yogabella – MILF Talks to Sons Friends

Hey boys, come over here. I want to ask you some questions about what my son has been telling you. Has he told you about sucking his MILF mom’s titties? How about how he fucks me? well, It’s all true! Why dont you boys go home and fuck your MILF mom’s too!! You are all virgins, and I know your moms… they totally want to fuck you!

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Bettie Bondage – Moms Quarantine Yoga

Mom’s been loving yoga since quarantine started, but now that the power’s out and the well pump isn’t working, things are starting to get ripe…you’ve always loved watching her do yoga, but lately she’s been catching on to your spying. Still, you can’t help it. And today, with her skin glistening with sweat, you catch her not just stretching, but touching. Smelling her body, her fingers after they trail down inside her yoga pants. She’s letting off pheromones, it seems, an enticing aroma, making your cock stiffen as you watch her. Of course, you’re not very subtle, and it doesn’t take long for her to catch you. “How long were you watching?” she asks, only half-shy at this point. You’re both so pent up, so hungry, starved for affection and touch, and between you is the knowledge: she touched herself, you watched, and she knows it. If its going to happen, it’s going to happen now, you just know it…so you push it. Press yourself against your mother and wait, hoping for the reaction that gets you even closer…to your utter joy, she pushes back, touching you, resisting at times but overwhelmed altogether by the need for you, your hands, your mouth…all over her. Inside her. When she lays back and spreads her ass for you, it seems too good to be true, but you’re not going to waste time. Gripping her hips you slide your cock into your mother’s tightest hole, fucking her ass while she moans and begs for more, for your cock, for your cum.

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Ellie Rowyn – Mommy Tries On Gym Clothes

I need a man’s opinion and your father isn’t home. I can’t decide what to wear to the gym. And don’t tell your father this, but I want to go and look attractive and flirt a bit. Your dad is always gone and I just want some male attention. So, I’m going to try on different outfits and I need you to tell me what you think. As I change in and out of them, I catch you peeking and tell you to stop that. However, when I am fully clothed, I keep showing off my ass and asking you if you think it looks good. Then I notice you have a boner. I take a second to think about it, but then tell you that you could give me attention. I could just get my workout in here without ever having to go to the gym. I told you that you shouldn’t have looked. Mommy can help you with that boner though…Get on the bed for me. I climb on top of you and slide your cock inside of me. It’s been soooo long since I’ve been fucked. You feel amazing. In fact, probably better than your dad. I want you to fuck me from behind, really enjoy my ass that you couldn’t stop staring at. Can you feel how wet I am for you. I turn to face you. Fuck me harder and play with my clit. Fuck, I’m going to cum. I want you to cum with me and cum in me.

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Thelochnesscumslut – Mom JOI And CEI

I was just about to leave for the gym and caught you jerking off! You couldn’t wait until I had left already? But I have an excellent idea, I’m going to tell you exactly how to jerk off and maybe even give you a surprise the end! Since I was just about to go to the gym, I’m wearing my sports bra and a sexy pair of leggins! Just wait until the end, you’ll have so much fun with the extra surprise!

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Penny Barber – Mommy Motivates You to Work Out

Ready to work out with Mommy? You promised to be my workout buddy! We were going to post pics and eat right. Don’t you want to get all ripped for the new year? Of course I think that you’re very attractive already, but aren’t there one or two girls at your school that you want to impress? You don’t want to just sit inside playing video games and on your phone all day, do you? I slide my hands over my body, showing off my curvaceous ass in my leggings. I invite you to put your face right against them and see if that makes you feel like working up a sweat with me. My ass is just so full and round! I’m sure that you love it when I jiggle and shake it in your face. They’re tight against my pussy, too. I show you how little my leggings conceal before I start teasing you with my sports bra, too. I went out and got it just for working out with you. I thought I might get hot and take my top off. I flash you my pink sports bra, pulling off my shirt and showing you my cleavage. There’s nothing under my leggings but my bare pussy. I show you that, too! I’m so horny to convince you to come work out with me that I start grinding on the floor. If we do hit the gym, you’re going to have nothing but my thinly clad pussy and ass in your face. I’m not dressing like this to be slutty, though. I just don’t want my tits bouncing everywhere. See what happens when Mommy pulls her sports bra up and bounces up and down? My breasts are just so big and heavy! Maybe you would like to start picking out my workout outfits. You’re so stubborn, but I’m sure there are other ways to motivate you to work out. I want you to look at my tits while I say this so that you’ll know that I’m serious: What if Mommy sucks your cock after every single workout? Of course until you come! This is just how Mommies motivate their sons just ask your friends, especially the more successful ones. After you meet your goal, I’ll even let you fuck my pussy. And if you keep that goad for a year, you get to fuck the grand prize: your Mom’s voluptuous ass. I’m so horny thinking about having my son’s dick in my mouth, knowing that you’ve been looking at me. I just have to suck your cock right now. I want to prove to you that I’ll really do it. I can see that you’ve been hard the whole time that I’ve been teasing you. Are you glad that I can see your hard cock? Does it help that you can’t deny how turned on you are? Now take your cock out and come here. I take my sports bra all the way off and, wearing only my slutty leggings, I suck and stroke your big, pretty dick until you explode in my mouth, giving us both what we really want: your hot cum down my throat. Guess that can count as my protein shake?

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Rose Black – Growing Big For Mommy

Mommy Roleplay, Yoga Pants, MILF, Masturbation Encouragement, Dirty Talk, Taboo
Oh my sweetie! I see you really are growing lately. Your pants look tighter than ever! I’ve been so busy with your new schedule though, so if you want my attention, then you’ll need to do something for Mommy too. Your erection really does seem to be growing quite massive, but you’ll have to agree to rub Mommy’s feet later. When Mommy makes you feel so good so often, even sneaking around with you behind Daddy’s back, it’s only fair to make Mommy feel good too. I’ll give you a quick timed jerk off, with plenty of teasing to make you super hard, but only after you agree. Mommy has needs, and my teasing comes with wanton risks. You need to cum for my tight yoga pants and natural, creamy tits, so jerk it fast and hard. You’ll cum, but you’ll also sneak back to cum for Mommy again later too. Your taboo needs for Mommy’s bare feet and milky breasts will keep you running back every time.

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Rae Knight xxx – My Hot Stepmom

MILF, Taboo, Yoga Pants, Home Wrecker, Blackmail Fantasy
I just got home from the gym. I’m still wearing my white, hot yoga gym pants and I am on the phone with someone and you are eavesdropping on my conversation!!! You hear me say how good the sex was in the bathroom gym and that I haven’t been fucked like that in years!!! I catch you eavesdropping and hang up abruptly. You tell me you overheard it all. You very smug and tell me to bend over in my yoga pants. I bend over as you wish and suddenly I hear your camera phone taking pictures of my ass!!! I tell you to stop it and storm off into my bedroom. Later that evening, you are spying on me through the door. You watch me changing into my satin nightie. You finally come in and you can see I am visibly pissed at you still for earlier when you took pictures of my ass! You start making a phone call to your dad. I ask who you are talking to and you say “DAD”! I beg you to put the phone down but you tell me to get naked and ride your young, horny cock or you are going to tell Dad everything….he will soon find out about your hot sex in the gym!!! I demand that you give me the phone….you hand it over and I say “hello”. OMG it is your dad on the other end!!! I suddenly take you serious and begin getting naked and doing whatever you tell me to do!!! I will ride your cock and let you fuck me doggy until you cum deep inside of me!!! JUST DON’T TELL YOUR DAD!!!

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Rae Knight xxx – Cake Baking For Nephew Turns Into Facial For Auntie

Ass Fetish, MILF, Taboo, Yoga Pants
You are my favorite nephew and it’s summer time and that’s so exciting because you get to spend 3 whole months with me!!! So I decided to bake my favorite nephew a delicious cake!! I start gathering the ingredients and silly me, I knock over the flour and it spills everywhere!!! You are trying to be helpful, you grab the broom and mop but I think I need to vacuum it first because the whole bag spilled! I begin bending and reaching in my yoga pants and tight gym top as I vacuum it up. You can’t help but stare are your hot aunt’s tight butt and huge tits hanging out of her gym top. You suddenly start feeling your youthful cock grow harder and harder in your pants. You can’t help it because her body makes you want to throw your cock deep inside your aunt!!! I finish cleaning it up and I notice you have been staring at my big ass and huge tits. I even notice your boner as much as you try hiding it!!! I am surprised that I turned you on so much!!! My young hot nephew gets that hard for me?! Omg sweetie, I can’t leave you standing there with such a hard on….Take your cock out and let me help you bring that young hard on, down!!! Let Auntie Rae tell you how to stroke it and maybe I’ll even help you!!!

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