Tara Tainton – Remember to Just Come to Mommy

Oh, honey… has it happened again?! You poor, poor thing… Well, you did well, just as I asked. You’ve come to mommy when you’re all frustrated, pent up, ACHING after a date with your girlfriend. Honey… I want you to understand that some girls want to stay pure until marriage… and that’s a wonderful thing to do for the man she loves. That’s a compliment! I want you to understand how to deal with the situation, how to control your needs and behave like a gentleman. Just lie down on the bed here next to mommy, sweetie… and take off your pants. Now, I know it can be really hard, honey… and I can tell just how frustrated you are… you do have very important needs, but that’s what mommy is here for. Now, listen carefully, honey, while I explain… while I straddle you and bounce your discomfort away…

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Kymberly Jane – Mom Son Jerk Off instruction

Busty MILF Kymberly comes in to apologize to you, her darling son, for getting made at you for busting you jacking off & grounding you so harshly earlier. She feels bad about it as she explains & her white robe accidentally comes open so you see her sexy lacy lingirie she’s wearing underneath. She sees how intrigued you are so she decides that it should be her job to teach her boy how to jack off & milk it well! Instructions that only a sexy mom can do best! She starts you nice & slow, then getting faster & hotter as she tells you to jack it faster & faster as she teases you with her sexy lingirie, bouncy boobs & sweet sexy talk. She gives you a countdown to cum. You explode all over your hands & cock. Mother Kym quickly reaches over & tastes it on her fingers to make sure it’s not icky tasting & that you’re eating your fruits! Shhh… don’t tell anyone about your perverted family!

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Mallory Sierra – Aunt Mallory’s Secret Visit

When you get home from school Aunt Mallory is on the computer. She says your mom told her she could use your printer. But it quickly becomes apparent that the computer is just an excuse. Really Aunt Mallory just wants to play that “game” again. She really likes your cock & she can’t stop thinking about how good it felt. Of course you can’t say no to your buxom aunt, and you readily give yourself to her. She takes off her glasses, strips & starts sucking your young cock. Then she rides you cowgirl & reverse cowgirl. You’re trying so hard not to cum, but her hot pussy feels so good. Maybe it feels even better this time because your mom isn’t there. You get the feeling that Aunt Mallory isn’t supposed to be in your house right now, and she’s not supposed to be playing the game without your mom knowing. Any guilt you might feel is quickly forgotten as she bends over the desk & tells you to fuck her from behind. You pound her hard, and she wants more & more. Then she tells you to lie back & she wraps her enormous tits around your penis & titty fucks you silly… until you explode hard & shoot your load. “This will be our little secret,” she says. Your mom will never know about it, you promise.

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Bath Time With Mommy 720p – Xev Bellringer

You’re never too old to take a bath with Mommy, you know. Get those clothes off and come in the tub, honey. Don’t make me wait. I know you can wash yourself… that’s not the point. You’re still my boy, even if you’re all grown up. Doesn’t the sponge feel nice? Especially down there. All the way down… Oops, looks like someone got a little excited. It’s OK baby, only natural. I think it’s time for you to wash Mommy now. In the hard to reach places… lower honey… right there. That’s it, don’t stop now. Put the sponge down, use your fingers to clean Mommy… inside. I need this honey. Please, just stay there and let me sit down on your– ohhh! Oh yes!!!

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Ashley Mason – Mommies Lil Boy

I was reading a magazine the other day when my son came home from school. He walked in and started complimenting my feet. He asked if he could rub my feet for me and I said sure. He started rubbing my feet and the next thing I knew he had his cock out and was jerking off. I was kinda mad but turned on at the same time. I started blowing him and then I took him to my bedroom and let him fuck me doggy until he was about to blow. Next I sucked his cock dry and spit his cum all over his cock, just the way he likes it!

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Bettie Bondage – Your Best Friends Mom has a Secret

You’re sleeping at a friend’s house, on the couch in the living room, when you hear a loud bang. You open your eyes to see a figure in the dark living room. Your first thought is that its your friend’s mom, home from her shift as a nurse but when see what she’s wearing, you think again: a tight leopard mini dress, fishnet stockings, and sky-high lucite stripper heels. She’s creeping across the room, trying to be quiet. You clear your throat to make your awakened state known and watch her flinch. She grimaces, clearly embarrassed as she slowly walks over. “Shhh. We have to be quiet. We can’t wake up my son. And you can’t tell him you saw me like this…” You think maybe it was a date or a hookup but she smirks, “No. I was at work. C’mon. You’re a smart boy…you must know what’s going on.” You look at her outfit, her makeup, the way she leans forward so you get a great view of her gorgeous cleavage. You know what’s going on alright. Your best friend’s mom is a stripper. And she’s flirting with you.

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Tara Tainton – The Most Taboo Mother Video of All

IF you’re man enough to admit what you want… IF you’re truly ready… it’s time for the MOST TABOO experience yet. So intense, so dirty… so all-encompassingly, terribly taboo. I know WHY you’re compelled to experience all of my taboo videos… and I’m going to give you what you REALLY want.

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Taboo Milf Kristi – Do You Need Mommy To Help You With That

Honey, it’s mommy. I heard you calling me… do you need something? What’s wrong? Ummm…. what’s going on over there? Oh honey! Your problem! You’re having it again… you just had this problem last night! It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet and here you are with an….. erection…. again! These little incidences are getting closer and closer together and I just do not have the time to deal with your problem every day. You need to take care of that honey, mommy has stuff to do, I’m sure you can handle this. Oh no! I forgot! Your dad is going to be home in about an hour! You know how he feels about you and your little problems… he is getting very frustrated lately at how often this is happening! Oh honey… we just have to get this taken care of before he gets home. I don’t want you to get in trouble and lose your fun weekend! What should mommy do? What does mommy need to do to help you fix this? I would do anything for you, anything at all. You know mommy only wants what is best for you…. Oh! Umm… wow…. really? That’s really what you want me to do? You want your mommy to….. stroke your penis? Well… ummm… I did say I would do anything to help you… and we have to get this taken care of before your father gets home. Ummm… well, I guess I’ll just have to do this… Mommy would do anything for you! Here, let me just wrap my hand around it… does that feel good babt? Mmmm it does, doesn’t it? Mommy knows how to make you feel the best! We can’t take too long with this, we don’t have much time alone. You need to hurry up honey, really! Don’t hold out, just cum for mommy. What can mommy do to make you cum faster? Oh! Wow… I wasn’t expecting you to say *that*. No honey, I really don’t think that’s a good idea. I just really don’t think that mommy should do that… but…. well, I did say I’d do anything for you and this will help you cum faster so we don’t get caught…

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Ashley Fires – Mommy Makes Her Sons Cum Together

Mommy wants ice cream but she has a two seater car and can only take one of her sons to the ice cream shop. Mommy decides that the son who can cum first when commanded is the one who gets to go get ice cream. Mommy jerks both sons teaching them an invaluable lesson. One of her sons cums when Mommy asks and this pleases her. The other son has disappointed her and he is punished by Mommy when she scoops up the big load of cum from her favorite son and uses it to jerk off the dick that has not cum yet. The one attached to the lagging son. Mommy grabs his meat with both hands jerks him to completion and then slaps his dick as further punishment while laughing about what type of ice cream she will have.

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Cum for mommy – Your Friends Are Gonna Be So Jealous

Sweetie, I have the camera running. I can’t wait for you to show this to your friends. They’re going to be sooo jealous. I know they wished they had a hot mom like me who sucked their cock. If fact I know they wished I would suck their cock. But that’s never happening. Mommy’s mouth is only for you baby boy. Mmm, I love feeling you deep in my throat. God it drives me crazy to suck my own son’s dick, to gag on it, frothy spit drooling down my chin. You’re the best son ever. Your friends wouldn’t last two minutes in my mouth before they came. But not my boy. You can hold out until I tell you I want you to cum, no matter how intensely I work your cock with my expert mouth. That’s why mommy is all yours, forever and ever. In fact I bet they cum in two minutes when they watch our little family movie we’re making today… Baby boy, you’ve been so good. Mommy’s been sucking you for quite a while now and you’ve proved your endurance yet again. Now mommy wants it. Mom wants your thick, creamy cum. Shoot it all over mommy’s lips and face. Oh god what a huge load you made for me, right on command. My boy’s delicious cum…mommy can never get enough. And isn’t it fun to know how jealous your friends are going to be?

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