good…what ever it takes!!! So this…take off my T-shirt? Better now…but if I do IT to you…I want you to put your self together then!!! Oh…I never realized…you are so beautiful BOY down there!!! And it’s already so juicy!!! I was against this whole thing at the beginning but now…feeling you so close…letting you touch me, and getting so hot & horny…I know…not just YOU my SON…we will both enjoy it very, very much!!! And this kind of activity…we can have even in LOCKDOWN!!!

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Download Kathia Nobili - In Lockdown With Your Mommy.mp4

Kathia Nobili – From Oil Rubbing To Crazy Fuck With Mom

Baby…Finally!!! You shouldn’t be closed at your room and playing video games all the time! So I’m so happy you did come out from your cave! It’s so beautiful day!!! Join mommy at the pool! Get a little sun! And now when you here, could you be a darling and rub some oil on my back? Son?! I said on my back…do you know you rubbing my butt? Oh you do?… And what’s that? That swollen staff in your pants?! Just kidding you!!! Love to play you! I know how much you desire to feel your mom! To touch me and feel ME! So come here…closer, closer…I want you to eat my pussy now! Licking it and it nice wet and stick your tongue deep inside my pussy to feel how delicious your mom’s juice is! Oh my GOSH!!! Baby…you still growing…your cock is just…it’s just…so thick…so hard! I want you my baby boy…make mommy’s pussy full! Yes…like that…slide your swollen cock inside me…ouchy!! You are so big…your cock make my pussy so full! No. no…just don’t stop…it feels amazing! I want you to go deeper and start to move your hips! Fuck your mom!!! Fuck me my son! Oh, yes…yes….yes!!! Make me feel your cock in me so deep! Fuck your mommy until my juice just squirt all over your cock!!! YES…make me cum baby…make your mother scream with huge orgasm by your cock!!! And now you my boy….your turn!!! Make mommy feel your sperm…your warm seed! Good boy!!! I’ll let you rest a bit…and then mommy is waiting you inside for the second run!

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Kathia Nobili – Hottest Way To Say Good Bye From Your Mom

My baby boy is leaving today for the late summer camp! Well…even if he is a grown young man, I still think of him like my little baby! So I have to make sure, he did packed everything. And how else I can make sure he did, then to check his backpack. And what did I found there?!!! My used panty! My naughty boy!!! Honey could you come please for one sec?! What is it?! Well….yeah, I know those are my panties but what they are doing in your backpack? Oh…you are so cute!!! You though I’ll be mad?! My baby…mommy will miss you as the same way as you!!! You know how much I love you! And to be 10 days without my son…it will be like hell!!! But I don’t think this is the proper way how to remember me! Stolen used panty? No my baby…mommy will give your proper good bye present! Something to remember at the night! Come here my son…come here honey! And now….lick and eat mommy’s pussy! taste mommy’s juice…that taste will stay in your mouth…in your mind for long enough! Oh baby…you are such a good in oral sex…oh yes…mommy love it so much! Now penetrate me! Yes my baby boy…fuck your mom…drill mommy’s wet pussy with your such a hard cock! You have been made for this my son!!! You making mom’s pussy so full with your dick! Push your cock inside me from behind…oh, oh, oh…yes…just like this!!! Wait, wait…I want to feel your on me…your body on mine…hold my baby’s butt when we both have orgasm! Come here baby…mommy is only yours…let’s move together…be so, so close to each other…out bodies…and you so DEEP INSIDE mommy’s pussy!!! Fuck me…fuck mom my son…until…ready?!!! YEs, yes…let’s be together!!! Best way to say good bye!!! Or can mommy give your something else?!

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